dome got dumped because of mai


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there were text msgs (including i miss you msgs) between mai and dome indicating that there might be something more going on besides just being coworkers. his gf (ex) didn't want to talk about the other person, just wanted to end there. she didn't want to talk about mai too as they've already spoken with each other personally. she said," it's not that i am pretty and can choose. it's because i choose not to get hurt again."

i'm starting to dislike mai now. she's not innocent like her and her manager portrays her to be. first of all she said she will not date until she's older then there's pictures of her kissing another actor and now this. this chick is really not a good person. she knows dome is a player yet she still wants to be played. what kind of good girl does that? she sooooo does not have qualities of a nang'ek.


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was she innocent before? I though there was leaked picture of her doing something not good before?


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no body is innocent in the industry.. that's a given fact..
just because you play n'ek/p'ek doesn't make you innocent..
and dome has always been known as a cheater and player..

and besides, those pics of mai kissing her ex or whoever it was .. was super old news..

i'll stay neutral until something comes out.. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


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Eeehhhh I think it's point less!! I mean you can feel the sexual attraction between them all we know, Mai could or could not be the third hand!!


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What bother me was that Mai's manager makes it out to seem like she is some kind of sweet and innocent angel. And Mai pretending to act all innocent. Holding onto one image is important. I mean we all have flaws but it is how we act to them that makes that good or bad image. She is claiming this and doing that.

And I just don't understand people that dates Dome. I think he is good looking but personality and reputation is somewhat a big deal. How many female daras/models/etc have he dated in the past that ends up going seperate ways. Haven't people learn? Serves him right that his girlfriend was the one to dump him. Go girl.


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Dome is good to look at but he has no attraction for as a female, i don't know why everyone going crazy over him, good looking but plain.


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latest from mai "thank you to all the fans that support me. the online talk with p'dome was really an innocent thing (borisoot jai).i will never do such a thing you can believe me." and there was a bunch of things from dome, but i don't care what he says lol. the media was talking about the dump that even his handsomeness couldn't save him haha..

anyway this chick is such a lier!! her fans that support her are probably only kids who don't know better. how are you going to tell a guy with a gf whom you are not related to whatsoever, and have just seen at work that you miss him?


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girls in general is lure by the bad boy....those who are invovle with dome knows his reputation....girls like to think they can change the man...she knows what shes getting into...good for her she broke off with for mai, i never saw her as innocent...i see her as a person who occupation is an actress...she is subject to everything we are...good and bad..


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i never fou d mai to be attractive nor acting great. but you can still be a fan despite not liking them for whatever reason. i just dont do child molesters, rapists, murderers and cheaters. for cheaters i give them second chances haha. and it depends on the level base on my view haha. as for dome, i see him as gorgeous and i like some of his songs but in no way will i ever date him. he has bad taste in women by the way lmao coughcartooncough.


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So sad how we judge people base on one or two words from the conversation. we didnt even get to read their whole message. So ur pretty, guys like you, so they have issue with their girlfriend cuz she insecure about him falling for you. so she broke up with him cuz he's message you. so it's your fault. why can she juz talke to him about the problem. How in the world people know that you want him in the first place. He's cute so you want to play around too, who would not like good looking people around them. :dance1: hehe. Pretty and Handsome people issue, ugly people like me might not :scratchhead2:


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What's the deal? If Dome and Mai want to be together let it be... :) Why are people always so quick to judge others? True or not who cares. Dome and his ex-gf they aint husband and wife, right? I would understand if they are married and living under the same roof and he goes around and cheats on her but in this case they aren't husband and wife. :dance1: