Deliciously Satisfying (R)


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Raina has always been the shy and reserved kind of girl. Being big, she never expected much. She loves herself she tends to say but is pretty insecure when it comes to her body. Her breasts were too big. Her hips flare wide, not to mention her ass look like gigantic melons.

She has been in love with Park Hyungsik since high school and after graduation she decided to become the sale rep. at his family Business, PCM (Park Celebrities Management) Of course being that close she was still not noticed. However it all changed when she did the unthinkable during a drunk episode. Her dreams became reality but it was so much more than she ever imagined. However, things get even more complicated when she also caught the interest of Park Alek as well. What is she going to do? Didn't she love Hyungsik? But now she's catching feelings for Alek as well. Who will she choose?

Raina 23

She's a big girl, who's shy and reserved, she love reading romance but would never act on her feelings for fear of being rejected. She been in love with Park Hyungsik since high school but of course being fat means no hot guy is going to be attracted to you; a saying her mother has been spewing since Ry was young.

Hyungsik 24

Hyungsik is a confident man, a playboy and pretty competitive. Has an older brother who he constantly get competitive with.

Hyungsik rarely gives up on things he has his mind on.

Alek 27

He's the older brother of Hyungsik, usually more serious but pretty competitive when it comes to his brother. He's also really picky when it comes to girls

WARNING: there will be smut and a lot of it, if this is not your cup of tea I suggest you click out.


sarNie Egg


Chapter 1​


"Raina, bring the concept to Mariam, we're about to start the meeting. Make sure everything is ready before you hand it to her." Tracy, my field manager instructed.

"Yes Tracy." I replied.

My name is Raina but most people call me Ry. I'm a sales representative at PCM, Park's Celebrities Management. However, one look at me you'll probably wonder to yourself how the hell this girl get a job where Celebrities gets handle. Simple, I'm good at my job. I don't deal with Celebrities per say but I handle the ideas, hunting for a new concept and storyboard for my employer. Plus at PCM, they don't discriminate based on gender or appearance. They judge you base on your work ethics and your capabilities to get the job done.

It's been two an a half years since I've worked here, my dream have always been music and acting. But because of my size just being close and watching people in the spotlight is enough. PCM is one of the biggest company in South Korea, it's seriously an honor to get to be a part of this company that is still expanding till this day. My best friend Jessie also work here as the account manager. She's also the one who got me this job.

When I found out this was Park Hyungsik family business I became even more determined to get this job. I've been in love with him since the second year in high school. Sure I've never really spoken to him but call me stupid if you want, it was love at first sight for me.

"Hey Mariam, Tracy asked me to give this to you. The meeting is going to start soon this is the new concept for the new boy band X5."

"You can leave it there." She said.

Mariam is what you would call a bitch. Sexy...but a bitch. She knows she beautiful and enjoying making people around her feel inferior to her.

"What is that smell? Raina, I think you should pick another choice of perfume. That smell with the mixture of you're sweat is just gross. I'm only trying to help." She said with the fake smile plastered on her face.

And this is what I was talking about. It was my cue to leave, my mother always say it's better to put out the fire before igniting it. You don't know who might get burn.

I sat at my cubicle taking a deep breath, if I don't have to deal with stupid Mariam for a day I'll die a happy woman.

"Hey Ry happy birthday! what are you doing? Are you ready for tonight? We're going to get drunk I already told the other girls you'll be drinking tonight!" my best friend Jessie practically squealed as she peaked in my cubicle. Her words, a mile a minute. When I didn't answer she looked at me, "What's wrong? Why aren't you happy? It's your birthday."

"Nothing just irritated that I have to deal with Mariam." I sighed.

"What did that Bitch say now?" Jessie asked

"That she hates my perfume and that I should change it" I shrugged.

"Is the bitch tripping on air? The cheery blossom perfume is like the best fragrance ever." Jessie looked annoyed

"She said the smell mixing with my sweat is a disgusting mixture"

"Okay, now that bitch really is tripping balls. You smell good love and not because I'm your best friend but you genuinely smell nice. That poodle is just jealous of you" Jessie assured me.

"Jessie, what can she possible be jealous of? She's hot I'm not, she's thin I'm fat. She looks good in everything while I struggle to fit certain clothes. She got to sleep with Hyungsik while I'm still a 22 year old virgin." I practically screeched that last sentence.

"Honey, there are guys out there that are into chubs like us. Look at me, I'm happily married to Tristan my high school sweetheart. There are guys like Tristan out there that love a little cushion for the pushing." She winked.

"Ew, Jessie. I don't want to picture you and Tristan. Stop putting images in my head." I groaned.

"Look, all I'm saying is that you'll find your man. Don't worry about what any of these bitches got to say."

I sighed again, seems that's all I been doing lately.

"Anyways, have you heard the news?" Jessie asked me.

"What news?"

