Dangerous Addiction *BTS fanfic* (CHAPTER 3 UPDATED)


sarNie Egg


It started out as a minor crush, a mindless dream, I didn't know it could become a reality. The way he touches me, the way he does things with my body. Feels like ecstasy, a mind blowing feeling of happiness that you can't get away from. Knowing that it's bad for you, you still try to get close...like a dose of heroine. It makes you happy, feel like your on top of the world. However, in reality it could use you, own you, and kill you. You could only describe it as a dangerous addiction...

You're body is mine... his hand holding my breast so roughly in his grasp. His voice a sensual whisper. Pulling me into his lap, I was so lost in his embrace.

My breath hitched as his free hand roam down my body and slipped under my skirt, touching me in the most intimate of place. His finger prodding my flesh finding that spot I never knew existed. I gasped.

You like that don't you? You like when I finger you like this...don't you? He whispered against my ears. His breath so hot against my skin.

Please... I didn't know what I was asking for, I just knew that I wanted it...I wanted it bad.

Park Jimin....what are doing to me...

Main Characters:
Han Sooyeon (Tina) (16)
Han Sooyeon or mostly known as Tina, is the daughter of the multimillionaire of InStyleK, one of the biggest fashion entertainment in South Korea. However judging from her everyday attire it doesn't look so. Tina is a very isolated person. She doesn't care much for fashion like her parents and older sister, she's a self-proclaim geek, she hates her body and find it deform for some reason. She hides it underneath her oversize sweater. She's very gullible, she's extremely nice, and she hates confrontation.
Park Jimin (17)
Park Jimin is a self-proclaim bad boy of BTS, unlike the rest, Jimin loves to play with women, and he loves to see how long it takes women to put out. He's extremely confident, he's selfish, and a total prankster. He doesn't really care if he hurts anyone feeling. He loves a challenge, he loves to win.
Shin Sungchan (16)
Shin Sungchan who goes by the name of Sandy, is Tina best friend. They grew up together because their parents are best friends as well. Sandy is the daughter of one of the multimillionaire of StarInsight, a millionaire business that is worldwide. Its a Star search company that finds talents around the world. Sandy is the only daughter, Sandy is a smart girl, bright, and most definite street smart, who looks after Tina who is the total opposite.
Han Taerin (18)
Han Taerin is Tina older sister, she's extremely difficult to deal with. She gets jealous easily. She hates Tina, because their parents favors her more. She is the one of the most popular girl in school. She is currently dating Namjoon who is the leader of BTS.
Kim Seulgi (17)
Seulgi who likes to be called Lisa, is Namjoon sister. She a very sharp person. She hates girls like Taerin. She can't stand her brother relationship and thinks he could do better. Seulgi likes Taerin little sister Tina because she innocent and it makes her feel like she could teach the girl some confident. 
Kim Namjoon (18)
He's the leader of BTS, he not hard to deal with, he's currently dating Taerin, it isn't a love match, and he’s only dating her for the money. Business is more important than anything else to him.
Kim Seokjin (19)
He's the oldest but lacks leadership. Jin likes to do things his ways, where it doesn't always involve the others. His motto is do what you got to do to survive.
Min Yoongi (18)
Yoongi likes to be called Suga for girl purposes. He's a lovable guy who don't really care much for anything but women. He does his job, but women is much more important than anything to him. He loves to live in the moment.
Jung Hoseok (17)
Hoseok is an all-around fun guy. He loves women whether they're young or old. He loves teasing Sandy. He knows sandy since she was in middle school, met her through his parents. From then on they've been trying to get them hook up. Sandy has no feelings for him. But he still try anyways because he finds her cute even when she's pissed.
Kim Taehyung (16)
He's a guy who can be extremely cute and random. He loves his fan club and the girls that runs it. He doesn't really like working but their already in to deep and can't pull themselves out.
Jeon Jungkook (16)
The youngest of the group, he don't really much care for anything beside his jobs. Women, old or young through themselves at him constantly.


sarNie Egg
Chapter 1
(Tina P.O.V)
Why is even the back of his head cute? Why is he so perfect? Park Jimin, why can't I stop thinking about you...?
“Day dreaming again deary?” Sungchan said, or better known as Sandy, she hates her given name as much as I do. So we both gave ourselves American names. Mine is Tina.
“No I'm not... Sungchan.” I grinned.
“Really Tina, you know I hate that name. It's Sandy, I repeat. I'll repeat it again, Sandy!” she pouted.
“Okay, okay, Sandy then.” I laughed.
I went back to looking at him. The teacher left for what seems like a really important call. I turned back to Jimin where he suddenly grabbed a girl who all morning has been giving him those flirtatious looks. He dragged her across his lap.
I didn't know what he was saying, but it looked really intimate. The way he was whispering in her ears, the way he caressed her with his long fingers. I imagined his hands on me and closed my eyes, however no matter how much I try to imagine, I would never have his hands truly on me.
The bell rang finally and Jimin slapped the girl butt, she giggled and left with her friends not forgetting to give him a sly wink. 
“Come on Tina, lunch time” lunch always make Sandy smiles.
“Okay, okay.” I got up as she dragged me toward the door I was having a hard time to catching up. I lost my footing and felt myself tripped over something, I felt myself pitching forward and falling down on a hard solid warm rock.
It took me about 2 minutes to realize it wasn't a rock, 2 long minutes to realize I was actually sitting on Park Jimin lap.
My eyes snapped up to look at him he had this peculiar look on his face, “Comfortable?”
Horrified I quickly scrambled off his lap, grabbed Sandy hand and ran away as far from him as possible. Omg I just sat on Park Jimin lap...
(End of Tina P.O.V)
(Jimin P.O.V)

