Dao Kaew Duen : Ficlet/Missing Moment


sarNie Hatchling
Hey everyone,

I decided to do this fic because it's lack of sweet moment and romance at this Lakorn.
So all the Ficlet take place during some épisodes. (i tell the moment where the Ficlet take place) :)


Take place after the episode 3 where they have Rock climbing with Siwa : "Little Date"

After the experience of Rock Climbing, Chai wanted to do it again. So one day when he have saw Dao and ask her

“Can you go with me do rock climbing? “

“Why ?”

“I want to improve more about this, so I will not be beat by other guys about this and maybe it could be one good training for me. And i can spend time with you like “date” if some people ask questions. If it’s okay with you ?”

“Yeah okay”

They arrive at the rock climbing, Dao explain everything at Chai better that Siwa have said.

“Thanks for explaining me better”

“No problem, even if he had explained okay. But most of time I was trying to be mean or scare you”

“Nothing can scare me when it’s come to “you”” the last word he said it slowly.

He didn’t want to say it to soon, but he begun to have feelings about her she was one strong women and not like other women.

They start climbing, during they do it Dao ask lot of time if he is okay. And he ask the same then when they arrive at one place where they could rest a little.

Dao said “I like to climb here for take pictures”

“You do this a lot ?”

“Yeah sometimes, i’m strong”

“Yeah i see this”

And they smile

Then they go down and when they arrive Chai tell “Thank you for this”

“Huh ?”

“For make me discover this and help me to learn about. And maybe we could do it more together”


“You are not injuried this time ?”

“No and you ?”

“No i’m fine thanks for asking”

“You’re welcome”

Then he take her at her home and he have take her hand and not on purpose. They rest like this until the door of Dao.

“Thanks again for today”

And he kiss her head

“He why did you this ?”

“I just wanted to do it” and he was smiling and leave

Dao close the door and smile too
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sarNie Hatchling
I will post 8 chapters about 8 differents episodes where it's it's could be short or long. And my ficlets are about some moment that i think they could have add more scene or more sweet moments.

Take place about the episode 4 : Care about You

Dao wanted to talk with Chai about what have happened about the night where they sleep “together”.

“Do you remember what have happened this night ? Because i can’t arrive to know something about this night. And i want to know what have happen”

“Don’t worry nothing have happen between us, but what i can remember is that after leaving you, i have see someone going near your home, and I was kinda scared about what happen and i saw someone who wanted something, i have fight with him, then after he have leave i have checked about you, because i was scared that something have happen to you but you were sleeping and nothing could make you awake like you had sleeping pill”

“I don’t take this at all”

“I think we have been drugged because i wasn’t in the best I was almost in the same position I was almost sleeping but I tried to fight against sleeping, i have take one cold shower who have wake me up, i wanted to wake you for do the same but I couldn’t and i feel asleep too after, i kinda … take care of you this night” He was looking around he didn’t wanted to see the face of Dao.

Then Dao take him in his arms and say “Thank you for have come, helping me and taking care of me”

“You’re welcome”

For Chai it was strange that she hugged him, but he feel good. He was falling hard for her, but he couldn't stop it. He really wanted to be near her and be with her.

And Dao couldn't believe what have happen, someone could have hurt her but Chai have helped. He was finally one nice guy. She didn’t wanted to fall in love but something like this could change lots of things…

They hugged for a long time

“Do you know who could harm you ?”

“I think it’s about something that I have in my phone... “

“Oh ?”

‘Just a long story that I have to deal , it’s kinda one “insurence” and little “revenge “ about something between Siwa and the wife”

“Would you tell me about it ?”

“Yes when the story will finish…”

After the story with the two girlfriend at the Mall. Chai and Dao have eat together where she thank him about helping her and tell him the whole story.

He understand a little how she feel about love, because for him it’s kinda the same but he was thinking that he could change.

Specially after the night where she have take pictures of the moon.


sarNie Hatchling
I have to Google to remember this lakorn. Aum & jaine make a cute couple.
I just have finished the lakorn and i have feel that missed some scenes and more stuff for this lakorn so that why i had my period of do some writing who was on fire and i had so many ideas :)

Épisode 5 : Wanted to help you (This part is about the passage at the hospital )

“Thank you for have helping me”

“No problem”

“I really thought we were in bad terms after what have happen about the video”

“I’m sorry about what have said, and I should have trusted you instead of insulting you and I’m sorry again”

“It’s okay…”

“After this, I was upset but I really wanted to know the truth so I have do some research and found about the massage parlour for gain informant maybe see you and tell you that i’m sorry and I should have believe In you”

“It’s okay and i really appreciate this”

They smiling and kiss his cheek

“Thank again for have helping me and if you weren't here it should have been me at your place…”

“Don’t think about this, it’s okay.”


sarNie Hatchling
Épisode 8 : Shirtless scène

After the little incident with the shirt of Chai, where Dao will have one little discussion with her brother about this, because he is totally in fault for this.

Chai knew about this because the brother have told him, it’s was strange specially for one photographs.

So he was thinking that maybe it’s wouldn't be one problen if they are together he wouldn’t be jealous of other guys since she can’t look correctly about them.

