Dork Rak Barn Lung Fon [Flowers Bloom After the Rain] (Ch 4.3)


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Kekeke.. can't wait to read :)

P.s. love the song chosen.. oh it brings back memories .. :3



NYC, New York
A raging thunderstorm suddenly shook the city that never sleeps clearing out the busy streets from people and cars.
Not a single soul was present to help a young man getting mugged by street thugs.The men made sure to strip the young man off of his expensive clothes and jewelry that he wore. One of the thugs struck another blow to the man’s head leaving him faced down unconscious in the muddy puddle. The other thug bent down to pick up a wallet and pair of keys that belong to the young man and tapped his partner to leave before anyone catches them. Minutes later, a taxi pulled over to the sidewalk. The light beams of the taxi startled the thugs so they both ran inside the stolen vehicle and sped away in the heavy rain.  “You might want to be careful because I just saw two crooks drive away in a expensive car that I know isn't theirs. Crimes in NYC are rising fast so be cautious when you walk out especially when it's this late at night.” The young lady responded, “My place is just straight up ahead so nothing could possibly happen to me. Thanks for your concern.” She opened her umbrella in the rain and got out of the taxi and shouted over the hollowing wind, “Oh yea and keep the change.” As she was approaching her apartment, there was someone lying face down in front of her staircase. The young lady immediately dropped down her umbrella on the wet street and got on her knees to turn the body over. “Excuse me. Are you okay? Hey!” Since the man didn't respond back to her, she checked his pulse to see if he was still breathing, “He’s still breathing.” She let out a sigh of relief and dialed 911 “This is Nurse Khem. I need an ambulance to come right now at this location 1774 Sheryl Z. Rd. I have an unconscious man in front of my apartment. Please hurry.”
2 Months later
Bangkok, Thailand
"If you still think of me as your mother and if you have the slightest pity on me, do me one last favor? I promise this will be the last time I'll ask you for anything." Chatchawee munched on his dinner roll completely zoned out from the conversation his mother was trying to have with him. “Wee, Weeeee!” Ms. Rattabodin twisted her son’s ear.
W: OUUU! Jeb. *Wee rubbed his splashed red left ear in irritation
M.R: Did you hear what I just said? My life is at stake
W: Again and again *He motioned his head in circles
M.R: This time I’m being serious
W: How many times do I have to hear you repeat those lines Mom? It feels like déjà vu because I could’ve sworn you said the same exact thing two days ago, NO! last week? Oh never mind, my whole life!
M.R: Mehhh don’t say it like that. You’re making me sound like I am a bad mother. Try understanding me sometimes. *Wee threw his unfinished dinner roll back inside the basket “Bok ma.”
M.R: I knew you’ll soften up. *Ms. Rattabodin sat up in her chair and cleared her throat “I kinda borrowed more money than I could ever repay back.”
W: Thao rai? *Wee clenched his teeth together anxious to hear the amount of money his mother borrowed “Sip laan.”
W: SIP LAAN? *Wee hit the table with his fist* SIP LAAN? SIP LAAN???  JA BAA ROR?
M.R: Shhhh! Wee calm down first, you’re making a scene. Everyone is staring at us.
*The people seated around Wee and Ms. Rattabodin all stared at them appalled by Wee’s loud expression.
W: Sip laan! What the hell did you use the money on? Don’t tell me you gambled it all away.
M.R: Hey, don’t swear in front of me. I AM YOUR MOTHER! *She then lowered her voice, Well, I just can't let that Neera beat me to a game of poker by showing off how filthy rich she is so I went ALL IN. And that’s where the money came in handy but who knew I was out of luck that day. Wee, I was given a bad hand so you can’t put all the blame on me. *Wee’s hand formed into a fist listening to his mother’s never ending same reason behind her troubles
W: How many more times do you need to encounter debt to realize that we don’t have that kind of money to repay your debt collectors?
M: Just help me this one last time na lue. He won’t let me off that easily because this is such a large amount of money. Khaaw ga roo naa chuay Mae na.
W: Who did you borrow the money from? *Wee glared at his mom while waiting for an answer to the question he hated the most.
Ms. Rattabodin didn’t dare to look up at her son’s face when she finally gave him an answer “Attwadyu Chattakorn.”
W: Attwadyu eek laaew ror? *The pitch of Wee's voice went up so loud his mother had to cover his mouth