I watched the girl run off my lap and I suddenly had the urge to laugh.
“What's your thought about that Jimin?” Jungkook asked.
“What should I think about? She's a little nerd, probably just hungry for some attention.” I shrugged.
“That's mean Jimin, she a little cutie, every time I see her she runs away.” Namjoon hyung said.
“What do you mean you seen her?” I asked him.
“Yea, Namjoonie hyung, are you interested in nerds now? Aren't you dating that girl? What's her name? Tae—Taerin?” Taehyung asked.
He sighed deeply at the sound of his girlfriend's name, “Yea, and that NERD, you are talking about is her little sister.” Namjoon hyung said.
“Are you serious? But she looks nothing like her sister. Her sister is fucken hot...sorry by the way hyung. But she is. Then there's her sister. Who I'm not going to hesitate and say is ugly as hell.” Jungkook said.
“She's a good kid I guess. I would warn you guys not to mess with her, but obviously there's no point since you all think she's ugly.” Namjoon sighed, “Let's go we got stuff to do.”
Taerin sister? She isn't my cup of tea, but she did feel good on my lap. I scoff at that. Every girl feels good on my lap...
(End of Jimin P.O.V)
(Author P.O.V)
The warehouse was dimly lit, the leaking faucet echoed through the building. You could hear the mouse run across the board up place. They walked side by side to face their business associate across from them.
“You got the money?” The blonde leader asked.
“You got the package?” the other side asked.
The blonde one raise his eyebrows, “Of course.” he raised the black duffel bag.
Seeing the duffel bag, the other side signal one of his men to take the money to the table that is currently standing between them. The blonde leader also signaled his boys to do the same. Each party trade bags and started like check the package.
“All clear.” The younger man with the messy black hair told the blonde leader.
The blonde leader nodded his head in acceptance.
“Everything is good here, sir.” the other guy said to his leader.
The leader than turn to the blonde one who waiting for his approval.
“Everything is good on this side. Are you satisfied?” The man smirked.
“Of course.”
The other party pack the package they received and part their ways.
“Wait.” The blonde leader voice, although wasn't loud but clear enough for the other party to stop.
The other leader half turn, thinking no harm of it. Of course his men was highly prepare for these situation if anything goes wrong.
“What is it?”
“I thank you for the package. However, I can't let you leave.” The blonde one had an eerie smile that seems to make his stomach churned.
“Why—why is that?” The man wanted to smack himself for stuttering like a fool.
“Orders are no one leave here with the package.” The blonde eyes turn cold as ice, the man didn't really had much to react, the sound of bullets whiz past him blood splattered n his hands, his shirt and face, horrified he stood numbly unable to move. A bullet enter his midsection and he feel down in pain, howling his misery in the cold dim lit warehouse.
“Wait—please don't kill me!”
“Don't take it personal...I have my orders.”
The last thing the man saw was these cold hearted young men staring down at him before the blonde one put a bullet right between his eyes.
(End of Author P.O.V)
(Tina P.O.V)
All day I seem to can't take my mind off of what happened earlier. I can't believe I had fallen on his lap. Just thinking about it my face heats up.
Even when the drive back home was a blur.
Getting home, I kissed umma and appa good afternoon before rushing off to my room. I must have been too embarrassed or shy, I accidentally bumped into my beautiful popular sister and her boyfriend.
“I'm sorry unni. I'm sorry Namjoon sshi.” I said bowing respectfully.
“To think you have glasses you would have better vision than everyone else. But you're still a clumsy lunatic who can't walk straight.” Taerin unni said to me.
I felt lower with every word she said.
“Taerin” Namjoon sshi said it so calmly, so low it sent eerie chill down my spine. I still don't understand why my unni is with him. He seems so scary.
Taerin unni quiet down. Taking a deep breath, “Go to your room.”
I bow once more before taking my leave.
I got up the stairs and sat on my bed, my mind instantly replaying what had happen earlier. Gawd...the way his lap felt underneath me, the hardness of it but yet soft enough to be comfortable. The warm breath when he asked if I was comfortable. I openly squealed. Rolling myself back in forth on my bed, I think I'm going crazy...
(End of Tina P.O.V)
(Jimin P.O.V)
Pressing the girl down, her ass face up for the taking. Pulling her hands behind her I pounded her warm cunt.
“Oh yes...yes! Jimin oppa. Yes! Fuck me harder!” I grinned.
It only took me 2 hours to get her in this position right now. Shaking my head to myself, this girl was easy. Too easy.
“You like that don't you?” I asked.
“Yes, yes so much.” she cried out.
I kept pounding her flesh, the feel of a cunt squeezing my throbbing cock was something I tend to look for after a long day.
I was in the verge of coming and quickly pulled out, expiring on her back.
I threw my head back and groan from the intense pleasure.
Falling on the soft pillow I closed my eyes and breathe, the girl took the liberty of laying atop my chest, I quickly pushed her away.
“Is there something wrong?” The girl asked me.
“I want to be alone, you should leave.” I told her.
“But—but we just, I—what?”
“Look I'll call you, be a sweetheart and let me sleep okay.” I said giving her a smile that seems to work on almost every girl I fucked.
“Okay...” She said reluctantly.
After she left, I sighed to myself and tried to fall asleep.
(End of Jimin P.O.V)
(Tina P.O.V)
I called Sandy up, and after the first 2 ring she finally picked up.
“Hey Sandy.”
“Hey Tina what's up?” She asked.
“Sandy, I'm still thinking about what happened earlier.” I told her fidgeting with my button on my pajamas.
“You are a dork, did it feel good sitting on your crushes lap?” I could hear her teasing voice.
“Seriously though, you think...do you think he uhm...felt anything.” I couldn't stop smiling for some reason.
“Honey, they're BTS, where not in their standards. I love you bestie but it's better off not thinking much about it.”
After getting off the phone, I laid back down on my bed and sighed to myself. Sandy is right...They're BTS, and I'm just a regular girl...
(End of Tina P.O.V)