When Dao was okay, she talked about this with Chai.

“I’m sorry about this”

“It’s okay don’t worry”

“I’m just uncomfortable about this, I know it’s strange but I can’t really explain it…”

“Why how do you do if you had to take pictures of to Shirtless guys” He asked because he was really curious and really needed to know

“I just can’t do this generally, normally I take only female models and then after only men with clothes generally events or something like that. Because i can’t function correctly like you could have see”

“Yeah and i’m sorry too”

“It’s not your fault, it’s the fault of my brother”

“I knew you had brother, the first meeting was strange but seems to be one nice brother”


Then Chai was close of Dao and ask her

“Are you better ?”

“Yes right now yes, thank you”

“I’m glad, we should eat maybe now”


He was happy because what have said Dao about the models is totally okay, so he would not have problem about jealousy or other. The only main problem between him and her it’s Siwa but it’s for another day.

He was happy and right now he is sure about his feelings about her


After the sex stimulant

When Dao have take Chai in the bath and that Chai begun to feel a little better but not the best. He tried to kiss her, he really wanted to kiss her. He was attracted by her not only because of the sex stimulant he really liked her.

He kissed her, it was one surprise for Dao. But she return the kiss.

Then she throw again the head of Chai in the bath.

When she return Chai at his Car, it was kinda awkward between them but Chai feel totally better and now he knew he really liked her.

It was one way of thanking her for everything that she have done for help him, because of Siwa would have do something bad to Dao just for help him. He would have feel guilty and bad because he doesn’t like that Siwa is near of Dao.

Even if she said that nothing can hurt her, he care about her and also he worries about her.

“Thank you so much”

“My pleasure “

He was not ready to leave her, he wanted to be with her again but she had friends. And he also needed time for understand all of this that she really liked her. He liked take her hand and caress her hand.


sarNie Hatchling
Épisode 8/9 : Attack of Dao

Dao was at the hospital because she was attacked by one guy, she knew by who he was here. She didn’t want to tell people because she doesn’t want to have problem. And she have nothing so she tried to hide it even with Chai when he was here and was comforting her and tell her that it will be okay and also he would deal with it personally.

When He saw Dao that she didn’t say something he knew already by who come the problem it was from Siwa, he was sure of it since the issue of the Mall. And since they are rivals since the day one for Dao.

He will not lose Dao because of him. He will protect her and defend her against Siwa.

So he decided to take care of this and do one visit to Siwa and his wife, he had found one excuse of talk to the wife of Siwa so it would be okay, he would be scared since he have so many things to hide.

Then after see Siwa and tell what he think of all of this.

And he was proud of it, he was not wrong it’s was the work of Siwa.

So he had to be more careful of him.

And he was really happy to know that Dao was at the hospital just for rest.

And that the next morning Dao have called him for be at the hospital for drive her at her home.

When she hugged him, it was one strange sensation, this is the first time that they hug like this.

“You are okay Dao, no one will hurt you. I’m here”

And he put his hands in her back.

He was happy to hug her, he totally love her. He kissed her forehead for make her feel okay and tell her “Everything is okay i’m here”

But when Siwa have arrived is was another story...


sarNie Hatchling
Episode 9

After Chang Mai

For Chai even if she said she doesn’t love him, He think it’s not true about this. He hoped that they could talk about what have happen for maybe clear things.

For him he is sure that he love her, he want to protect her and even give his life for her.

When she have said “Be the father of my children” even if after she have said that it about the village, he knew totally what she mean by this. For him that wanted to say, i love you, i would like maybe to have one family with you.

He have do the fact that he doesn’t have understand but it’s wrong he have understand well, he just hoped she tell her feelings but no.

He is not deceived about it, he just know that she have feelings for him. He knew that it would take time, he remember of when she talked about her bad experience. And i can wait for her.

Even if he still think that maybe he have one rival.


sarNie Hatchling
Épisode 10

After the scene of the Cake

Chai is quite relived to heard that Dao don’t love Siwa and that she lied about the fact that she doesn’t love him. It just that she was scared.
It was like he was thinking, he is happy to know that it not only one sided.
And he will do his best for not upset her.
Specially that now he knows that she have feelings for him.
Now what he have to think is that if he have to propose her is to find another way.

And he like the fact to hug her, and just have her in his arms and also kissing her.


When he come at the home of Dao for tell her about his mom. At one moment he really hoped that Dao would kiss him or tell him “I love you” But no.
He knew that he would take time but he really hoped that Dao would tell “I love you” of kiss him.
Multiples times he hoped she say this he was not ready to go at his home, without kissing her.
He really liked to kiss her.
She didn’t do this, but the last time before leaving he go see her and kiss her.

“I wanted to do this since i have arrived”
“I know”

He kiss her again

“I love you”


After the phone call of Dao, Chai have think that something is not okay he doesn’t arrive to know why. But something between okay is not totally okay. And it’s maybe the reason of why she doesn’t open more her heart to him.
He is scared that she is lying because he doesn’t want the past to repeat, he really wanted to trust her but it’s was difficult maybe they could clear things about this soon.