Devil's Angel


This is a new fan fiction that I currently finished. I've shared it on different social medias, but I wanted to share it here as well. I wasn't too sure if there were even anyone reading the fanfiction section anymore, but after thinking for a long time. I decided to post it up. Whoever comes across, can read it. Whoever doesn't it's okay.

So I have currently been into more C-pop/Mando Pop and Chinese drama's lately. I'm especially in love with one person in particular. His name is Lin Yanjun from Nine Percent. This is a small story I wrote to celebrate his new EP Escape that he just released. Have fun reading!!! Warning: It's sad and tragic.

Devil's Angel - Chapter 1: Escape
Hearing grunts as she made her way out of the small restaurant, she entered the small alleyway. Coming to the backstreet parking lot of the restaurant, she saw him being thrown onto the back of a car by three other men. She covered her mouth as she gasped in shock. He straightened himself up and laughed.

"You don't know who you're dealing with." he said.

"But we do." the one standing in the center of the three stated.

Reaching into their pockets, the three men pulled out knives, getting into attacking position. He just chuckled standing there, not even scared. Terrified, she couldn't just watch someone get murdered in front of her. Doing the most stupid thing she could think of, she jumped out of the alley way.

"Stop it!" she shouted at the three men.

Without even knowing who the blond man was, she ran to the front to block him from the other three.

"If you hurt him, I'll call the cops." she said firmly.

The three men hesitated for a second.

"Lady, this is not your problem, get out of the way." the center one demanded.

"If you don't, we'll have to kill you too." the one the right added.

Her jaw dropped when she heard those words. She didn't want to die yet. She glanced back at him; he could see the terror in her eyes.

"I...I... can't just leave him." she replied, "It's wrong."

Rolling his eyes at her, he grabbed her wrist at the least expected moment and led her running down the street.

"Where are you taking me!" she questioned.

"Quiet, do you want to die?" he retorted at her.

She instantly shut her mouth and ran with him. The men chasing them somehow magically were lagging. She was surprised that they couldn't catch up despite how slow she was running. He turned into a small walkway leading out to the big street out front. Deciding to hide in a pile of stinky cardboards they crouched down as low as they could. He held her against him, her head resting on his chest. She could hear his heavy breathing and feel his chest rising and falling as he did. Realizing how close they were, she pulled away. His eyes were on her and she felt threatened by the way he glared into her soul.

"I..." she began to say.

"Shh." he shushed, pulling her back into his chest as the three men ran by.

Her heart raced remembering his dark eyes. When the three men were gone, he shoved her away and got up to go.

"Who are you?" she questioned, grabbing his hand, getting up as well.

He turned back to look at their intertwined hands, feeling a sense of security. He didn't like it. He didn't want to like it. Jerking his hand away, he grabbed her shoulder, leaning in so close the tips of their noses would've touch if he just moved an inch closer.

"Look, if you're smart, you'd get as far away from me as you can." he threatened, "I'm not someone you would want to get involved with, and what you did earlier was already stupid enough."
She was terrified, but there was something about him that made her feel. Whatever feeling that was. He could see the tears welled up in her eyes. Not wanting to get affected by her tears, he let go and walked away. The way his back looked when he walked away tugged at her heart. It looked like a scared, sad, lost little child. Unwillingly, her legs moved on their own chasing after him.

"I need to know who you are!" she shouted after him, "why do I feel this way with you?!"

She grabbed his arm and turned him to face her. He scowled at her and for a second there, she could swear she saw his eyes glow.

"Do you want to die?" He growled.

She took a step back as tears of fear rolled out the corners of her eyes.

"I admit that I'm afraid of you," she stated, "But that doesn't stop what I'm feeling, and I won't let it stop me from getting the answer I want!"

His heart fell, seeing her tears.

"Idiot." he cursed under his breath.

"I'm an idiot. I need to know what these feelings are." she replied.

"You forced me to." he said firmly.

She could see the worry in his eyes, but he was putting on a tough act.

"What? I forced you to do wha..."

Before she could even finish her sentence, he grabbed her arm, turning her around and pushed her back against the trunk of his car. Grabbing her hair after combing his fingers into them, he held her in place, pressing his lips on hers. She gasped leaning back onto the car as he attacked her, ripping her shirt collar to reveal her soft milky white shoulders. Releasing her lips, he kissed her shoulder hungrily, slowly opening his mouth to bite her.

More tears rolled out of her eyes. She was terrified, but the terror faded as she felt she grew fonder of him the more he touched her. Soft moans left her lips as she felt a knot form in her stomach, but she wasn't thinking about that. Her mind was blurry as an unclear memory appeared out of nowhere. Bringing her hands up between them, she tried to push him away.

"Yanjun..." she whispered, in confusion.

As soon as he heard his name, he pulled away in surprise, but not before he managed to leave a cut on her shoulder with his sharp canine teeth. She whimpered as she felt the sharp pain on her shoulder. She straightened herself.

"I tried to stop myself!" Yanjun growled before getting into the car and driving off.

She stood there, staring after him.

"Yanjun?" she questioned herself.

She didn't even know where that name came from. Covering her right shoulder with her left hand, she looked down at her ripped shirt.


In this chapter I will introduce to you guys another character. His name is Azorachin aka You Zhangjing from Nine Percent. He's an adorable little bun and if you get to know him more, I'm sure you'll fall in love him. But in here, he'll be forced to be evil. LOL

Devil's Angel - Chapter 2: In the middle: Imperfect Love

He knocked the door of the farm house, looking around as he waited. When no one answered the door, he heard singing coming from around back. Without thinking, he followed the beautiful voice. It led him into a tiny bridge crossing over a little stream. On the other side was a beautiful wooden gazebo. Over ten different flowers surrounded the place, even more enticing than the ones in his hand. The wind blew and he caught scent of a soothing fragrance. Determined to know where it came from, he crossed to the other side of the bridge and peeked into the gazebo where he could see a petite woman sitting facing the other way. Her hair flying as the wind blew.

Being polite, he knocked on the wooden pole. Startled, the woman jumped, turning to face him. His smile changed into an oval as he was mesmerized by her beauty. Managing to make it over to her without tripping, he handed her the bouquet of flowers in his hands.

"Miss Er Lin?" he questioned.

With a smile she nodded in response.

"Someone ordered these flowers for you." he informed.

Er Lin thanked him as she took it, wondering who it could be from.

"Who sent it?" Er Lin asked.

"I don't know, he called to order and said to send it here." he replied.

Er Lin frowned and handed it back to him.

"I can't take things from people I don't know." Er Lin said.

He pouted, looking from her to the flowers in his hand.

"But they match you very well." he complimented, "Just think that I'm the one giving it to you."

She stared at him with her beautiful big eyes, thinking it over.

"Okay, what is your name?" Er Lin questioned.

"I'm Lin Yanjun." he answered.

Er Lin smiled, taking the flowers from him again. Getting up to go put the flowers away, Er Lin stumbled forward, her hand gripping onto the wooden railing. A sudden pain hit her in the palm and whined, removing her hand away from the rail. Worried, Yanjun grabbed her hand to look.

"It's a splinter." Yanjun informed, "Do you have a needle?"

"Yes, it's inside." Er Lin replied, "I'll take care of it."

"No, let me." Yanjun requested.

Er Lin agreed. As he spread her fingers out, Yanjun was surprised to see the darker mark in the center of her palm. It was in the shape of a feather, just like his. Without realizing it, Yanjun spread his hand out beside hers to compare. Er Lin's eyes widened seeing how similar their birthmarks were. Their eyes met as they turned to look at each other with a question in their minds.

"Where did you get that?" they both asked in unison.

"I was born with it." Er Lin replied.

"So did I." Yanjun stated, "This must mean something."

Er Lin shrugged her shoulders. She didn't even know this man well, but something tells her that she did.

"Can I try something?" Yanjun asked.

Holding their hands up, Yanjun slowly pressed the two marks together. As they connected, a feeling of warmth and familiarity filled their minds. Unconsciously, Er Lin closed her eyes, pressing her lips onto his. When his phone rang, she quickly pulled away. Embarrassed, she ran into her house, locking the door. Yanjun left after being scolded by his boss for taking too long to deliver flowers.

The next day as Er Lin was shopping in the street, she bumped into an old lady.

“Miss, do you want your fortune told?” the old lady asked.

Er Lin thought for a bit before agreeing. She wanted to know about the flower boy from yesterday.

“Miss, you have met your lover from your past life, he has the same mark that you have.” The old lady informed.

Er Lin was shocked that the lady knew of her mark when all the lady did was look at her face.

“How…” Er Lin asked.

“You both have committed a big sin that will stay with you throughout all of your lifetimes.” The lady said, “If you fall in love, it will be an Imperfect Love with only a sad ending.”

Er Lin frowned. Is this lady even reliable?

“You want proof.” The lady said as if she could read Er Lin’s mind, “Look into my eyes.”

Deciding that there was nothing to lose anyway, Er Lin leaned in closer, staring directly into the old lady’s eyes. There was a slight glow before she felt like she was being pulled in. The images she saw brought tear to her eyes. Her heart cried and before she knew it, she was back to reality again. Her cheeks were wet from crying. With everything she saw, there was no way she could deny it. She realized how much she loved him.

“There’s no way for us then?” Er Lin asked.