I thik this is a great storyline. Jimin is a total jerk. But Karma will come, hopefully he falls for Tina hard and get his punishment.


sarNie Egg
Chapter 2
Sandy's parent’s party (Part 1)

(Sandy P.O.V)
I got up to the sound of rushing footstep outside my door, I can't help it I'm a light sleeper. I groaned, annoyed. Getting out of the comfortable bed, I went to see what the hell all the ruckus is about.
Maids and servants rushed around cleaning, taking down silverware, glass pitcher, others cleaning thoroughly.
What is going on?
A maid stood in front of me, bowed slightly she asked, “Your umma, mi'lady, asked for you to be present in the dining hall.”
Rubbing my aching head, I dismissed the girl. I went back inside to fetch my robe and made my way down to meet my disruptive umma.
I found the beautiful woman sipping her tea at the table. I went over to her and gave her kiss on her forehead.
“Well, did my only daughter sleep well?”
“As well as anyone when you hear 100 of footstep going across your room.” I smiled.
“Well aren't you just a smart ass.” My appa said from behind his newspaper.
“Smart, appa, but never a smart ass. Never that.” I smiled.
I sat down next to umma, as a plate of pancake was plate in front of me.
“Sungchan darling”-
“Umma, seriously? It's Sandy...Sandy.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Sweetie, really? Sungchan is your grandmother name. I don't understand why you hate it so much.” my umma said shaking her head.
“I don't like it. It said like a man name. I like Sandy, it’s close to my real name anyways.” I argued.
“Fine.” she sighed, she began again, “Sandy, your appa and I are having an anniversary party this Sunday for our company. We've invited many people including close friends. I need you to dress nicely for this occasion. That handsome Hoseok is going to be here.” My umma cooed.
“Umma, I don't like him. Why Sunday? You do know it’s tomorrow right?” I asked her.
“Sure you don't like him.” Umma chuckled, clearly ignoring my other question.
“No umma I don’t. He’s so annoying, And you still haven’t answer my question. Why Sunday?”
“Sandy. That isn’t nice. Hoseok is a good boy. He’s polite and well mannered. You should find guys like that.” My umma scold, “And Sunday, is a good day to throw party that’s why. Plus it’s the only time when everyone isn’t busy with work or something.” She added.
“Honey, are daughter is only 16, no need to think about guys right now.” Appa said from behind hid newspaper like usual.
“Well Sooyeon is going to be here, you should be happy.” Umma said.
“Umma, its Tina. Not Sooyeon.” I corrected her.
“I don’t get it, you girls are too much a like I swear you should be sister.” Appa said.
I laughed, “Well I take that as a compliment.” After finishing my breakfast, I put my utensil down, “Umma, appa, is it okay if I go see Tina, I want to get our shopping down for your anniversary party.”
“Of course darling, make sure you guys buy something beautiful but always make sure it elegant and not trashing…like Taerin. I swear that girl is spoiled beyond rotten.”
“Honey, it is not right to talk about our friends’ daughter like that.” Appa said with a stern voice.
“Well I can’t help it, it seem like that girl is adopted or something. She was so much likeable when she was a little girl. Unlike our Sooyeon. She’s sweet and such an angel.”
“Umma its Tina.” I cut in.
“Right, right, I swear that girl is rude. Just last week, when I went to call on our friends, she literally ignored me and bellowed out for her umma. So unladylike if you ask me. Still on that piece of device you call a cellphone.” Umma kept her constant nagging, “If I could choose I rather not invite that little girl. But that would seem rude to our friends not to invite their eldest daughter.”
I had enough, I don’t leave now I won’t ever get a chance to leave, “Alright. Umma, appa, I’m going now. Have a great morning I’ll see you later okay.” I got up and kissed their cheeks and walk back to my room to get ready for the day.
(End of Sandy P.O.V)
(Tina P.O.V)
I was reading one of my all-time favorite romance novel from oversea, Julia Garwood: “The Secret” I love how the main guy defies his clan to fall in love with the main girl whose ethnicity is his enemies. Only to find out, it wasn’t just her ethnicity but who her father was, and yet he still loved her and protected her. I blushed at the rated scene in the book. Lord how can a man touch a woman like that? How would it feel to be touch in that way like you mean more than anything in his world, how would it feel if I own Jimin world.
A knock at my door broke my train of thoughts, I sighed, “Who is it?” I called out.
“Mi’lady, Miss Sandy is here to see you. Can she come in?” the maid asked.
“Yes, have her come in.”
I smiled, hearing that my best friend came to see me. I got up straighten up and open the door just in time to see Sandy.
“Hey you, what are you doing?” She asked me.
“Nothing really, just reading.” I told her.
“Romance novel again?” was all she asked.
“Of course, you know it. So what bring you here so early?” I asked her. Not that I’m complaining or anything but Sandy rarely come in the morning.
