Dood Duang Prathip


sarNie Coma
airing on the 15th. its a lakorn honoring the king's sister. i think its more like a mini serie or something. too bad! i wish it was a whole lakorn

credit to joe @ tv3 and nat/wishbone for the tran


Another lakorn with Cherry. I didn't even like the last one. Why are they pairing up again? HAHA. Was their recent lakorn even a hit?


sarNie Coma
behind scene pix. credit to

yay, cherrys hair is growing. she look better with long hair



sarNie OldFart
They look so good together. Aum super hot and cute here. Wished it was a lakorn also! Cherry is so pretty, miss her. Love her long hair!


anie's bb [c] D=
i watched bits and pieces of it and saw some parts with aum and cherry building charity houses. nothing much, apart from (as all of you can tell from my signature) that aum was totally HOT in this miniseries.