The old lady nodded.

“The outcome is either you die, or your lover dies.” The lady informed, “the best decision is to stay away from him.”

Without another word, Er Lin left, heading back home. On her way home, she ran into him. Yanjun had been thinking all night long and he wanted her to be his.

“Er Lin.” Yanjun said as she walked by him, pretending to not see him.

When she didn’t turn around her ran to her.

“I know this is very sudden, but will you go out with me?” Yanjun asked.

“I don’t feel anything for you.” Er Lin replied.

Yanjun shook his head in denial.

“If you don’t feel anything, why did you kiss me?” Yanjun questioned.

Er Lin thought back to what she saw earlier. She looked at him. Does he even know.

“Yanjun, there’s more about us that you don’t know.” Said Er Lin, “I don’t want to feel anything for you.”

“That means that you feel something for me.” Yanjun replied, “But what do you mean more about us?”

“We were lovers in our past life and that’s why we both have the same mark on our palms.” She explained.

“How did you know that?” Yanjun questioned.

“The fortune teller told me.” Er Lin answered.

“You like me so much you even had our fortune told?” Yanjun commented with a grin.

“Listen to me, if we fall in love, it will be an imperfect love that’ll only result in a sad ending.” Er Lin informed.

“I don’t believe in things like that.” Yanjun argued.

But to deny it was like lying to himself. He had experienced that familiar feeling himself just the day before.

“Even if it’s true, why don’t we take a chance and fight our fate.” Yanjun suggested, “Don’t let it control us.”

Yanjun held her hand in his. She looked up at him and seeing the hope in his eyes. Sighing, she gave in to him.

“I can’t deny the attraction I feel when I’m with you,” Er Lin admitted, “I’m willing to fight if you are.”

Happy, he pulled her into his arms. Just as she wrapped her arms around his waist, the screech of tires could be heard. Her eyes widened, seeing a car coming toward them from behind him.

“Yanjun!” Er Lin shouted, pushing him away.

She was hit by the car, getting thrown a few feet back. Yanjun fell to the ground, turning to back to find her lying on the ground covered in blood. He couldn’t believe it; they had just accepted to fight their fate, and this was the result. Crying his heart out, he crawled over to her, pulling it into his arms.

“Er Lin?’ Yanjun cried.

“Yanjun…” she replied with a weak voice, “remember me at this moment. This is what our destiny is, we can’t be together.”

His quiet whimpers became sobs as he held her tight in his arms.

“Why, Er Lin?” Yanjun questioned, “Why is fate so cruel?”

Just then, the same car that hit her stopped in front of him. A man stepped out of the driver’s seat with a half-eaten doughnut in his hand.

“What took you so long to confess to each other?” he asked.

Yanjun’s eyes widened when he recognized that voice.

“It’s you, you’re the one who ordered the flowers yesterday.” Yanjun recalled.

The man smiled.

“I’m Azorachin, remember that old friend.” He introduced himself, “But you said you don’t remember, what a shame.”

Azorachin walked over to Yanjun, pulling him up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you remember.” Said Azorachin.

With those words, he opened his mouth to reveal his sharp canine teeth to Yanjun before placing it onto Yanjun’s left shoulder, biting down ever so slowly. The sheering pain spreading through Yanjun’s body. Yanjun used all the strength he had to break free and ran.


Devil's Angel - Chapter 3: Get Out of My Head:
Placing her notebook on top of the stack of books on her desk, she sat down. The window was open for cool air to get in as she rubbed her head. What happened earlier replayed in her head. Just as she thought about it, her shoulder began hurting.

"What did I get myself into?" she questioned.

Feeling dizzy, she decided to go to sleep. As soon as she lied down, she fell asleep. Her body burned beginning from the cut on her shoulder. She twists and turned until her bed broke. When the loud thump of the bed falling onto the wooden floor, she finally sat up. Her body was covered in sweat.

A sudden bang at the window startled her. Running to the window, she could see a man running down the street. She knew it was him, she could feel it. Throwing on her jacket, she ran out the door after him.

"Stop!" she could hear his voice shout, "Get out of my Head!"

She stopped in her tracks. She was scared when she realized that his voice did not come from anywhere around her, but from her head. She could hear his voice in her head.

"No." she said in a whisper, "Why is it like this?"

Yanjun, who had been rubbing his head to get her out, lifted his head up instantly when he realized what he had done. It wasn't that she was the person he loved, but he had done something worse despite him trying to stop himself.

"Yanjun, I need to talk to you." he could hear her thoughts.

Giving in, he stepped out from around the corner. She felt relieved when she saw him.

"I'm sorry." Yanjun apologized, staring to the ground with guilt "I tried to stop myself."

"What are you?" she questioned, "What did you do to me?"