“Well to answer your rude question, Sorry if I ruined your morning deary, but we have a party to go to tomorrow.”
“It wasn’t rude Sandy, I was just curious. You never come around this time and you know it. Party? Why? I don’t even have anything to wear. Is that why my parents has been gone a day?”
“Gosh girl don’t hyperventilate now. To answer your question, probably why your parents haven’t gave you the news yet. Second, don’t worry about dresses we are going shopping girly, and no you are not picking out your dress, to be brutally honest you have a horrid sense of style. I will be doing the choosing.” Sandy smiled.
“No buts. So hurry your butts up. We only have a day to prep ourselves.” I sighed and got ready why she went through my book collection.
“Ugh, you are way to cheesy deary. Romance? Bleh.”
I found a shirt that was comfy to wear, “Don’t hate Sandy, you just don’t have imagination like me.” I smiled.
Throwing my book on the bed, she shrugged, “I don’t believe in fairytales, and neither should you. Fairytales are for babies. It doesn’t happen in real life.”
I finished dressing and sigh, “Stop hating and let’s go.”
We both got out of our room and headed toward Sandy’s driver. He opened the door for us and proceeded to get inside.
We got to the mall in a short 15 minute ride and sandy dragged me into one of my family store, InStyleK.
“Come on girly we get discounts here, not that moneys an issue. But your umma does design really neat dresses.”
“I guess.” I sighed.
We went through dresses, Sandy is a shopaholic, and she was also picky as hell from my point of view. She finally found a dress for herself and for me. I seriously thought it was too much.  It would be showing too much cleavage. I hate how my breast look. It so big. Hers is even more humongous.
“Try it on” She said.
“Sandy don’t you think it’s a little too much? I mean…wouldn’t it be showing too much of our breast?” I asked her.
“Honey, it’s the latest fashion plus I’m sure your sister will probably dress much more provocative.”
“But she’s beautiful, whatever she wears will look good on her. That is why she’s our model for the fashion.” I wish I had her body, I wish I had her confident. My unni is beautiful…and I will never live up to her name.
“Tina, you are extremely obtuse, you’re freaking pretty, and without those glasses of course you probably look better than your sister. You know what. After this we are going to get you some contacts.”
“No! Sandy, you know I hate how it feels.” I complained.
“Just for one day. That it. Please for me?” she pleaded with her big puppy eyes.
“Ugh…fine. One day.” I gave in to easy. I sighed.
“Now go try it on. I’m sure you would be the most beautiful girl in the world.”
“Stop exaggerating. We all know who’s the prettier. You are.” I shake my head and proceeded to the fitting room.
I came out same time Sandy came out, wow… she looked gorgeous…
Sandy dress: http://www.sofiehouse.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/S/e/Sexy-Sheer-Mermaid-Strapless-Long-Black-Lace-Tulle-Evening-Wear-Dress.jpg
“Wow Sandy, you look amazing. It would be the center of attention I know it.” I smiled at her. I couldn’t say the same about myself, especially when I look like this…
Tina dress: http://www.knotdresses.com/images/v/201501/mermaid-strapless-front-slit-chffion-ruffles-skirt-2015-evening-2015-prom-dresses-559214211409000.jpg
It felt so provocative. I felt naked if I was being completely honest to myself.
Sandy look speechless, which only fuel my doubt, I knew I looked stupid.
“Omg, why are you pouting chick? Your freaking gorgeous. Omg who would have thought huh? Geez, I didn’t even know you have such nice pairs of breast, and I’m your best friend!” she squeal.
“What are you talking about? I look like a unknown specie trying to fit in.” I told her.
“Stop putting yourself down girly, you’re freaking beautiful. Now let’s get out of this dresses and go get you a pair of contacts.”
We got out of the dresses, I really wanted to find something more fitting, but Sandy would have none of that. She took me to the register line and made me purchase the damn dress.
Once we paid for the dresses we went to the Optometry to find me contacts. She said colored contacts would look nice on me. So we decided on the blue gray ones.
After shopping, we went back to my place, we went up the stairs to my bedroom when I walked past my unni room I saw her in her dress and omg…she was downright beautiful my jaw dropped. How could she pull off such a dress?
Taerin dress: http://cdn-s3-0.wanelo.com/product/image/18651102/x354.jpg
I was lost for words. Even Sandy was stunned.
When we got into my room, sandy plopped down on my bed, “Yep, umma was right. Your unni dresses really trashy.”
“I wish I could pull of that kind of look.” I murmured.
“No you don’t Tina, which is just degraded. She dress like a slut. You don’t want unwanted attention do you?”
If it was Jimin, if he looked at me like that…I would dress that way. Well… I highly doubt that I would ever dress like that.
The whole day we just talk and watched movies. It was uneventful but it was a well spent day with my best friend.
(End of Tina P.O.V)