"Peoples been talking about throwing a party this Saturday, the Parks are welcoming they're eldest son who's visiting this summer from America, did you know that he owned his own company since he was 22? Of course it's just their company branching out but still, the eldest son has complete control over the company in America. He's been out of country since the age of 22, now he's 27. Who do you think would be hotter? The younger brother or the older brother? Wait that's not a fair question. You've seen Hyungsik but none of us has ever laid eyes on the eldest son."

It always amazes me how she could switch topic so easily in each sentence.

"Regardless, I'd still find Hyungsik hotter. Or have you forgotten? I'm in love with the damn guy. My eyes would never wonder on any other man." I told her confidently.

"Okay, okay enough of that. Just so you know we're all invited to this grand party on Saturday. What should I wear? What are you wearing?" Jessie asked panicking.

"Calm down crazy, it's only Thursday. We still have a whole day an a half to figure that out." I told her.

"Right, anyways birthday girl you ready for tonight? The girls and I are ready to get you drunk off you ass you're going to be 23! You promise to drink this time." Jessie said excitedly.

"Jessie, I don't know"—

"Nope" she cut me off, "You're not wiggling your way out of it this time. Remember your 21st birthday? You said you're not ready yet plus it was at your parents house so we decided next time. Then on you're 22nd birthday you said you were sick and drinking would only make it worse. You promise that you'll drink on you're 23rd birthday. We didn't promise. You did. You promise so no breaking it."

I did promise, and I really don't like breaking it either. I sighed, "Alright I'll drink this time"

"Yay!" She fist pump the air while I dreaded the inevitable.

It's was 4 pm, work was busy as always. It was even busier when Mariam gave me extra work to do. Which wasn't even in the description of my job. I don't scout locations. Nor am I the delivery girl. They have people for that. I accepted to paperwork anyway and told her I'll hand it to the planning team personally. I could've been a bitch and reported her, but I don't want to be that girl who snitch every chance she gets. So I bit my tongue and smiled.

I packed my things and called it a day just in time when Jessie, my best friend/ roommate came to get me.

"You ready?" She asked.

"Yea, ready as I'll ever be." I told her.

The drive to our apartment wasn't long, since we were only about 10 minutes drive from our work. Jessie put the car into our parking space while rambling on about my birthday, what we're going to wear, and also about the company's event that's being hosted this Saturday. Truth be told, I'm having a headache just listening to her rambling. Jessie is a beautiful girl, curvy and plump in the right area while I look like a deform whale. We're about the same size, but she looked better in my clothes than I do.

With two bedroom and 2 bath, we were lucky we didn't have to wait for the other person to finish and risk losing all the hot water. We both jump in our individual shower and took our time, well at least I did.

After my shower I got out in my bath robe and walked to Jessie room. Thank goodness Tristan doesn't get out till 4am or I wouldn't be so bold as to walk around like I am now around the house. Because they're married, Tristan also lives here with us. I just wish they're a little quieter when they're in the midst of their sexual activities.

"Here, I want you to wear this."

I looked at the outfit Jessie handed to me, I looked at her mouth agape, "Jessie! I am not wearing this."

"Yes you are, it cost me $250, you better wear it."

I looked at the pricey racy black dress, I might as well be naked. The back piece was practically splayed open, in the front; the V was cut so low my breast would probably spill out if not careful. The dress had the split on the side up to my upper thigh with a mini skirt attached to the top piece of the dress which probably wouldn't cover anything, I'm sure half of my ass would be out for display.

"Jessie, I'd be practically naked in this. You do realize that? A girl my size? I'd probably be the laughingstock of those pretty girls at the club." I whined, I couldn't help it.

"You know what your problem is, Ry? You constantly put yourself down. You're fucken beautiful if you just believe in it. And stop dressing like an old lady would be a start, I swear you look like my aunt Rhonda." Jessie said irritated.

I've seen her aunt Rhonda, she was definitely old. I don't look old do I?

"Please Ry, I would never let you get made fun off. Have a little faith in me, I know you would be gorgeous in it."

I sighed, I mean technically I won't meet any of those people again. Plus it'll be dark, I'm sure no one would notice.

"Alright fine, I'll wear it."

"Yay!" Jessie squealed.

After dressing up, Jessie had more surprise in store for me, she did my make up and to my horror she replaced my glasses for contact lens that I got but haven't gotten around to using it. Nothing against it...but I'm just so use to my glasses. She put my hair in a messy tresses of curls atop my head.

"Look in the mirror...tell me if you don't look good." Jessie smiles confidently.

Hesitating, I turn to look at myself in the mirror on her vanity drawer.

I couldn't believe my eyes, is this really me? I never cared for makeup and if I do anything to enhance my face was usually just an eyeliner and mascara. This girl is someone I never seen before. She really was pretty. Big, but the outfit really compliments her breast an ass.

I didn't feel so out of place as much as I did before, still a little nervous but not as scared as I initially did.

Jessie finished dressing herself, same outfit as mines except hers were red and mines were black.

"Let's go Ry, you ready? Katie and Taylor have been calling me the past 30 minutes. We got to hurry."

I nodded, "I guess I'm ready."

Looking at myself one last time I headed out the door.