M.R: Shhhh *Wee pushed his mother's hand away from his mouth
W: Didn’t I tell you to stop involving yourself with that person? How come you never listen to what I ever have to say? You want me to try to understand you? Try understanding me dee kwa.
M: I don’t know what else to do Wee. Mae ja tham ngai dee? Chuay Mae na *She clasped her hands together to plea for help
W: After all the stories you shared with me about him, you went ahead and dug yourself another hole? He can get you locked up if he wanted to.
M: That’s exactly why I need you to help me.
W: You never fail to make me go crazy Mom. What do you want me to do?
M: I thought you’ll never ask *Her face lit up after hearing those words come out of her son’s mouth*

Wee waited patiently while his mother put her thoughts together,
She cleared her throat, 
Wee, you have to go live in Baan Chattakorn as Attwadyu’s son Rarb Chattakorn." *Wee's expression became distorted after hearing what he had to do
M.R: Two months ago, Rarb went missing and Mr. Chattakorn failed countless times to find him. He won't be able to return back from abroad to fulfill his duty. The catch is, you'll have to marry in Rarb's place in order for Mr. Chattakorn to completely drop my debt. Mr. Chattakorn doesn't have that much time left to marry off Rarb and that girl so please please please do me this one last favor. 
W: So what you’re asking me to do right now isn’t a joke right? Sounds like you’ve been watching too much lakorn.*Wee stood up from his chair and threw the napkin on the table, “Mai mee taang! If you want me to throw my life away and become that monster's son, then I will tell you not once but twice, MAI MEE TAANG!
M.R: Come on Chatchawee. This shouldn't be hard to do na lue. At least we don't have to pay him back.
W: I’ll find another way to pay off your debt so don’t you ever mention this crazy zyyy…” *Wee stuttered on his word when he saw who was coming towards his table. His attention was now focused on her.
M.R: Mee arai Wee? Who are you looking at *She turned around to look at who Wee was staring at *Gasp “Maya!!”
M: I knew I wasn't seeing things. Sawatdee kha Khun Mae, Sawatdee kha P’Wee. *Wee squished his mouth and slumped back down on his chair

M.R: Come here and sit down next to me na lue.
M: Mai bpen rai kha Khun Mae. I just came by to say Hi since it has been four years that we've departed.
M.R: chai kha, it has been that long since you left us to study abroad. Khun Maya has grown up to be a very beautiful lady right Wee? *Both Maya and Mrs.
Rattabodin looked over at Wee who stuffed another dinner roll in his mouth. “I guess so,” Wee answered with a full mouth.
M.R: Ow la, show some manners and close that mouth of yours.  
M: I see you still have that habit of talking with your mouth open. *Maya giggled
M:R: Mehhh, that’s not the only thing Wee still does. He still carries the picture of you two in his wallet.
M: ror kha P’Wee?
W: Krai tham? Mae, yaak pood perjer. If we’re done here, I’m going first. *Wee stood up again to leave
Someone: Oh Maya, why are you over there? I told you our table was #24.
M: Roo laaeo kha. I bumped into an old friend *Wee let out a scoff and whispered “old friend” I came over to say hi. You can go sit down first and order my usual. Thank you kha.
Someone: Kub. Don’t take too long na
M: Kha.
Ms. Rattabodin nudged Maya, “Is that your boyfriend? Oh hoh, with a face like that, he can surely be mistaken as a pra’ek in lakorn.”
M: uhh kao bpen..
M.R: Come on, don’t be shy. You can tell me. Wee won’t mind at all. Right Wee?
M: Uhh… 

