Dooms Day: Dec. 21 2012


sarNie Adult
Well, i was checken out when the world was going to end on youtube, and i found these clips saying that the world was going to end on Dec. 21 2012....

It makes me tremble so much..
you all should go check it out!!
They acually have a lot of evidence about this.....

Clip 1: Click Here!
Clip 2: Click Here!
Clip 3: Click Here!
Clip 4: Click Here!
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I guess I'll be bracing myself... I've always imagine it ending with catatrophic threats from the Earth. Humans have done enough, now its time for Mother Nature to get her revenge.


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I don't know if I believe it or not cause I don't want to say it's not possible because there is a possibility, but at the same time im not going to live my life waiting for the end of the world..
Also if articles and etc could really predict that far and that much then this world wouldn't be the way it is now. It'll all be preventable ... Sure there are some prophecies and stuff but if you think about it I mean ... what valid proof says there is?

Also if things like this were preventable then why are we going through some of the crap we are today.. September 11th could have been avoidable then?

What I'm saying is that people can say that "we predicted this" and "we predicted that" how the heck would we know if they really did or didn't when we weren't there? to hear them predict it...

The people who investigates into these things are trying to hard to predict the future.. the future is suppose to remain unknown .. other wise we wouldn't be a balanced world...

Also it's not the "GODS" making all the weather changes and stuff happen it's us ourselves .. we didn't take good care of our earth global warming and etc..

I also don't want to bring god into this because it wouldn't make sense now would it? supposedly god is going to punish us? Why? I thought god "forgives" im not trying to be blasphemous or anything but it's true

Personally i think the world will last at least another 50-100 years

If you think about it and go back in time into history and think about all the so called plague ..

All the diseases and stuff comes from who? Us humans ourselves ... sanitation and etc... bleh I really dont wanna go into this..
maybe i do believe it maybe i dont but until then i'll live my life as best i can

EDIT: Also I think if everyone starts believing this they will try to change their way of life aka trying their best to make a better life for themselves in both wrong and right way ... like they say .. "you can't try to change what you predict because when you do that you're actually creating what you predicted" like if you watch some of those premonition movies ... and stuff people try so hard to change their future that has been predicted but in the end they still end up at that same place that was predicted .. because they took the turn there ..." get what im saying?

Edit: Again LOL and if you took history at all you would know the mayans were predicted to have decease or collapse due to a 200 year drought.... easy explanation they picked a bad spot to put their civilization. Also they were predicted to have been invaded .. over populated.... and so forth ... nothing inexplanable ... also .. just because everything ends at 2012 on peoples calendar doesn't mean that it's predicting the world's end... maybe it's predicting something good? who knows ..

and I found this comment on one of the videos interesting lmao and hilarious

farrukhbig said:
I bet soon someone will start a company offering safety during "doomsday", or selling different useless things, and make millions on it! I already have couple of ideas on how to make it work:)Here's one - make a small capsule out of some kind of a shiny metal, call it an "anti-doomsday" device, and sell it for thousands. I think there will be people who would buy dozens of those things:)
Edit More:

Another thought I have is people who is bringing this stuff to light is going to disturb the balance of the world .. by scaring people ... and now people are going to start doing stupid stuff because they think the world is going to end ..

Also notice that a lot of the things that they work from "this book or that has since then been lost" "there is no proof she really existed" oh gawd and you expect us to believe us?

And predicted 9/11? Our president knew 9/11 was coming ... c'mon... I wouldn't doubt there would be a civil war due to our new elections .... sorry to say but ... there are some signs


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I hear ya, Tina. I guess you can't live fearing something that might not even happen.
And for me, I'm going to live as normal.. if it does happen then.... I'm just glad I was able to experience this place called earth!


em, why are u scared of the world coming to an end when we can die in the next minute... life is unconstant. everyone must die so why be scared. just let it be...


sarNie Egg
yeah I've read several articles about year 2012 as well as articles about other end of the world prophecies. whether it'll happen or not, leave to the Almighty. God only knows.