sarNie Egg
Chapter 3
Sandy’s parents Party (part 2)
(Jimin P.O.V)
Namjoon hyung brought us over to Taerin house to pick her up. I don’t understand why she didn’t just go with her parents. I mean they are going to the same place. Of course she wanted to go with Namjoon hyung. She’s the clingy type. I can’t stand girls like that. We waited for her probably half an hour later she came out. For a clingy girl, Taerin is really beautiful. Her dress was something else all the matter, it was showing a lot of skin. I wonder what Namjoon hyung thinks.
(End of Jimin P.O.V)
(Namjoon P.O.V)
Taerin came out with less than a dress, what is this girl thinking? “Hey baby” she cooed. “Taerin, what are you wearing?” I asked her. “You like it? It’s in style.” She smiled. “You’re umma designed it?” Not that I care, just minor curiosity. “No, my umma design elegant dresses, for old people I guess. She would not approve of this dress if she sees it.” I raised my eyebrow at that. “Namjoon, let’s go. My parents are calling me.” Hoseok said. Taerin got into the car next to me in the passenger side since Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook sat in the back. The car behind me which belong to Yoongi has Taehyung, and Jin hyung. The honk for us to go. Putting my car in drive, I sped up into the street.
(End of Namjoon P.O.V)
(Tina P.O.V)
I looked at myself in Sandy’s mirror, I was too scared to even look at myself. OMG, I can’t go out looking like this. I look dreadful. I kept trying to pull my dress up since my breast felt exposed. Sandy came out of the bathroom after she finished putting on her makeup. Wow she’s gorgeous. My jaw dropped. Lord how could she pull that dress off? It really pin point all of her curve. “OMG that dress looks good on you.” I squealed. “ME? Look at you. Girly let’s get your make up done so I can see how magnificent you looks.” She smiled. “I don’t look magnificent, stop playing.” I blushed. “Yes you do. Just watch.” Sandy sat me down at her dresser, and started applying those powder stuff on my face. It smelled weird but nice. I don’t really know how to explain it. “Is it necessary to wear makeup, Sandy?” I asked her “Yes, if you want to look pretty.” She said, still busying herself with my face. “But I’ll never be as pretty as you or…” I sighed. “Don’t you dare compare yourself to your unni, Tina you’re freaking beautiful, your sister has no elegance in her body. She dress like a tramp.” Sandy said. “Sandy, I know you don’t like my unni…but she’s my still my unni.” I sighed “I don’t understand why you even love her, that girl hates you.” Sandy said. “She doesn’t hate me. She—she just gets irritated that’s all.” I argued. “Oh for goodness sake, Tina you can’t seriously believe that lie.” Sandy said exasperated. “But”— “No buts, and there…all done, wow…girl…wow…” Sandy looked awestruck. “What?” I asked her. “Look at yourself in the mirror, my god. I’m a great makeup artist.” I looked at myself and couldn’t believe my eyes…this can’t be me… right? I’m almost pretty. “I look so unlike myself. I guess I look cute now” I smiled. “Cute? Honey your freaking beautiful!” Sandy exclaimed. “Not as beautiful as you and”— “No, don’t say it. Do not ruin my happiness right now. You’re beautiful and we’ll leave it as that.” Now hurry it’s time to go.” “Okay”
(End of Tina P.O.V)
(Jimin P.O.V)
When we got to the party that Namjoon hyung and Hoseok hyung were invited to, I was amazed at how big this house was. Of course rich people could pull any type of party in less than 2 days.  I watched all these sophisticated people. Walking around in their tuxedo and dresses. Of course I’m wearing one to since it was strictly Namjoon hyung order. Not that I liked it, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot without having one either. Suddenly like robots everyone turned to the stairway. Out of curiosity, I also turned to look. There were two girl on top of the stairways, but my eyes were drawn to one girl in particular. Wow…she’s really pretty. I couldn’t believe that I was awestruck…that doesn’t happen ever. Her dress, even if it wasn’t extremely sensual, it still captivated me. To the point where I was aching in my pants. Who is she? “Hyung, do you see that girl? Fuck she’s hot.” Jungkook said excitedly. “Which one?” I asked him. “That girl with the blue dress!” He exclaimed. I didn’t know what came over me, I clenched my fist together, and feeling pissed off that Jungkook had the hots for the girl I found bangable. Hoseok hyung went up to confront the girl in the black dress, did he know them?
(End of Jimin P.O.V)
(Hoseok P.O.V)
Like everyone else, I noticed the girls on top of the stairways, and immediately got hard when I notice the girl in the black dress. She’s actually my style. Lord…who is she? I decided to walk toward her when I notice my parents there as well. What the hell? They knew a hot girl and didn’t bother to tell me? At least introduced me. When I got to them they both smiled at me. “Hey son, you remember Sandy right?” I literally was loss for words. This gorgeous piece of ass is Sandy? I looked at her up and down and then to her face, was taken aback when she frowned at me. I wanted to laugh, even pissed off Sandy looked good.” “Of course I remember Sandy.” I smiled Even though it was soft, I still heard her scoffed. “Sandy dear, why don’t you go talk with Hoseok. We’ll keep Tina company.”
“But umma, I don’t want to leave Tina.” She said. “Sandy…” I could tell it was a force smile on her umma face. “Fine” that was all she said. She walked passed me and I followed her. She didn’t look so happy, I stopped her grabbing her by the arm. “Why are you walking so fast.” I asked. “Why do you care, why don’t you go see your friends.” “What does my friends got to do with anything?” I asked, confused as I am. “Nothing, I just thought you probably be much happier with your friends than being with measly ole’ me, boring and ugly.” She said still glaring holes into my face figuratively speaking. “Who said you were boring and ugly?” I asked her. If anyone thinks she’s ugly must be blind as a bat. She actually scoffed, “Really? You don’t remember? You said that. On my 13 birthday. Wow…you are a jerk. You were a jerk than you are a jerk now.” That seem to jog my memories somewhat. I remembered being force to a birthday party when I was 14 probably and irritated my parents made me go to their friends’ daughter birthday party. I mean how gay is that? How uncool. It was a girl’s party with lots of pink. Sure it wasn’t all kiddy time of party but it was girly. The birthday