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GUYS, I feel so DUMB for not knowing this! If anyone here knows who she is. Well she is the Actress from "DEEWANAA"-with Rishi Kapoor and SRK. I just found this out last week while reading a thread at TB...I can't believe she died! I use to admire her alot so it was a shock to me! No wonder I was thinking how come she has no more releases but I just thought maybe she got married and quit! Then when I found out I was so so so SAD! She was so GEORGOUS and she died at age 19 at the peak of her rising career. Some believe she could of done better than MADHURI! SO sad man!
Heres more on it!

Divya Bharti made her acting debut at the age of 16 in a Telugu film called Bobbili Raja (1990) which starred Venkatesh. This movie was dubbed in Hindi as Rampur Ka Raja. Then she starred in three more Telegu films Dharma Kshetram, Tholi Mudhu and Rowdy Alludu which featured Telegu superstars Prashanth and Chiranjeevi respectively.

She made her Hindi film debut in the 1992 film Vishwatma. The film did not do well at the box office but got her noticed for the song used in the film Saat Samundar which was popular at the time. 1992 saw more of her Hindi films being released including Deewana, Dil Aashna Hai, Shola Aur Shabnam etc. Some of these films were hits and some flopped but her fanbase grew and she was the leading actress of 1992 having received the Filmfare Lux New Face Award that same year.

She secretly married Bollywood film producer Sajid Nadiadwala in May 1992 but kept the marriage a secret due to family problems and also to safeguard her movie career. After marriage she converted into Islam with her new name being Sana Nadiadwala.

[edit] Death
On April 5, 1993, she fell to her death off a 5-storey apartment building in Mumbai tragically ending a potentially successful career. The circumstances behind her death were considered suspicious by the media; however, despite an investigation, police found no evidence that her death was murder. To this day her death remains a mystery. Some sources believe she accidentally fell off and some say she was drunk and this caused her to fall.

About 500 people attended the funeral of the then youngest heroine of the silver screen, including Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Raj Babbar, Yash Chopra, Jimmy Nirula, Sudhakar Bokade, Mukesh Duggal, Raza Murad, Vikas Anand, Venkatesh, Ram Mohan, Javed Khan, Raj Kanwar, Nitin Manmohan and Pehlaj Nehlani, maker of her first hit, Shola aur Shabnam.[1]

A large number of film personalities, including Hema Malini, Karisma Kapoor, Sangeeta Bijlani, Sridevi, Manisha Koirala and Asha Parekh, offered condolences to the bereaved family members at their residence.

Her two final films Rang and Shatranj were released after her death and dedicated to her memory. Her husband Sajid Nadiadwala continues to dedicate all his produced films in her memory to this day.

In her short career which lasted nearly two years in the Hindi Film Industry, she acted in a staggering 13 films.
She was meant to do movies including Mohra, Laadla and Vijaypath before her untimely death.
She was first discovered by Kirti Kumar, brother of actor Govinda in 1988 and was considered for a role in the film Radha Ka Sangam opposite Govinda but was turned down. She later went on to star with Govinda in the hit film Shola Aur Shabnam in 1992 and the less successful Jaan Se Pyara the same year.[2]
She is said to have beared some resemblance to top Bollywood legend Sridevi Kapoor as well as South Indian actress Rambha.



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Yeah...I heard this when I was in high school and still couldn't believe til this day...how sad...she was so young and had so much potential...I want to investigate her case further...if I was living in India, I would do just that cause I absolutely adore her!


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hahaha...i heard this when i was in elementary. my mom and all my aunt's were indian movie freaks so they knew everything that happened during that time. she commited suicide...sad...


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i know i adore her too..so sad that she die so young..i remember watching one of her husband's film or maybe a different one..but i did recall somebody dedicate the film to his lovely wife - divya....the film start Karisma kapoor dancing onstage..dont' quite remember....and yeah..trully believe that if she's still alive..she'll be one great bollywood queen too..she does resemblance Sridevi .. .. these two are just jaw dropping gorgeous..love their eyes..anyone have any more info on neelam too..havent' heard much on her part too..all these elder actress is fading away too..


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same hea. heard it long ago when i was in middle school. but the story i heard is that some guys try to rape her so she ran and end up ontop of some buildings. that's where she commit suicide.


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omg ur not the only one...gosh i saw her in a few films too...gosh so tragic how she was so young...and died so tragically...dang 1993?? i think i was like only 5...but dang...i agree she couldve been a bollywood queen....sad..


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I love her movie she starred with Shahruhn Khan while back. The movie story line went like this. She was married; however, her husband was rich so his uncle did not like her husband and the uncle tried to kill her husband. It seem like her husband fall down a cliff of waterfall after. The bad guys kick her and her mother-in-law out. They did not have money so they went to rent a house in the poor neighborhood. Shahruhn Khan saw her and he falled in love with her. At first she did not want to go out with him because she still missed her husband; however, later on her mother-in-law told her to move on. So she agreed to marry Shahruhn Khan. Later on her husband came back. What happened what that her husband did fall down the cliff; however, someone saved him. I think it was Shahruhn Khan first movie or something.


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I was watching a clip from Deewana on youtube and found a comment on her that she was murdered. I did a search on her and barely found out that she died. She's still so young.

Does anyone know where I can purchase the movie Deewana?


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Anyone know the ending to Deewana?
I saw that movie when I was a kid & I
totally forgot what happened! Thanks
in advance--


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WHAT? i didnt know she died? Wow, im superrr late about this...but i truly loved her in that movie w/ Rishi Kapoor. i think i have that movie too.