W: I’m leaving first *Wee walked pass Maya shoulder bumping her.
M.R: Don’t forget about what we discussed earlier. 
*Wee shook his head and stormed out the restaurant in disbelief about what his night has come to. He had thought his mother invited him out to dinner because she wanted to spend quality time with him, but instead he came out disappointed. His head felt like it was going to explode with the thought of his mother’s insane debt, the proposal of the solution and on top of it all, the unexpected encounter with his ex-girlfriend who left him.
M:  Khun Mae kha, what were you and P’Wee discussing earlier? Khaaw lao hai fung noi kha

NYC, New York
"Dr. Douglas, Dr. Douglas! The patient is finally awake." Khem immediately paged to inform the main doctor about the patient's state. She placed her hand on his folded hands and softly pats them , "You're going to be alright. You are under great care." The patient shuts his eyes again. Moments later, Dr. Douglas came rushing in to check the patient's heartbeat. He stared at Khem, "His heartbeat is normal." And then he looked over to the patient who slowly opens his eyes, "I am Dr. Douglas and I have been your main doctor for quite some time now. You have been in a coma for two months and I know you must be very confused right now. To make sure you are fine, I have to ask you some questions."
D.D: How many fingers am I holding up?

Patient: Five
D.D: Good! How many am I holding up now?
Patient: Nine
D.D: Okay. Now, What is your name? And what city are we in?

The patient started shaking his head when he heard these questions. He then covered his eyes with his hands, "I don't know. I really don't know." 
D.D: Take your time. Let me ask you again, What is your name? And what city are we in?

Patient: I told you I DON'T KNOW!!! *This time the patient started hitting his head with his fist. Khem tried holding him down to stop him from hitting his head
D.D: Nurse Khem, you stay here with him and let me go check his CT scans. I'll call back up
In a shaky voice, "Yes, please call for back up." *Dr. Douglas rushed out of the room to call for back up nurses
K: Please Sir, calm down first. *Khem tried holding him down even though he was much stronger than she was
Patient: Who am I? Where am I? Who am I? *He kept shouting out loud while trying to push Khem off of him
Back up nurses finally came in to help Khem, "Here, Nurse Khem, put this anesthesia mask on him so he can calm down and rest until further instructions." *Khem quickly reached over to put the mask on the patient's face. Soon, he stopped fighting against the nurses and his hands plopped down beside him.
K: You all can leave now. I'll stay here and wait for Dr. Douglas to come back with any updates about his condition. 
Nurses: Okay, we'll be leaving now *They shut the door behind them
Khem's heart raced with fear after the whole scene, "I hope nothing is wrong with you. You'll be fine. You'll be fine." Khem fixed the patient's sleeping position and looked at him as he slept peacefully. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Two weeks after hearing the absurd proposal, Chatchawee went about his days as if his mother never approached him about it. To stay out of reach, he participated in multiple motorcycle events to relieve his stress.
And whenever he did come back home, he made sure to avoid his mother. 
M.R: Wee, you're fina
lly home. 
W: I'm going out

M.R: Where are you going again? You just got home, mai chai ror?
W: I forgot something
M.R: Roo mai? You're always out of the house now
Wee grabbed his motorcycle helmet and headed out to the front porch without saying a word
M.R: Weee, Weee *Ms. Rattabodin gave up and went upstairs
Chatchawee slowed down his pace when he saw Maya walking up the steps. 
M: P’Wee!
W: Ya?
M: Chai kha, Ya eng kha.

