Did I do the right thing? Or was I out of line?


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I have a best friend is a diabetic. She sent me a message asking me for advice on what to do because she just checked her blood sugar on 3 meters and her blood sugar ranged from 724-756. For those who aren't familiar with blood sugar and diabetes. The Average blood sugar is between 70-125, and for a diabetic may be a little higher. There is medical research that says anything above 140 can start to damage your blood vessel. Anyhow, I told her to go to the emergency room ASAP because this is very life threatening and she could possibly slip into coma. She told me that her husband said to try and sleep it off first because he didn't want to go through the trouble of taking her to the hospital so late at night, and pay the insurance co-pay. 
As a concerned friend well she is my BEST friend, I called the hospital and explained to them her blood sugar issue I contacted her sister, and her sister also called the hospital. Her sister eventually told them she wants the ambulance at her sister's house. They agreed she needed to go to the ER asap. They dispatched an ambulance and when they finally got to the hospital, the husband had the nerves to message me on facebook telling me that I will have to pay their 400 dollar co-pay+ any ambulance charges. I was so shocked and appalled, his wife is 2 months pregnant! High blood sugar like that could be fatal for their developing baby and not to mention her. The guy spent 500 dollars on dinner the previous night on his close friends and she wasn't even invited along with them, yet he bitches about spending 400 on saving his wife's life? 
Some of our other friends are telling me I was out of line for contacting her sister and having her sister contact the ambulance. Her sister would have went and took her herself, but she lives in a different state. I don't really care if I were out of line or not, but if you know someone's life is in danger especially someone you love like a sister and has been your best friend for longer than he has even known her then you save them if you can right?
Sorry to vent personally but I just needed some outside opinion from people who don't know either the husband or my friend personally or me personally. Basically a neutral opinion.


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I think and feel that you did the right thing.  I, myself, would have done the exact same thing if I was in your position.  I know everything is expensive but when a life is on the line, it's on the line.  Sure it's costly to go to the hospital let alone with an ambulance.  Even though money is used up for that, at least there is a sense of security that things can turn out well or for the best. 
Even though him and his friends are being rude toward you, just know that with your action, you saved two precious lives that could've left this world.  They only see the small picture and not the actual big picture.


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You did the right thing whether he likes it or not. You are not just doing it for your best friend but you are doing it for the baby that didn't have a voice. Because if something had happened to your friend or the baby, I don't think you would have forgiven yourself for that. And I don't think it's a burden you would want to go through for the rest of your life.
I rather have him say what he wants to say than to jeopardize two lives that needed someone to bud in.  Sometimes, when I do things and I felt in my heart I did the right thing, what others have to say doesn't change anything for me. When your heart is in the right place in that situation is all that matter.


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You did the right thing. Even if the situation was different and she was a stranger to you. When you know someone's life may be in danger and you could help, it should be a natural instinct to help that person. You did what was morally right. I know that blood sugar levels for pregnant women can get pretty dangerous quicker than in any other normal person.
Honestly, the husband sounds like a douchebag. I don't even need to know him personally to prove that. I don't know how your other friends think it's out of line. This woman is your best friend. Maybe they would feel differently if it were someone they actually cared for and loved. We obviously see who cares and love for this friend of yours through this situation.
Sorry if any of my opinions sound harsh.


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she doesn't have insurance ? it require by law now that everyone have to be insure if not when they do their taxes there a penalty fee . get Obama care !


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Thanks everyone for the reply, a quick update on her condition. The hospital managed to bring her levels down to normal level with an insulin drip. She managed to call me and thank me, and told me she's grateful I did what I did. When she first sent me the message she was very delirious because her sugars were to high so she couldn't fight as hard with her husband to get the help she needed. At levels that high no one could think properly so it doesn't surprise me that she wasn't able to speak more for herself. The doctor's can't say for sure how the baby is though because it is still very early in pregnancy 4 weeks =/. Gestational Sac isn't even formed yet. I'm glad she's ok, but I don't think I'll be able to be in the same room with her husband for quite awhile -.-.
sarN, they have insurance, but even with insurance emergency room visits are 400 copay. I think right now she is applying for medicaid because she qualifies in the state of Texas since she is pregnant. I think medicaid will go back and pay up to 3 months of medical expenses if she is approved for it. 


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Will she qualify for Medicaid if her husband makes enough?
I live in Texas and I have a friend that her dad was trying to apply for assistance but couldn't because he made $1 more than what he should. We are talking about $1.
Insurance is a killer though, I remembered when I was in and out the hospital for my IC. The hospital filed a claim through my insurance for like $7K for one visit. We don't have a co-payment though cause it's free. I am prone to going to the hospital. I pretty much have a yearly visit to one. I feel bad for those that does have to pay an arm or leg for medical care. I have a friend that do what she can to not go to the hospital or doctor. I think her E.R. co-payment is $350. That's just some crazy numbers no matter how you look at it.
I hope your friend has a good talk with her husband later on.


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The reason why her sugar was so abnormally high was because she had pneumonia =/, but being treated for it now and will be able to go home tomorrow morning. 
byebye, She will qualify because even if her husband has insurance and they make a bit over the limit. She is pregnant. Their insurance doesn't cover pregnancy related expenses or anything in pregnancy. In Texas if your insurance doesn't cover pregnancy care then they will give you medicaid for pregnant women and it usually covers all care while you're pregnant (at least this is what I've been told by other friends who have used it). 
I think she needs to have more than a good talk with him lol. I would be packing my bags at this point, but it is her life and decision so I'll support her no matter what. 


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YOU DID THE RIGHT THING! Although it sucks to be involved in marital affairs, this is a life threatening situation. If I was in your shoes, I would have done the same exact thing. He sounds like a total douche bag husband. As for the friends that said you were out of line, they can go to hell. (Don't mind my rant, lol)


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First, you should be proud of yourself for saving two lives.  That ass of a husband does not deserved to be a father.  If he sued you, you should counter-sues him for putting you in emotional stressful because he's an ass and selfish bastard for not taking better care of his wife that she had to get you or someone else involved.
But glad everything work out fine and well for your friend.  When you see her again, make sure you write on her forehead that "her life and the child life is more important than a mere husband ... if she ever caught in that scenarios again to call 911 and NEVER wait for her ass of a husband again". (knock on wood, hope it never happen again) :whistle:

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You did the right thing, Tina. Her husband is a douche, putting his wife and child at risk. If he wants you to pay for the copay, tell him to take you to court! Go to Judge Judy so she can tell him to go to hell and send him right back home empty handed.


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you did the right thing, and i would personally like to add those other friends who are telling you off for doing that I wouldn't consider them friends at all. I don't know them but they sound like assholes


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A blood glucose of 700 mg/dL + means your friend's blood was maple syrup, this also means the patient is a high risk pregnancy and the fetus has already been compromised, also means that they were in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), also puts them at risk for stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, loss of a limb, loss of their vision, and ultimately death. This disease (uncontrolled) is more expensive and more cumbersome than HIV/AIDs or ebola because it's a slow painful expensive death. I think they have more things to worry about than an ER bill. 
Now as far as calling the ambulance, you did what you thought was best. 
Just sayin'