Darker Shades of You # 9


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After weeks and months...  I finally found a plot line for this fan fiction. I can not promise to keep it flowing with chapter but if I don't start now I will forget about the idea . Thank to last night dream for clearing my cob web brain haha.


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Hahaha...I knew it! Looking forward to reading your ff, the first ff of yours I will read lol.


sarNie Granny
Ch 1

Thailand 2015

Prang Kannarun drop the luggage with a thud and smile happily in her old bedroom. Everything was the same as she left it 4 years ago, the K-pop poster on the wall, collection of Kdrama neatly stack away on the shelf , the desk where she use to sit and study late into the night , still hold those funny face sticker all over it. Childhood memory brought tear to her eye as she remember how naïve she was but now she a college graduate from University of London . She originally plan to stay in Thailand and just attend the local college here --- but one man ruin that dream for her. The ‘farang’ another Thai word for white people or westerner who non-Asians, his name is Vincent Donovan, the famous American tycoon.

No. She will not think about him. It been 4 years and the scandal had die out already. Nobody in her family had ever mention it since then or at least not in her present and she want to forget about it as well. It was for that reason she choose to study outside the country, to get away from the media, the reporter but most importantly she wanted to learn the English language as much as possible. And when she meet Vincent Donovan again, she will not be that dumb-wit girl who doesn’t understand that despicable man.

Seyla enter the room quietly. She tickle Prang from behind which startle her friend, both girls laugh and hugs each other deeply. Seyal was her Thai friend from the University who returned to Thailand a few month before her.

“Why didn’t you call me to pick you up at the airport? I have to find out from the maid that you’re home today”

“Traffic is crazy at this hour. I was going call you the next day”

“We need to make a list of place to visit. It’s only 4 years for you but 10 years for me. Let’s go to Pattaya together! We have to book a hotel room now.”

Prang smile helplessly at her friend. Thailand was all Seyla ever talk about when they were in school and the poor girl was dying to come home after 10 year. Seyla ‘s parent own the largest manufacture company of canned fruit in Bangkok , as the only heir , she was expected to take over the company one day, therefore she was send away to school at a very young age.

“I left my phone in the car. Do you have access to the internet? I’ll book the room online” said Seyla and make herself comfortable in front of the computer desk[

“Yes. My house have internet but I’m not sure if my old computer still work though. Nobody had use it for a while”

Seyla turn on the pc and monitor while Prang unpack the luggage. She donated most of her clothes and other personal item before she left, so there wasn’t much beside the gift she brought for her family. She plan to shop for new outfit at the mall with her two older sister, Malina and Sanyo and her father had send out invitation for a welcome party later this week , she try to persuade him not to but he refuse to listen.

“What in god name is this!” cries Seyla

Prang’s head was turn as she recognize the voice from the speaker and her face went completely pale at the computer monitor. It was the voice of that man she desperately try to forget and the past she shamefully want to erase now return in full blow. Seyla must had gone through the computer file , perhaps to look for old picture of Prang to tease her but instead came upon the video file . Why didn’t she delete it 4 years ago? She search into her memory and just as she fear. The video file was email to her, that day she had watch it and cry. The same email was forward to her family as well. The file was never erase because she pull the computer plug immediately afterward.

“Is this some sort of…sex tape? Who is that white man?” Seyla was speechless as she watch the clip with her friend having sex with a man, never in her life would she think Prang would be so bold to have such a scandalous life style--suddenly the monitor went blank. Prang had yank the plug and drop herself on the bed with her head hung low and hand covering her face.

“It’s not what you think” came Prang’s trembling voice and she inhale deeply before lifting her tear stain face. Seyla was dishearten and move to sit on the bed she wrap one arm around her friend to comfort her.

“Listen, it’s ok. I will not judge you because of this. He must be your past boyfriend right? Sex tape is a trend now a day…anyway” she laugh weakly and hope the humor will lose the tension on her friend’s face but Prang’s expression grow more worrisome, “No. Do not start crying again. I did not mean it to come out like that”

“He not my boyfriend” said Prang with a heavy sigh and continue “He my husband”

“You’re married!? Why you never told me?”

“Our relationship isn’t what you think. Four years ago my father‘s rival company set us up in a blackmail scandal. They drug me and left me in a room with withh …that man and recorded everything .They threaten to expose the se..se..sex video if my father doesn’t drop the contract between the American’s construction company to build a highway bridge over the flooding market community”

“They drug…drug you? Did your father throw those bastard in prison!?”

“No. He came up with another scheme as a counter attack. You had not heard about it because you weren’t in Thailand at the time. It was the biggest scandal of the year. I couldn’t endure the ridicule and left the country afterward”

Thailand four years ago…..