girl, Sandy, was a blush and smiles. She kept smiling at me, and kept calling oppa this and oppa that. Of course I found it really annoying. I remember telling my umma that I wanted to go home, that the party sucked the girls were ugly and boring. Especially the birthday girl who kept giving me creepy smiles. Ever since then I didn’t really had to pretend to like her, she always avoided me. Did she hear me say that about her? Throughout the years, I see her but didn’t really see her. If that made any sense. Like I never paid any attention until now. “Well that’s was a long time ago.” I said. She scoffed again, “Like it matters. Why pretend now anyways. You don’t need to act like you like me. We both know you don’t.” “I’m not pretending.” “Seriously? Why you act like you care?” she seemed to be getting more and more upset. “Look maybe I saw things differently as kids. But we could start fresh.” I smiled giving her my flirtatious smile every girls like. She sighed, “Why bother? We been going to the same school for 3 years and you don’t even bother than. Why now?” she asked. “You go to my school?” now I’m clearly confused. I didn’t even know. I would notice wouldn’t I? “This is exactly my point. Bye have a great night. Hopefully it’s not so boring and the girls here are ugly. Since my umma took her time planning it” with that she left without giving me another glance. I was shocked. Wow…she just dissed me. I laughed…and I didn’t even know why I did that.
(End of Hoseok P.O.V)
(Jimin P.O.V)
I looked at the girl probably all night like some stalker, but I was really curious as to who this girl was. Since she came down the stairways, she was surrounded by guys left and right. Not to mention even Jungkook trying to get a couple words with her. Once she retired to one of the chair I immediately sot her out. I walked to her, analyzing her every movement. She was fidgeting with her hands, her head down even from her she was pretty. I looked at her body from here and still her boobs stood out better than anything else. This girl had huge tits. I would love to put my hands around those round mound and give them a tight squeeze. Just thinking about it got me hard. I stopped in front of her and I saw her stiffened. “Hey.” Was all I said and I was blessed with the raise of her face, if I thought her boobs were the only thing interesting. I was wrong. This girl had a face of angel, her eyes, were beautiful and big, contacts in but it looks so natural I couldn’t help but smile. Her lips were plump, just thinking about how my dick would look going in and out of it was tantalizing. “H—hi, she looked so mesmerizing, look of confusion, like I was a fragment of her imagination. “What are you doing here all alone?” I asked. “Uhm…I’m waiting for my friend. Her parents made her go talk to this guy…and she still hadn’t come back yet.” She said. “Well, would you like to talk to me? We could uh…go somewhere quiet?” I asked. It was my way of saying if you want to go somewhere and have sex. Most girl understood it that way. Some would reject it right away, and it took more on my part to try and persuade them to go. Which usually work. Some girls would take my offer right away. However this girl just looked at me like she didn’t understand. Was she playing coy? It was the first time I couldn’t tell if a girl was faking or is truly ignorance. She had this innocent air about her. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to proceed. She was quiet and I was almost ready to persuade her even more when she open her mouth to speak, “Uhm okay.” I took her hands and we went for a walk, I took her up the stairs through a room and out into the balcony. It was quiet, no one was about for sure. I turned to the girl who looked extremely timid. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Ti—Tina.” I walked closer to her, and she backed away a little. “Are you scared of me?” “N—no” she looked at me but couldn’t hold my gaze for long before looking back at the floor. “You’re really pretty…Tina, beautiful.” I said softly. Her eyes snap up, even if it was little dark I knew she was blushing. “You really think so?” she asked. “Yea…I could show you…you know. That I mean it.” I said. “H—how?” she asked with a blank stare “Like this.” I gently place my thumb and forefinger on her chin and lift it up as I slowly moved my lips toward her. It was the barest of touch, her lips were soft and undeniably sweet. I put a little more pressure on her lips sticking my tongue out and lining her lips with my tongue. She gasped and that was all it took for me to take over, I slip my tongue inside, rubbing my tongue with her timid one, pressing my body closer to hers. She all but sagged against me. I pulled her against me, fondling the place I been aching to touch all night. I grabbed her breast and she moan. The sweetest sound I ever had the pleasure of hearing. God…she tasted so good… “Tina! Tina!” like an electric shock, she pulled away from me touching her lips before running back into the room and out of my sight. My heart was beating erratically, what the hell just happen. Shit I was still hard, I was going to go back out that and look for her but my phone rang. Seeing that it was Namjoon hyung, I picked up. “Yea hyung?” I answered. “Let’s go. We have things to do.” That was all he said before the line went dead. I sighed and cursed aloud. Staring at my visible erection I pat it down and promised it he was going to be embedded in a vagina tonight…
(End of Jimin P.O.V)
(Tina P.O.V)
OMG he just kissed me…OMG what just happened. I touched my lips which was still tingling. I found Sandy who was looking for me still. “Sandy.” She clearly look worried sick, “OMG where the hell were you? I was scared I thought something happened to you.” “No…no nothing is wrong.” I told her quickly. “Why do you look like that? Did you fell?” She asked me. “What? No—no I didn’t.” I told her. “Tina…don’t lie to me, what happened?” she said. “He kissed me.” I mumbled. “Who?” was all she said. “Jimin… Jimin kissed me.” I told her still surprised. “He what? OMG when?” she asked. “Just now…” I said. “I told you, you were beautiful…but Tina, no more. That boy is no good for you.” She said. “Why you say that?” I asked. “Look Honey, he’s a womanizer, everybody knows that. Well come on, everyone is ready to leave, umma wants us to start getting ready for bed since it school tomorrow.”
“Okay.” As I let her dragged me into her room.
My mind still boggling from what happen…I got my dream to feel his lips on me, but will it ever happen again?
(End of Tina P.O.V)


