Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond)

Here I go again... Another BieNa FF, along with Bella and Mark.

FF- Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond)
Cast: Noona Neungthida, Bie Sukrit, Bella Ranee, Mark Prin

Karatkaew (Noona) is a young woman who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was a baby. She was brought by a nice but poor, childless couple who loves Karatkaew like their own daughter. One day, Karatkaew's parents are accidentally hit by a car and dies later in the hospital. By the time Karatkaew gets to the hospital, her parents had already passed. A young man named Veeran (Bie) pays for the hospital expenses and offers to pay for the funerary expenses. Karatkaew mistakens that Veeran is just a nice guy who wants to help when Veeran was actually the driver who hit and killed her parents. Veeran falls in love with Karatkaew at first sight so he decides to hide the truth. Besides Veeran, Dr. Pradon (Mark) is the only person that knows the truth. He is also the only son of the Boonvisets, Veeran's parents' best friends. However, Veeran and Dr. Pradon do not get along because Veeran is engaged to Ying Ornvicha Setsuwan (Bella), Dr. Pradon's love. Veeran has no feelings for Ying Ornvicha but she loves him wholeheartedly.
Later, Dr. Pradon offers Karatkaew a place to stay and hires her as a maid in his house because he wants to help her and keep her off the poor streets. He quickly falls for her but Karatkaew only has one person in her heart, and that is Veeran, the supposed savior of her life that she thinks she is forever indebted to. Veeran, on the other hand, pays frequent visits to Karatkaew, hoping that he would win her heart. But, he can't hide the truth forever. They both begin to fall for each other, leaving Ying Ornvicha hopeless and heartbroken.
How do you think Karatkaew will react when she finds out that the man she loves was her parents' killer?