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SarN, you're gonna kill me, but when the poster loaded, I immediately went "OH! It's Ricky Martin!"  :sweat: Oh I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot. hahahaha. I did watch 50 shades of Grey though. He looks better in that picture (although he does look a bit like Ricky martin at first glance hahaha. I'm really sorry!)
But the fic! OOOOHHH!! interesting. I smell revenge and slap and kiss. Will you do a detailed version of the sex video? I'll admit to being a pervert and say I wish you would do so! Looking forward to the next chapter! 


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What so funny today when I was at work a customer paid for his items and when I seen his name like "ohhhh"...lol his name was Christian gray with an "A" instead of "E"...then I thought of sarn fic lol in was like seriously...


sarNie Granny
Ch 2
Thailand 4 years ago..
Prang graze down at the pool from the large window as she watch her father and several American men at a table discussing some sort of business plan and beside him is Chaiya, her father personal secretary and translator. It was rare for him to bring clients to the house but lately the company had some problem with oversea investor, as CEO of Thailand Engineering and Construction Co, he been under  fire due to  lawsuit file by employee , claiming unpaid work compensation. The company fires everyone in the payroll department for embezzlement and hires a whole new team afterward.
She wishes to be some help to her father someday but as the youngest daughter she was pamper most of her life while her two older sister was raise to handle the business world.  If her mother was still alive perhaps the family wouldnt treat her like a glass doll. She was told not to go outside until the guest leave , not understanding why everyone is being so secretive and her English is not well enough to hold a decent conversation with the farang anyway.
A deep voice from behind startle her and she spin around from the window as if she was caught cheating. The man stood at the door frame as he stare at her with the most intimidating pair of blue eye she had ever saw. He spoke more rapidly when she began to look confuse and lost to the language. Does he expect every Thai person to know English? She could see his annoyance as he pace the room. He probably one of her father Americans client that came this morning. He ran a frustrated hand through his wavy brown hair that reaches to his neck and curly at the tip, his jaw line was unshaved which hide most of his mouth feature. Prang was use to clean shave Asian men or Korean pretty boys but this white man held no illusion of such , he was about 6'2 compare to her 5'3  , his  tightly fit clothes  against his body  suggest extreme excise .
"Where Mr. Kannarun?!" he shouted
She was shaken by the tone of his voice and hearing the family name penetrates her mind as she realize the man was looking for her father. She spoke the English word she know," My d-dad". She pointed toward the window and he rushes there but there was no sign of anyone. He mummer curses. She frown, that, she understand clearly than anything. It must be true. American are pig.
He restrain his voice from exploding, "I need to talk to your dad. Where is he? Its very urgent"
Prang quickly took a few step away from him and call for the servant. When the housekeeper show up she ask where  her father is right now.
"He left with the client already and forgot his phone at the pool" the housekeeper answer in Thai.
"Forget it" said the man and signal his arm lamely in defeat, "I cant understand Thai. You cant understand English. Here my business card. Tell your dad to call me as soon as possible" he does a phone expression with his hand, as if he was speaking to a deaf person. Prang was irritated.
When she didnt response back but stood there sulking, he unexpectedly reach for her hand and she can hear the housekeeper gasp in shock at the background. She momentary held her breath and eye width as he pry open her finger and slip the card in.
His head was bend down to her small frame and their eye meet. His thick brow was straight like his nose with cheek half cover with beard and his skin was too tan for a farang but his intense stare unsettle her and she pull away quickly . When the man left was when she breath again.
The next morning at the breakfast table, Prang told her older sister about what happen and hand the business card to her. Their father had left for an urgent business trip and wasnt able to get contact with.
"Vincent Donovan" Sanyo read the name on the card, "He our biggest investor. He was here for the contract signing a few days back" The Flooding Market Bridges project, it was all over the new in Thailand and there had been protestor by local residence to stop the project as well.
"You need to be more serious in your Englishs class" said Malina the second oldest sister, "At the company most of our clients are foreign"
"I doubt our dad will let me work at the company after college unlike the both of you. I see no reason why I should learn English. The class are so difficult and my pronunciation sound weird. I doubt I will marry a farang after meeting one so rude yesterday, beside, I love our country  , there no place I want to live well maybe South Korean" Prang giggle with delight at the thought of being close to her favorite K-pop idol.
Malina and Sanyo shook their head in amusement. The Korean wave had capture heart on young generation in Thailand with their music and Korean drama. Prang was like every fan girl out there , she would plead and whine at their father to buy flight ticket to see her favorite idols concert. The family adores her too much to deny anything.
"You in luck then, starting today you dont have to attend class anymore until college start next month" said Sanyo, "You are not to leave the house as well"
"The company is having problem with the protestor. Until the problem is resolve we need you to stay put. You can be a target by our rival company" added Malina .
Prang nodded, she understand their concern but she hate the idea of being bore in the house while all her friend  enjoy the  summer till school start.
Vincent Donovan was held at gun point by two Thai man as he turn the key to his hotel room.  The man shove him violently inside and brought forward to their leader, who apparently enter his room while he was gone.
"What the hell ?!" he said angrily and turn to the side to see the man who held him hostage but was meet with the end barrel of a gun. The air flicker with violent and tension as he turn to their leader with gritted teeth.
"We have a propositional for you" said the leader with heavy Asian accent in English,"If you cooperate nothing will happen to you"
"What do you want? Money isnt it?" Vincent let out a disgusted snort and watch the two man switch gun to their other hand with a mock smile, they talk in Thai among each other and exchange glance.