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Chapter 4

Dinner with the Jung

(Sandy P.O.V)

It was Saturday morning, umma came into my room and woke me, for what? I have no freaking idea.

“Sungchan sweetie.”

“Sandy umma… Sandy.” I corrected probably the hundredth time.

“Sandy darling get up.”

“Why umma, it so early. There’s no school.” I groaned.

“That is not an excuse for a young lady to laze about all day in bed just because there is no school. Sandy, you are a woman, you don’t laze about sweetie. You are supposed to be lady like and wake up early like a sophisticated young lady is supposed to do.”

“Umma please no lecture, I’ll wake up. Just please no lecture. But can you tell me why I have to wake up so early?” I asked her still face down in my pillow. Which is really cushy by the way.

“The Jung family is coming over for lunch, I want you to dress pretty and look beautiful for this occasion. So they know that the Shin family is a beautiful and well round family.” I swear umma seem to care more about people thoughts on us. I know she loves us and mean well. But it’s overbearing sometimes.

I sighed, “Can’t I just dress normal?”

“And by normal you mean slacks? No sweetheart you will wear a dress I’m sure the Jung’s son will love you in a dress. I scoffed which earn me a swat in the butt.

“That is not ladylike, ladies does not openly scoff.”

Good lord…

“Alright umma, can I get dress now? Or will you still be here to lecture me?” I asked.

Umma sighed and got up to leave, only to turn back to remind me again, “Remember deary, elegance is the way into a man’s heart.

I rolled my eyes, laying there even after umma left. Of all days why are they visiting now? I groaned.

Getting up I decided to take a nice warm bath that would probably put me in a better mood.

(Sandy P.O.V)

(Hoseok P.O.V)

Umma woke me up in the morning which really annoyed me. I didn’t get into bed till 4 am this morning. Since me and the guys had things to do.

“Son do you hear me calling you? Hoseok darling”

“Yes umma?” I groaned. My eyes still closed.

“Get up sweetie, we have a lunch to go to.” She said.