Wee put on his helmet and walks down the step passing her “Ma tee nee tummai?” You remember a person like me still exists in this world?
M: Jam dai si kha. How could I ever forget my one and only first love, my high school sweetheart, my..
Wee stopped at his tracks when he heard her go on about their past “Yaa pood reuang gao gao eek krang. Mai yak fung.”
M: Tae wa, Ya…Ya sia dai na. If I didn’t..
W: Let me ask you again, “What brings you here?” pom reep
M: Ya mee reuang sam khan khuey gap P’Wee kha
W: Khuey arai?
M: Tee paan ma, Ya yorm rap took yahng. I continuously hurt you and I know it’s not fair to you. Ya khor thot na kha. But if you’re going to get marry because of me, yaa dee kwa kha. Ya yorm mai dai jing jing. *Maya grabbed hold of Wee’s arm*
W: Who told you that I was going to get marry? *Wee asked in a puzzle tone
M: Mae kha. Mae gaaw bok wa, P’Wee jer Phaw kaung P’Wee laaeo kha. Ya yindee na. *Maya hugged Wee by the arm while he tried sorting out his confusion in his head.
W: Phaw kaung chan?
M: Kha
*The whole conversation between Wee and his mother the other night came running back into his head answering the confusion he was in.”
M: Although I am happy to hear that you’ve finally found your father, I won’t allow you to marry that girl. Ya mong P’Wee rak poo ying kohn eun mai dai kha.
W: poo ying hen gae dtua bpaeb nee, mai chai spec kaung pom. Mai mee taang. Please leave before I lose my temper.

M: Tae P’Wee, hear me out first.
W: Chern *Wee motioned Maya off his arm
M: You and she have never met before, nae jai wa P’Wee yak dtaeng ngan gap poo ying P’Wee mai koey ruu jak meun gaawn ror kha?   
W: Pai…
M: Gaaw dai. But before I leave, I want you to know that I still love you. Don’t make such a rash decision because of me. Ya rak P’Chatchawee Rattabodin meuan derm kha. Ya pai na. La gon. *Maya walked away with a smirk on her face.. “He’ll come back to me for sure.”
W: Arai wa? *Wee swore in the air taking off his helmet. He watched as Maya drove away from his driveway. "Why did Mae have to tell her about this? Mae makes everything that much difficult. For god's sake, I won't even be Chatchawee!!! 
Don’t you ever fall for her tricks again Wee. Don’t. *Wee reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. The picture of him and Maya in high school remained in his wallet ever since the day she walked away from his life. He started to breathe heavily just thinking about all the bullshit she put him through and then without any regrets, he rips the photo up to many pieces and threw it up in the air. “Let bygones be bygones. I’ll show you that I am not the old Chatchawee you use to know.”


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Kekeke.. can't wait to read :)

P.s. love the song chosen.. oh it brings back memories .. :3
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[SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE]
Before you know it, Chatchawee found himself standing in front of Baan Chattakorn. “Wee are you crazy? You're really going to do this? 
Arghhh. Just remember this is for mom’s life. Chai, peua cheewit kaung Mae.”

W: Mae, I’ll do it.
M.R: Arai na? I didn’t hear you wrong did I? Say it again.
W: I’ll only say it once. *Wee walked away from his mother

M.R: Diow Wee *She grabbed him by the face and kissed him all over his cheeks “Oh hoh, kob jai maak na lue. Jubjub..Mae mee lue naruk tee soot nai lok.
W: Stop it mom before I change my mind.
M.R: Aoh! Let me celebrate a little longer, *she hugged him tightly and rocked him back and forth.* I wasn’t wrong for taking you in as my son.
W: What did you just say?
M.R: bplao kha. Bplao. I’m bless to have such a thoughtful son like you. *Wee wrapped his arms around his mother, “Kub, Just this last time.”
M.R: Kha kha, *Her eyes swelled with tears

*Flashback Ends*
A car pulled up beside Wee and a chauffeur quickly ran to the other side to open the door. A man in a tailored sleek black suit came out of the car and smiled at Wee. “I’ve been expecting you.” He waved for his chauffeur to come closer to him, he then whispered in his ear and the chauffeur nodded his head before going back inside the car.
“Follow me.” Wee paused for a moment, “Oh, why are you still standing there? Dtam ma.” Wee finally picked up his feet and followed him to Baan Chattakorn. 
The man clasped his wrinkly hands on his desk and stared at Wee with interest. “I suppose you already know why you are here, Khun Chatchawee Rattabodin.”  *Wee answered with a slight nod
M.C: Do you have any questions regarding your role play as my son? You may ask me about anything and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.Without any hesitation, Wee started shooting questions. “When do I start? How long am I going to play in this lakorn? And aren’t people going to suspect that I am not your son?

