David Choi-MV Wont Even Start


sarNie Adult
If you guys havent checked out David Choi yall are missing out. He's a very talented singer...His voice reminds me of John Mayor.
The WongFu boys produced, directed, and edited Davids first official music video called Wont Even Start.
I was able to see this MV when the WongFu boys did theyre spring tour and I couldnt wait until it officially came out. I believe they did the video premier last Saturday. I'm so excited that its finally out on youtube.

Another song I'm really into by David Choi is Remember and Love

Anywho please support David Choi his music is on itunes!!!

here's the video to Wont Even Start.


sarNie Adult
So is this a good news that David is coming out with album? As poor as I'm, I will love to support his music because I have seen him on youtube for a very long time..thank you for the mv...