"I'm a turned half Nephilim half werewolf." Yanjun replied, "And I think I might have turned you."

She looked at him in despair, remembering the cut on her shoulder.

"I didn't think such a tiny cut would be able to imprint and turn you." Yanjun said.

"It was my fault." she said to comfort him.

Just then a man ran by. His scent caught her attention. She could smell his blood, making her stomach grumble. Her eyes flashed dark black, she stood up to go after him. Yanjun pulled her back down. She struggled to break free.

"Shh, calm down, Eve." Yanjun warned.

Hearing the name from his lips, she calmed down and turned to face him.

"Eve?" she questioned, "I'm En Xia"

Her head began to spin as the name brought back some memories. But the memories were not hers? Yanjun sat her down onto the curb of the sidewalk and laid her head on his lap.

"Evan?" she called out.

"I'm right here." Yanjun replied, gently combing his fingers through her hair.

She opened her eyes from his touch and could see the tears in his eyes. She sat up beside him.

"Why?" she asked.

"You're having flashbacks." Yanjun explained, "Once you turn Nephilim you will slowly regain memories from your past lives, and when you turn werewolf, it will be hard for you to control your hunger, especially for human flesh."

She gulped.

"I'm hungry for human flesh?" she questioned in disgust.

"That's why you were going after the man earlier." Yanjun informed, "I held in the hunger for over twenty years until a year ago."

She raised her eyebrows at him.

"Last year, I got so hungry that I lost control and attacked a man." Yanjun explained in regret, "He wasn't all that innocent though, but that was why the three men from earlier were trying to kill me."

"And you were going to let them?" she asked.

He turned away to hide his wavering eyes and answered with a nod.

"I couldn't stand living like that any longer, I wanted to die." Yanjun replied, "Until I saw you."

"You and I, there is something deeper than this." She stated, "I can sense it."

Yanjun nodded, pulling her into his arms.

"I love you; it doesn't matter if you're Eve, Evelyn, Er Ni, or En Xia." he confessed.

She could feel his sincerity and his love and pain with her heart. She held onto him tight.

"I love you too." she replied.

Leaning her head onto his shoulder, she closed her eyes to rest from the exhaustion of the transformation. Seeing that she was asleep, Yanjun carried her to her home and up to her bedroom. Laying down onto the broken bed, he wrapped his arms around her. He knew she needed comforting the most at this moment. It was something didn't have when he went through the same thing. But she had him now, and she will always have him. He made sure she knew through his mind and her tense body calmed down.


Devil's Angel - Chapter 4: After the Beginning: You

She set her cup down when her father didn't pay attention and ducked out of the ballroom through the pillars. Walking down the path, lit up by faeries, she came to the Forbidden Garden of Heaven. It was the only place her father wouldn't think she'd dare go. She's had enough of her father's many setup angels to court her. This time she was going to resist.

The number of faeries grew smaller the closer she got to the Garden, until there was nothing but darkness and the glow of the moonlight. Stopping to sit down on a bench, a sudden gush of wind hit her. Curious as to what caused it, she turned her head to the entrance of the Garden. There stood a dark shadow, wing's spread. But she could only see his back. In the moonlight, she could clearly see feathers falling off those broken wings to the ground.

Despite being broken, but the angel in front of her somehow seemed beautiful and mysterious to her. Unable to control herself, she began making her way toward him, one step at a time. Before she could reach him, another angel came out from the bushes.

"Evan, he isn't at his fullest now, it's the best time to do what you needed to do." the angel said.

She heard Evan chuckle.

"How about his daughter?" Evan questioned.

"She's nowhere to be found." the angel replied.

She gasped when she realized who they were talking about. The dark Angel nodded his head.

"You may leave now Azorachin." Evan said.

With a nod, Azorachin left the Garden. About to leave, she was surprised when she turned around to find Evan in front of her, staring her down. He looked surprised.

"You." Evan said.

She stumbled back in caution.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she questioned.

He backed her up until she stood in the middle of the Garden where the moonlight shined onto like a spotlight. Only then did she recognize his face.

"Evan?" she questioned, recalling where she had seen him before, "You're the devil!"

Evan raised his eyes off the ground to stare directly into her eyes, his eyes glowing a deep black. The corners of his lips rising to form a smile.

"That's what most call me, but in reality, I'm just a fallen angel." Evan replied.

"What are you doing here in Heaven, you were kicked out." she questioned.

Within a second, he had her in his hands their faces an inch apart.

"Don't do anything to me, I'm an angel, I can hurt you." she threatened him to protect herself.

"You could, but you wouldn't dare." Evan stated, "You'll get in trouble too, now that you have entered the Forbidden Garden."

"My father will kill you." she said.