Mr. Chattakorn chuckled at Wee’s questions, “You can start today if you like. I can’t tell you the exact time frame that you’ll be playing as Rarb because that I don’t know myself. You are aware that my son is missing at the moment so it’ll be up to fate. When I find him, you’re free to go. Just like that, your mother’s debt will perish. And there won’t be any chances of people suspecting that you’re not my son. Since Rarb has been studying abroad all his life, no
one here knows exactly how he looks like except me and my right hand man so you can brush off your worries.

Wee nod his head with comprehension, “Who is the girl that Rarb is suppose to marry? *Wee clasped his hands on top of the desk* How is everything going to work out when he returns to his rightful position as her husband? Don’t you think your plan is foolish?
Mr. Chattakorn protrudes forward from his chair, “You’ll have to find out yourself on Friday if my plan is foolish or not.
Wee clenched his teeth, “Why aren’t you able to answer those questions? Are there any problems?”
M.C: Like I said, you’ll have to find out yourself on Friday.
*There was a knock at the door.
M.C: You may come in. *The same guy who opened the car door for Mr. Chattakorn walked in with a set of keys and a white folded note in his hand.
M.C: This is my right-hand man Lek. You’ll be seeing Lek around a lot so do familiarize yourself with him.
L: Sawatdee kub, Khun poochai *Wee nodded his head to greet him
M.C: Ah, and these keys *Lek handed over the keys* are yours. I want you to stop riding a motorcycle because it is unsafe. This key is for Baan Chattakorn and the other key is for your room. Lek, you may leave now.
L: Kub *Lek silently closed the door behind him
*He slid the keys across the desk to Wee* *Wee stared at the keys in front of him* And as for this note right here *He placed it next to the keys*…make sure you go to this address on Friday afternoon because this will answer your questions. She will be expecting you.
W: My motorcycle suits me better and I don’t want to take anything that belongs to the creditor. *Wee grabbed the note and stood up
M.C: Diow. Trust me, you’ll need these keys. Take them because it’s yours. After you meet her on Friday, you will officially become my son, Rarb Chattkorn.
My home is your home. I’ll give you time to move in by Monday.*Mr. Chattakorn got up and walked over to Wee, “I put my trust in you.” He patted Wee on the shoulder then left Wee alone in his office.
W: What was that all about? I don’t need those keys. *Wee left the room without them

Wee started his motorcycle and was about to take off, “Khun poochai kub, wait right there.” Lek came running towards him, “Here, don’t forget this.” He stuffed the keys in Wee’s pocket. “I’ll see you soon.” Lek paced back inside Baan Chattakorn.
W: Arai wa!? *Wee took out the keys to look at them. He raised his eyebrow. In his head, *the tone of Mr. Chattakorn’s voice is steady and his appearance is gentle and well put together, but whatever he is thinking in his head maybe deadly. When Mom talks about him, it is nothing but bad things, I should be more cautious in the future. Wee took off with his motorcycle leaving traces of smoke in the air. From afar, Mr. Chattakorn watched as Wee disappear from the grand entrance, “Dek deu.” He chuckles closing his curtain.
L: Are you sure this will be a good idea?
M.C: Nae jai   

