Daily Addiction


lately i've been addicted to listening to Soluna's song - All Out Of Love :) i have to listen to it in the car and before i sleep, dunno why i have to listen to it but the means so......sigh........ i dont feel as what the meaning has but then gosh........things like this is just unexplainable....


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hmm im addicted to A LOT of things...on my daily basis...
i'm addicted to listening to my ipod in the morning when going to school and coming home from school..
or anywhere else...
when i get home, have to watch the newest episode of a lakorn...
and so fourth. lol ;]


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sw.. is on n off.. lol.. but im alwaise updated everytime i go on lol..

photoshopping.. <--- my new love n addiction..

food.. gosh cant live without food lol..

lakorns.. n other dramas... im a drama addict.. ^_^

my celebs.. hehe they alwaise brighten my days with a smile ^_^


sarNie OldFart
I'm addicted to:

-the internet... I NEED to be online at least once a day or else I'd go crazy... thank god for the wifi connections... hahaha
-food... I eat every 2 hours :p
-water... I drink every time water comes to my mind (I'm about to drink now..hahaha)
-my ipod... I take it everywhere I go...


i totally feel you about the internet hanjieun30 i have to be one once a day and i have to come one sarnworld and spicyforum ^_^

i'm also addicted to my ipod touch & Texting lol


My main addiction is my celly! I always have to have it with me. Anywhere I go. It's even right next to me when I sleep. Gotta check for text messages. Lol. Second thing that I can't go a day without is my ipod. Gots to have my music(thai songs addicted) Also, the internet(my laptop) gots to come to sarnworld daily or else I'll be lost if I skip sarnworld for a day. Lol.​


sarNie Hatchling
ugh lately i've been sooooooo addicted to watching those MAKEUP tutorials on youtube. :p


sarNie Hatchling
tea or cappucino/ latte machiato
nailpolish (right now im a fan of dark purple with glitter, yeh i know im a diva lol)
earrings (i feel naked if i dont wear them)
food (i eat every other hour or something)


Lately I've been so addicted to drinking pepsi! Can't go a day without it! Or else i'll feel weird if I don't have at least just a can...