"He's done more than that to me." Evan stated, "God isn't as great as you think he is, little girl."

Her eyes wavered in confusion.

"What do you mean, my father is the best man there ever will be." she protested.

"Is that why he kicked an orphan who he couldn't control out of heaven?" Evan questioned.

She shook her head in denial. Her father would never do that.

"You're lying." she argued.

"I'm not, and that's not all." Evan replied, "You are mine."

With those words, he pulled her closer, tighter, smiling down at her. Her eyes fell onto his lips and his dimples. His skin was glowing. Her heart began to race when she remembered him calling her his. He smiled, hearing her heartbeat as loud as thunder.

"That was your heart telling you what I say is true." Evan said, "You feel the same way as I do."

She shook her head in protest and pushed him away.

"I don't feel anything for you, and you can't feel anything for me!" she shouted, deceiving her own beating heart.

"Do you think the devil doesn't have feelings?" Evan asked.

She could see the hurt in his eyes, but she needed to be strong.

"He doesn't." She replied.

"Do you think he fell for nothing?" Evan questioned, "Of course he has feelings, that's what caused him to fall from heaven."

"I don't believe you." she answered.

"Do you want to know how the devil fell?" Evan asked.

She turned to the ground in thought. She couldn't deny that there was always something about her father that felt wrong to her. But this was the Devil who was speaking to her. The one who tricked Eve into eating the forbidden Apple in this exact Garden. Gathering up her courage to fight back, she raised her eyes to look him in the face. The only thing she could see was the questioning and pain in his eyes. Somehow, she wanted to know what he could be so sad about.

"You'll see." Yanjun replied, leaning in closer, "Look into my eyes."

She was startled, it was as if he could read her mind. She froze in place, staring into his eyes. It felt like forever until finally she stumbled back, blinking her eyes. He held onto her and sat her down onto the bench for her to calm down first.

"You're lying, it's not." She mumbled, trying to convince herself.

Grabbing onto her shoulder, he made her face him.

"It's you." Evan stated, "You're Eve."

She only managed to push him away and back away when the sound of marching came their way. Evan's eyes widened in horror.

"No, it's happening again!" Evan exclaimed, "you have to leave with me, now!"

She pushed his hand away as he tried to reach for her. At the same time, Evan was thrown onto the ground, just like in the vision she had. Two soldiers held him down. It was happening again. She turned to the entrance where her father stood, glaring.

"I thought I told you to never come here." said her father.

"I..." she hesitated.

Just then Azorachin, the angel from earlier was brought in by two other soldiers. He looked at Evan apologetically before he too was forced to the ground.

"Dad, I don't know who they are, I was just taking a walk." she stated.

Heading over to her father's side.

"I can never change your evil ways no matter how much I fix you!" her father shouted, pushing her away.

Her eyes widened in surprise. How could this be? She cried as one more soldier came in and grabbed her.

"This time your punishment will be even greater." said her father, "Send all three of them down to live life as a powerless human, see how much they can love each other."

"But, father, I didn't do anything wrong!" she called after her father as he walked away.

All three of them were taken to the Lake of Earth. Azorachin was pushed in first. Evan shouted in pain, having to see his best friend go. Next was her. Evan struggled to break free.

"Wait!" Evan shouted.

The soldier holding her down stopped. She turned to look at him. There was so much pain in his eyes and his eyes were red from crying.

"How many times do I have to see the person I love most, die in front of me?" He cried in a whisper.

Seeing the love in his eyes, her heart ached, her tears began to fall too. She recalled the vision she had. If this was all happening, then what he told her must be true.

"Evan, I love you." she cried.


She nodded at him before the soldier pushed her into the lake. He tried to grab her but was pulled back by the three soldiers. His feathers falling due to the struggle and before she completely fell in, one fell into her palm. Crying his heart out, Evan broke free and jumped into the lake after her.


Devil's Angel - Chapter 5: Over You:

After a week of staying together, En Xia finally adjusted to the transformation and could control her hunger better. To celebrate, Yanjun promised to take her out on a date. For the first time in forever, he had the brightest smile on his face. Yanjun was forced to wait outside as she dressed because she wanted to surprise him. But it was of no use anyway because he could see what she was going to wear in his mind. She was beautiful and when she finally came out in that white lace shoulder strap night gown, his pupils grew bigger in awe. She was even more beautiful than the image he had seen. Her smile as bright as daylight, she held onto his arm as they head to the restaurant.

"Two fully cooked steaks and a chicken salad," Yanjun ordered, "and two cups of Sweet Poets Leap Riesling white wine please."

With a nod, the waiter left. En Xia stared at Yanjun with an admiring smile.

"I love when you take charge like that." she said, "But I don't drink."

