Digital Photography

May I start a digitial photography thread here since photography is considered "art" and "talent"? If there is a pre-exisiting thread of the same topic, please forgive me. Lol. I did not dig through AF to find it. Ahehehe!
But! I love photography and it's something I do almost everyday when I am granted the chance. Takes only about a minute to snap a photo so I would like to share some of those here. If anyone shares the same hobby as me, feel free to share them here. :)
This is one of my little nuggets, the youngest of all and the most active of all. This photo was taken when he was just six weeks old, a week after I got him. When I saw him and held him for the first time, there was this immediate warming bond that made me smile. He's a rugrat but that's what I love about him. At just six weeks, this baby was as innocent as can be and so precious that every time I look at this photo, I break into a smile.
Chalidaluvprin said:
The puppy is so cute. I want him!!! I loved how you photograph this.
Thanks! I love photography but I don't have a good camera at all. I use my 5s a lot now and prior to this, I used a basic point and shoot Sony Cybershot. I like photographing scenes that appear natural and gentle, such as babies, warming families, puppies, nature...etc., things of that sort.