Dear Narissa: Ice Amena


sarNie Oldmaid
Credits to ice_amena instagram

I've been thinking about this lately so I think it's about time to share it here. Hope you like it.

Dear Narissa,
First of all, I'm proud of you. You have accomplished a lot in your 21 years of living. Finished school, made friends, and a whole lot more to name of. You always tried to be happy and made sure that other people are also happy. You have a compassionate heart.
But lately, you seem to be broken. Pretending to be happy sometimes. Cried yourself to sleep. Falling apart. Failure after failure. Insecurities. Jealousy. Low self-esteem. Feeling lost. You're doing your best. But other people don't think it's enough.
You were selective of who to talk to about this. You know on who to trust with everything that you're going through and for that, you're blessed to have these people.
Please remember that you are not a failure. It's okay if you are taking small steps. A small progress is still a progress. It's okay to think of what you want to do in life. Never settle for less.
Choose your support system wisely. Be with the people who are always there for you, willing to understand and never judge. Don't ever think that you are just seeking attention. You deserve to get help. Please take care of your health too. Never let other people's success define your worth. YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT.
They say nothing lasts forever. So does your sadness. You won't feel unhappy forever. Keep going, work hard. You'll get there. Everything will be okay. You will be okay. I promise.

Your other self