"I know." Yanjun replied, leaning in closer with hearts in his eyes.

She giggled and pinched his cheeks before pulling away. He pretended to be mad, but he loved that she was playful. All his worries disappeared when he's with her. Without having to speak words, love is in the air.

The wine arrived before the food and Yanjun lifted his glass to teach her.

"First look at the color." he informed, showing her as he swirled the cup in his hand, staring at it, "Then, smell it, what does it smell like?"

She did as he told her. Closing her eyes, she sniffed, getting a strong fragrance.

"I get a strong floral and fruit fragrance, almost like peaches." En Xia explained.

"Now take a small sip and let the taste spread in your mouth." Yanjun said with a nod.

"It's so sweet." she said, her eyes sparkling as if she found something she liked.

"I did order the sweet kind for us." Yanjun stated, once again leaning in closer and winked at her, "Now drink, and don't get drunk."

"Is that a dare?" En Xia replied with a mischievous smirk.

Yanjun only raised his eyebrows in response and continued to drink his.

After gulping the whole thing down, En Xia put the cup onto the table with a clank. Yanjun watched as she smiled drunkenly at him. She surely wasn't a drinker. Just then she sniffed as the scent of blood caught her attention. Yanjun could smell it too. En Xia turned her head to find a man walking by with a nosebleed. Her instinct kicked in right away and as her eyes flashed a dark black, she stood up, following the man to the restroom. Yanjun followed behind and before she could do anything she was going to regret, Yanjun pushed her into the ladies room.

"Let go!" she shouted.

"Calm down." he said to her calmly, "Control yourself."

She fought and pushed as Yanjun hugged her tightly. Thinking of a way to calm her down, he pinned her against the door, forcing his lips onto hers. He kissed her roughly until she ran out of breath. Until she ran out of hunger. The darkness in her eyes changed to a different kind of darkness. He used his mind to warn her to calm down, to remind her that he was there for her. The hunger from earlier changed into a different kind of hunger. She began to kiss him back, her hands already reaching into the front of his pants to pull them down.

Yanjun was quite surprised at how needy she got when he originally only wanted to calm her down. The images of what she wanted to do to him flashed into his head and Yanjun chuckled, getting turned on. Lifting her dress up, he gripped onto her thighs and lifted her up, sitting her onto the sink counter. Sliding the straps off her shoulder, he placed soft kisses onto her sensitive skin, making her shiver. He slipped his hand deeper under her dress to touch her most sensitive spot and a moan left her lips.

The load moan startling even herself and she opened her eyes, coming back to reality. She gasped, pushing Yanjun away and straightened herself. Her eyes wavered as she looked up to Yanjun, blushing. Yanjun smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"Yanjun, we're in a public restroom." she reminded him, "and it's the girls restroom too."

"I know." he replied, "But when the needs come, it's hard to stop yourself."

"Why didn't you stop me?" she asked.

"Because I wanted it too." Yanjun admitted, smiling sheepishly, "you know it's been forty-five years and I'm still a virgin."

"You're kidding." En Xia said in disbelief.

"Does it look like I’m kidding?" Yanjun questioned.

She looked up to him, but she already knew he was telling the truth.

"Who told you to wait forty-five years?" En Xia asked jokingly.

"There's only one person I want, and she happened to come when I'm forty-five years old." Yanjun replied, "Anyway, now that you're back to reality and not needy anymore, let’s go out to eat."

"Are you sure, you're not full already?" she joked.

"That meal, I only finished halfway." Yanjun replied, "If you want me to be full, let's continue."

He leaned down, pressing his forehead to hers. She blushed even harder.

"That meal, we can have later at home." En Xia answered, "You go out first, I need to use the restroom."

"Okay, but hurry, I'm very hungry." Yanjun agreed.

With a nod, Yanjun headed back to the table. En Xia turned on the water, washing her burning face to calm herself down. When she finally felt ready, she stepped out of the restroom. In front of her stood three men. Her eyes widened in fear when she recognized them. The three men who tried to kill Yanjun.

Feeling a sudden rush of fear, Yanjun stood up, alert. It wasn’t coming from him and it could only mean one thing. Running out the door, he threw his wallet back at the waiter who tried to stop him. Entering the restroom, En Xia was nowhere in sight. Closing his eyes, he tried to see where she was, but everything was just darkness.

"Evan, help me!" he heard her voice call.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"I don't know, the three men..." she replied.

His heart dropped hearing those words. He didn't want to lose her again, not like this. Not because of his wrong doing again. Running out of the restaurant, he looked from left to right to see if they would be anywhere near. From inside his head, he could feel the anger En Xia was feeling. He tried to tell her to calm down once again. Running forward, Yanjun halted in his tracks when a familiar car pulled up in front of him, blocking his way.