"No money. We need you to have sex with a girl. It will be your pleasure" the leader grin wolfly, " I heard farang man love Thai woman"
"Is this some kind of sick joke?"
"No. No joke at all. She over there on the bed the leader point to the bed room." Vincent's eyes follow and were shock to discover the girl slumber body there. It was out of the question, this is crazy and why in god name would these bastards even suggest such an idea!
"Any of your man can do the job. I'm irrelevant"
One of the man swung several hard punches into  the farang s stomach , then grip the shirt collar  and jam the gun at his jaw while the other man held their victim arm to prevent him from fighting back. The blow knock the air out of Vincents lung and he strain to breath from the tight grip at his throat.
"My men will guard outside the door. You have 3hrs to complete the task or else say good bye to your dick. The phone line is cut off and the room is sound proof, any gunshot wouldn't be heard" the man let out an ugly laugh ," I be watching in the next room as well"
Vincent was shove hard to the floor as the men cross over him and left the room. He struggle to get up while holding his stomach in pain from the beating. Who are those crazy people? Suddenly there was a bang from outside the door to remind him those man are at guard. He slowly approaches the bed. He notice several professional studio light stand, stereo, speaker and camera in four corner of the wall. They are being film and those bastards are watching him right now.  Its all a setup to ruin him. Suddenly anger erupt inside and he ball his fist. Not again. He so fucking tire of deception and money hugger, there are no friend in the business world.
Prang struggle beneath the drug state surrounding her headaches and  slowly open her eye to an unfamiliar place. Her body felt heavy as if she  drowning  . She turn her head on the pillow and felt a firm hand at her cheek , through teary eye she couldn't make out his face and his feature was out of focus but there was movement where she lay .
 Realization sunk in and she was swamp with fear as her chest rose and falls with her quick breath. She was lying on a bed and her mind bolt. The man face loom over her and their eye meet again .  


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I thought Vincent planned the recording in Ch 1 but he did not. Prang probably will think he did & despises him for it. I think in the title 'You' is Prang?


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:faint:  What a cliffhanger!!! OH MAN! JUST WHEN IT WAS GOING TO GET INTERESTING... er... I mean.... uhhhh okay fine I'm a pervert! Hahahaha. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. 


Hahaha. I get what you mean 040156. I'm a pervert too. :)


sarNie Granny
Ch 3

He was staring down at her, his expression fierce and demanding, “Why are you here” his ghostly deep voice send fear down her spine, the drug was kicking in again, her body felt sluggish but her conscience is fully alert. She remembers receiving a call from someone who said her father was in an accident and left the house in a hurry. She was closing the gate when someone held a cloth to her nose and everything else was a blur.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re having sex now” he said impatiently, then reach for the cover that shield her body and with a single yank the bed sheet flew to the floor. Without the protection of the blanket she felt completely cold and her voice was inaudible when she struggle to scream.

“How old are you?” his anger return with a new revolution as he watch the girl tremble with tear that seen to flood her face. He drew his brow in a knot as he wonder if those bastard kidnap an underage girl to film their sick game.

Those men must had known who he is and the Kannarun youngest daughter to be worth a whole lot of money since they go all out to setup this blackmail scheme. If only had he got a hold of her father that other day and afterward return to the state the next day as plan , instead of canceling the flight , then perhaps this wouldn’t be happening .

Hell. He is no saint. There no way out of this. Those bastard threaten to blast his dick off or worst scenario kill him with a gunshot through his head if he doesn’t rape the girl. Vincent move away to sit on his hunch and let out a frustrated yell until his face turn red with fury. He was breathing hard as he turn to read the clock on the wall. Not much time left.

Prang was horrified by the man unexpected shout. She desperately squeeze her eye shut and tense her body to a near pinch to bolt out the sound. He insane! God please save her from this beast. He must be the kidnaper who drug her and bring her here to rape.

