Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]


sarNie Hatchling
i started watching this lakorn because i'm a huge fan of ann's. not really interested in the whole story. hoping to see more of ann.


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is there anyone providing short summary of each episode?
I'm gonna do it on my blog fun lol this time im for serious. I already have caps for episode 1 and 2 done I'm writing in descrips right now and putting together episode 03 and 04 And after watching Episode 04 I'm officially TEAM OH and TOEY LOL omg hhahahahahahha "are you ok now? If so can I borrow 80 baht to pay the cab fare" lmaoooooooooooooooo


^^^I've been n Oh & Toey team all along, they're the only one i'm tuning in for along with Ann n Fang, even though i'm a Bie fan, but lol the second couple is just tooooooo CUTE!!!!!


sarNie Adult
Luv Fang in's HuaJaiSila again when I'm watching Bie and Fang together..LOL..Luv these two together, I hope that they will star together again as main in the next upcoming lakorn...


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Lol I've been on no teams until I saw Oh and Toey together omg heheh they are just tooo cute! LOL Team Oh and Toey all the way <3; I'm a bie fan, but I see more cuteness between Oh and Toey LOL


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Thanks Tina, I know someone is subbing it too but I prefer reading for now. I have been reading caps lately and not watching the lakorn coughloveintheshadowcough.

lol there are 3 subbers that are subbing this lakorn. there could be more ahahaha.


sarNie Granny
love the caps, bie is so hot. wiew, is so pretty. ang seems so annying, love ann n her little doggie.


sarNie Adult
*sigh* fang o fang. She is soo gorgeous in here. sucha pity that she's na'rai. I won't be watching it. but I love her!!!
i agree with you. i love how gorgeous she became. i'm watching this because i'm a big fan of her, bie, and vill. trying to keep myself loyal to fan too since i usually see her getting beat up and used. this time, it's her turn to be the bad girl. :)

but i'm hoping that the director won't be too harsh on her character because i still want her to be good somehow.