"Hello again, my old friend." Azorachin stepped out of the car, "I've waited two decades for this day to come again."

Yanjun backed away in horror as the day twenty years ago replayed in his head. All the fear he had kept inside his whole forty-five years of living came rushing back. He fell to the ground.

"Evan!" En Xia called out to him.

Yanjun turned his head to see En Xia running toward him, she was covered in blood. He could see the fear and guilt in her eyes. Right away he knew what happened. He felt pained to be the cause of her being like this. Azorachin turned his attention to En Xia as well and looked at her with disgust.

"Ah, I see Eve has gotten her memories back," he said before turning back to Yanjun, "I thought you knew better than to get her involved once again, Evan, you know it'll all end the same."

Yanjun shook his head. How could he not know when it was engraved in his mind, the last words Er Lin warned him about. The image of her dying in his arms were still in his mind as if it was yesterday. If it was going to be the same, then he will change their destiny. Forcing his feelings back in, Yanjun stood up to protest.

"Not this time." Yanjun argued, "This time it's different because this time, I do not love her."

En Xia stared at Yanjun, bewildered by his words. She ran to him.

"But you said..." En Xia looked to Yanjun with sadness in her eyes.

"Don't you get it, I got over you a long time ago," Yanjun scowled at her, "I don't love you; you shouldn't love me."

"Why?" En Xia's tears fell.

Yanjun tried his hardest to block her from reading his true feelings.

"We weren't destined to be together so it will only end the same way every time." Yanjun explained.

Azorachin laughed, his voice like a beautiful melody. Yet he himself was as dangerous as a bomb about to go off any second.

"That is why I'm here to tear you apart." Azorachin butted in, "this was my punishment for siding with the devil."

For a few seconds, Azorachin's emotions kicked in when seeing Evan and Eve's love for each other.

"I was raised up to not feel anything although being a Nephilim meant all my memories were intact. It was the reason anger grew in my heart when I realized I was the only one to remember that incident. " Azorachin looked at them both, asking for pity, "You two die and get reborn again, having no memory of each other until you fall in love, but I was the only one who really suffered!"

A single tear slid down his cheek before he held himself back again. Yanjun couldn't hold back his tears, finally understanding Azorachin's pain.

"It was my sins that caused all our pains, let me be the one to take the punishment," Yanjun knelt to the ground, "Let her go."

"How touching, Evan" Azorachin clapped, smiling, "But the damage had been done, but seeing that you were once my friend, I'll let you suffer less and kill you first this time."

"No Azorachin, I'll still suffer knowing that Eve is going to die anyway," Yanjun argued, "Just let her go."

"No, Let Yanjun go, he doesn't love me" En Xia stood in front of Yanjun to block him from Azorachin, "Kill me, I'm the one who loves him."

"If you love me, then let me go." Yanjun got up, pushing her behind him, glaring at her.

"Enough!" Azorachin became dizzy with all the arguing and love confessions.

Grabbing his Gold and Silver sword, Azorachin slashed out. A blinding light flashed before their eyes. Everything fell silent as time stopped. Yanjun fell to the ground as En Xia's weight held onto him. He opened his eyes to see En Xia lying in his arms. She groaned as the burn of the blade ate at her. Yanjun shook her as he shouted her name.

"I love you forever and always." She whispered, but no sound came out.

Silently sobbing, he pulled her into his arms, holding her tight. Laying a kiss onto her head, he pressed his forehead onto hers gently as the tears he cried formed a river.
In front of him, Azorachin stood, watching, his heart aching as well. Once again, he had to watch his best friend witness the death of his lover. Dropping down to his knees, Azorachin cried along with Yanjun, throwing away all things he learned. His job was done. This was the last time he will be ordered to murder her. Once her third reincarnation is over, everything is over.

"Evan." Azorachin placed his hand on Yanjun's shoulder.

Yanjun raised his head to look at his best friend. Yanjun was angry, not at Azorachin, but at himself. He should be angry at his best friend, but he couldn't bring himself to because everything was his fault.

"I'm sorry." Azorachin apologized.

"I forgive you." Yanjun turned back to En Xia.

"I have a favor to ask of you." Azorachin said, "please end my pain."

Yanjun turned to Azorachin again. More sobs came out, louder this time when he saw the despair, guilt, and regret on Azorachin's face. Having to suffer all his lifetime, Yanjun agreed it was time to help Azorachin end his suffering. Without another word, Yanjun laid En Xia's lifeless body onto the ground and stood up, grabbing the sword.

"I was the one who started this, I will be the one to end this." Yanjun stared into Azorachin's eyes with sincerity, "Let me be the only one to suffer in the end."