“What lunch umma, please not one of your matchmaking ideas.” I sighed.

“It’s with the Shin, I thought you like their daughter.” Umma said.

Which triggered my eyes to open, Sandy, yep she’s still in my head. Damn girl had me so hard near bursting. The way her ass moved when she was walking away from me.

The fact that I still have my morning wood which I’m trying to hide under my blanket was not helping matters either.

“Alright umma, you got me. Let me get ready and we can go.”

After she left I got up and locked my door, stark naked I went into the bathroom to take a cold shower maybe that would put my dick to sleep for a while.

(End of Hoseok P.O.V)

(Sandy P.O.V)

It was near noon when umma rushed me out of my room, before going down stairs again.

“OMG, Tina, my umma is killing me. She wants me to meet that prick again.”

“Who?” was her answer, I mean seriously it’s like she’s not even listening.

“Seriously, Tina what is going on with you? It’s like you’re not even in this conversation.”

“I’m sorry.” I heard her said sounding like she did something wrong.

I sighed, she is so sensitive, but I still love her, she’s my best friend but sometimes I wish she wasn’t so gullible or sensitive. People like her would only get hurt.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s okay. Well I’ll let you go. I have to go now.”

“Okay, talk to you later Sandy.”

After hanging up, I went down stairs just in time when the Jung family arrived.

She was greeting them, embracing one another as that bastard Hoseok stood around looking for something or someone.

I walked down the stairs and all eyes turned to me.

“Oh there she is, my lovely daughter. She was so happy when I told her that we were having lunch with you guys.”

Really? Hoseok was also really happy to come. He got up and got ready in no time at all when I mention that we were going to have lunch at your house.” Wow…umma and Mrs. Jung sure do know how to lie. I was not in the least happy.

When I got down to the bottom step, Hoseok appeared and offer his hand. I was going to decline it when I turn to look at umma who gave me the death glare. Like telling me if I made her look bad in front of our guests. I would regret it. So I took his arms and let him lead me to the dining hall.

The parents walked ahead of us of course, so absorb in their conversation.

“You look really beautiful, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“I do mind.” That cut him off rather quickly.

He pulled out a chair for me and took a seat across from me. The maid serve the appetizer, my parents smiled at us while I ate without looking at the damn guy.

I felt a weird feeling like I was being watched so I glance up, and sure enough the damn guy was staring. With a creepy smile plastered on his face.

I really couldn’t eat this guy is really creeping me out. After the main course I didn’t even sit for the dessert.

“May I be excuse umma, I’m not really in the mood for dessert.

“Great, why don’t you show Hoseok around our house?” umma suggested.

Everyone nodded their agreement.

“But umma”—

“No buts, go on. Hoseok probably wouldn’t like to sit with a bunch of old people discussing businesses.” Umma said with a stern voice.

I walked on ahead didn’t even bother waiting for him.

I was out of the house heading toward the back patio.

“Hey wait for me.”

Ugh, why is this happening to me?

“I said hold on.” The bastard had the nerves to grab my elbow.

I pulled my hand free, “Let go of me. You have no right to touch me” I glared at him.

“What if I want too?” He said.

“Well I don’t want you to. I’m not those girls at school where you can grope and fondle to your heart content. I am not like them. I do not permit you manhandling my flesh.”

“You know Sandy, you and I both know how you feel about me. I mean you couldn’t even stop smiling when I came for your birthday.” He smirked.

“That was before I knew what a jerk you really are.” I moved away from him.

He grabbed my arms again, “Did I say you can leave?”

“Let go of me, I’m not someone you can touch on your own free will” he still held his grip.

I pushed him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, hoisting me against him.

It felt really intimate, I felt vulnerable. My breast was against his chest, my thighs pressing his, he was nearly between my legs.

“I like you like this, wow… Sandy, you have beautiful breast if you don’t mine me saying.”

He did something I have never dream of having any man touching.

He grabbed my breast kneading the mound in his hand. A startled gasp escape my mouth, he took that chance and swoop down to kiss me, his mouth hot on mines, his tongue boldly exploring my mouth. He started kissing the corner of my lips, kissing the column of my throat and I am to wrapped up around the strange feeling pooling around my belly and the twinge of pleasure between my thighs to tell him to stop.

He should stop, we’re doing this in daylight, in the opening where anyone could see.

With all the strength I had left, I pushed him away, startling him. Slapping his already confused face and ran for my dear life to the safest place in this house. My room…

(End of Sandy P.O.V)

(Hoseok P.O.V)

What just happen? What did I just do? My hand still tingle from the feel of her. I never felt this way before. But damn her resistant is remarkable. Most girls would fall into me with the way I handle them. They would let me do anything in an instant. But her? Lord…I really must have met my match.

My cell phone went off, a text message from Jimin require my present. Shaking my head, I went back to where my parents were and bid my leaving to the Shin family. See you soon Sandy…I can’t wait to fondle you again. Let see if this time you can escape my grasp. Chuckling to myself I left for more important task at hand.

(End of Hoseok P.O.V)