This can’t be happening. She refuse to open her eye but she felt his body heat loom over here. He spoke more English word but she was too frighten to concentrate on its meaning. She want to push him away but the drug had worn down her body with no strength to fight and her silent protest was air coming out of her mouth.

“Damn it! You think I want to enjoy this. Those man out there are the real kidnapper” he grasp both her shoulder and shake the living hell out of her until she finally snap open her eye.

“Listen to me” he mouth the word slowly, “I’m not the bad guy” he stare into her confuse and lose face. The poor girl probably doesn’t even know English!

Prang strain to understand and pray for his patience to make it easy for her. She watch his anime hand pointing toward the door, then back at himself, he does a gun signal toward his head and pretend to pull a trigger. He was trying to tell her something but he was speaking to fast for her to catch any word. Hope sprung in her heart and earlier fear die out a little. If he really a rapist, why does he bother talking and demonstrating?

“I swear, if you’re a virgin, I’ll kill you myself” was his finally words before he swoop in and seal her lip with a hard kiss as his body press tightly upon her , sinking the bed , drowning in a pool of intimacy she had never share with any man before.

Her heart was pounding at her ear as his lip consume any protest she might had and his hand move around to remove her clothes one by one it slip away . She was afraid to response and her mind was in a tremor, even though he was having his way, other part of her hope he will realize his mistake and stop.

“Your skin are so soft’ he whisper and the word seem to tickle her nerve. Warm lip kiss her bare shoulder, cheek, neck and chest. Her breath went up a notch when his mouth covers her sensitive nipple and she determines to block out the sensation by tightly squeeze her eye shut. When or how they were completely naked she did not want to know and she refuse to open her eye to see the result

He shower kisses everywhere and his beard seen to scorch her skin but his finger was the naughtiest because it does havoc to her now willing body that seem to buck at every touch. Prang was being seduce at his slow torture and there nothing she can do about it. She felt his arousal between her thighs, the heavy sag when he rub against her, the hair on his leg tangle with her smooth one , he continue to prolong the act with endless kiss and fondling .


sarNie Granny
Ch 4

She her aching finger bend to grip the bed sheet, perhaps the drug had start to wore off because her sluggish body no longer felt as heavy as before but she afraid it’s too late. Vincent had trail kisses down her stomach and his head disappear between her thighs. She heard about farang men does this kind of thing to their woman and thought it was disgusting, perhaps she was naive to sex but once his tongue slash at her center she tense.

She heard his voices as he work his tongue, “I’m trying my best to make you horny” he mummer and focus on the task seriously, both his arm was hook under her thigh and held it apart as his tongue does wick thing .

Prang couldn’t prevent the soft cries that escape from her lip as she desperately try to form a word, “No” her plead was barely a whisper, her cheek burn with shame but her body throb to his sinister mouth and the need to be release cause her head to thrash to and fore . She have to fight him somehow and it was now or never. She want to scream and with the remaining strength she swallow hard to unclog her throat and open her mouth “N—“

He cover her lip before any sound was made. He began to kiss her roughly, impatiently and sucking like a starve man. His hand rub and tease her breasts as his strong thighs parted her and the moment she fear was meet with a hard thrust and slip through. The intrusion was thick in her tight tunnel . The pain was momentary but it hurt all the same and she bit his bottom lip in retaliation and he stop all movement to quickly pull his head back.

Vincent stare down at her flushed face, “You are so wet for me at this moment” he was smitten by that knowledge and pull his aching member out but only to push it slowly back in. Prang close her eye as her stomach tighten to a fizzle yearning she had never experience. She could not deny the fire burning at their joint area was starting to feel good nor does she protest when his bruise lip began to kiss her where he left off.

He hike her leg higher over his hip , giving leverage that seen impossible for her to move , other than to receive his sweet punishing depth .He lock their finger together and held it above her head as his move increase in a stabbing pace that rob her of air . And it happen. She heard him grunted and felt sticky liquid between her leg as she explode into a mindless passion

He roll over to the side and exhale deeply, “Done” he said unemotional and continue to stare at the ceiling as the clock tick on. Millions of thoughts run through his head and none of them provide any comfort and the most troubling is that she was a virgin --- of course , Asian are more conservative than woman in the state and considering she might not be more than 18 but none the less he had tarnish her and now they have a sex tape. Whatever those men plan on doing he quite positive money is the motive.


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SarN. That was awesome. So awesome, I think I might have to go to church tomorrow. 
In some territories, that might not even be considered rape. :secret:  You know, I can't blame the girl, Vincent was mighty fiiiiiine. But I feel sorry for her since she will probably be more guilty the morning after, he would too. that's my hunch.