Exchanging their last friendly smiles, Yanjun raised the sword, slaying Azorachin across the chest. He fell to the ground with a thump.

"Thank you." Azorachin closed his eyes as he faded away.

Throwing the sword onto the ground, Yanjun went back to En Xia's side. He only managed to hug her for the last time before her body faded away to nothing.
Everything went back to normal. He was back outside of the restaurant where Azorachin had stopped him. He was alone on the ground, covered in blood.

"It went just the way you wanted; you must be happy." Yanjun brought himself to his feet, staring up at the sky, "I was wrong to have fallen in love, that is the only sin I have made."

Nobody knew what he experienced. All that is left is him and only him alone in this world. Wiping his tears, he decided to be strong. He must live the rest of his forever without her.


Devil's Angel - Chapter 6: The Beginning: Evan and Eve
"Was I wrong to have fallen in love with you?" Evan asked as a tear fell from the corner of his eyes.

"No, I was wrong to fall for you, Evan." Eve replied, "God created me to pair with Adam, not you."

Evan grabbed Eve's arm, pulling her close to him.

"Why does it have to be that way?" Evan questioned.

"It was destined to be, Evan." Eve replied, pulling away.

"It's because god has brainwashed you into believing it." Evan argued, "Because I'm a threat to him, even though now I may be an orphan, but I am the only true heir of the Heavens."

Eve shook her head to stop him from saying anything else.

"God killed my parents and took me in as a prisoner, and now he forbids me to love you." Evan said, "and you want to do what he wants?"

"He created me." Eve stated.

"Fine, if you can give me a child to remember you by, it and I will get out of your life." Said Evan.

Eve looked up to him in sadness.

"I can't have children, you know that." Eve replied.

"That's because god forbids you to." Evan stated, "But there is a way, if you are willing."

"Evan, I am willing, I love you, I'll do anything." Eve agreed, "even if I don't get to be with you, at least a part of us will be together forever."

Evan smiled sadly and pressed his lips onto hers.

"Eve, the forbidden apple, eat it." Evan said, "It's the only way you and I can conceive a child together."

Eve looked up at him with fear in her eyes. She had never disobeyed God before.

"But..." Eve began to say.

"Do you love me?" Evan questioned.

Nodding her head, Eve took in a deep breath before making her way into the long grass of the Forbidden Garden, her eyes on the single apple on the tree. Plucking it from the tree, she took a bite before dropping the rest onto the ground. Her body began to glow a bright golden light. Evan's eyes widened, mesmerized as Eve walked into his arms. Without any other words, he laid her down onto the bench taking her lips with his own. For the first time, she felt him fully inside her. For the first time they felt truly loved as they moved as one.

When the deed was done, they lie together in each other's arms, his large wings covering them like a blanket. No words were said as they knew what they had done was against the rules of God. Yet they loved each other truly and there was no way to stop how they felt. Suddenly they could hear marching from the entrance of the Garden. Quickly getting up to run, they managed to only take a few steps before Evan was thrown hard onto the ground. Eve was pulled back by Adam who was angry at the sight he had seen. Evan's wings smashed into the ground became shattered, feathers flew all around them. Two soldiers held him down in place.

"How dare you!" God's voice could be heard.

Both Evan and Eve turned their heads toward the entrance where god stood with his hands behind him as he glared at them.

"You have done the worst crime you could ever cause all for this devil?!" God yelled at Eve.

Eve shook her head and got up on her knees when her stomach began to hurt. Covering them, she shouted in pain, falling back to the ground. The movement in her stomach could clearly be seen. Everyone's eyes widened in horror.

"This can't happen!" God exclaimed, "We need to get rid of it before it causes any trouble to Heaven!"

God motioned for the soldier to get rid of it. Evan shook his head. He knew that it was the child of himself and Eve.

"No!" Evan shouted, breaking from their grip.

Before he could reach her, the soldier had already stabbed his sword through her stomach, killing the child inside her stomach. Evan fell to his knees.

"Eve..." Evan said in a whisper as her breath stopped right in front of him.

Clasping his hands into fists, Evan lunged toward god.

"You murdered my parents and now my wife and baby!" Evan shouted, "You orphaned me two times in my life, I won't forgive you!!!"

With a raise of God's arm, Evan's legs gave out under him and he fell to the ground, lying flat on his back. God bent down in front of him.

"You little devil, Eve was my creation, you ruined her." God said, "You deserve to go to hell!"

God stood up before snapping his fingers, causing Evan's wings to spread out wide as he was forced through the ground. Evan screamed in pain as the force cracked his wings even more and he fell through into the darkness of Hell. Sitting up in pain, covered in blood, Evan let his tears fall. His body was broken, but what hurt more than his physical pain was his broken heart. With only Eve's elegant image in his head.

The End

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