NYC, New York
Khem sat at the front desk thinking about what Dr. Douglas discussed with her on the day the patient woke up from his coma.
“I’ve made numerous CT scans of his brain but found nothing. His 
brain runs normally, however I’m positive that the impact he received on the upper right corner of his head is the cause of his memory lost. This patient will need mental and physical therapy to help him recover from having amnesia. Since I trust you and have faith in you, I will put this patient in your hands. Your term here is almost over and I think this will be the best challenge for you to overcome when you leave here as an official and certified nurse. Let me know your answer by the end of this week.” Khem sipped on her cup of tea thinking about their conversation all over again.
K: To accept or not to accept? Kao bpen poochai na. I’ve never been this close to a guy before and if I get too close to him, that’ll go against my Thai culture. What will my parents think of me taking care of a guy who’s not even my husband? Ja tham ngai dee? A job is a job, chai mai? I should call and ask
Daranee for some advice? *Khem looked at her watch “Nevermind, she’s asleep by now.” Khem let out a long sigh, “Dara, how are you doing? I miss you. Just wait a little bit longer. I’ll be back in no time with our Nurse Certificate.” Khem took the last sip of her tea and got up from her chair to wash her cup at the nearby sink.

Nurse: Nurse Khem, we have a problem *Khem set her cup back on the desk
K: What is the problem?
Nurse: The patient that Dr. Douglas had you watch over isn’t in his room
K: Are you sure he's not in the bathroom?
Nurse: I’ve checked everywhere in the room. He’s taken off his IV too.
Khem’s heart started racing, “Go report the missing patient to Dr. Douglas and I’ll go check around the hospital.”
Nurse: Okay. Khem ran to go look for the patient in hopes she’ll find him somewhere close by. She darted to the next floor to look for him but there was no sight of him anywhere. Khem tried catching a quick breathe before taking off “Where could he be at?” She raced down the next flight of stairs to the hospital’s garden. “You! You! Where are you? Hueyy, he doesn’t even have a name. How is he going to know that I’m looking for him?” Khem bit her lips skimming the whole garden to see if he was there. She saw a man sitting by himself in front of the wishing well. “Could that be him?” She took a few steps to see if that man was the missing patient. To her relief it was him. “Hueyyy, I found you at last.” The out of breath Khem walked over and sat next to him.
K: Hello *He turned around and pierced Khem with his set of alluring eyes *Khem cleared her throat and turns her head to face the well.
K: Isn’t it pretty? The well.
Patient: I want to get out of here. *She reached in her pocket and took out a 25cent. Khem folded the cent in between her palms and made a wish out loud, “In order for you to get out of here, you have to get better. I want you to get better. Khaaw hai poo chai kon nee mee sook kha phap khaeng raeng laaeo gaaw hai wai wai na kha. SaToo.” She threw the 25cent in the well.
Patient: Kob khun *Khem turned her head as soon as she heard him spoke in Thai
K: tur bpen kohn Thai ror?


Bangkok, Thailand

Chatchawee circled the outskirts of Chiangmai in search of the address he was given. With no progress finding his destination, he parked his motorcycle on the side of the road. “Arai gan? There’s no such place in this world. All I see is secluded land and a bunch of forestation. Glap pai dee kwa.”

Wee got on his bike and sped straight on the unlevel gravel road that almost caused him to crash into the fence. “Whoaa that was a close call.” He slowed down as he passed a vast area filled with trees and bushes. When Wee approached further down the rocky road, a pink house located next to a man-made lake appeared at the corner of his eyes.

Trusting his conscience, Wee made a slight right turn entering the passage to the pink house. As he approached closer to the house, Wee noticed how dead the surrounding of the house was compared to the places he passed to get there. He downshifted to reduce the speed of his bike and stepped on the break. Wee took off his helmet and blew his now smashed hair off of his face. “This better be the right place because I am not going anywhere else. And how come this is the only area that looks dead? Is there even anyone living here? ” He took off his biker gloves and searched for the folded note in his pocket. “Where did the note go?” Wee searched all over his body but didn't find the note. “It must’ve fallen out of my pocket. Damn!!”
“Sawatdee kha. You must be Khun Rarb Chattakorn.” “Whoaaa” Startled by her presence and greeting, Wee knocked over his motorcycle to the ground. “DAMMIT!!”
Caretaker: khor thot na kha, I didn’t mean to scare you. Here, let me help you na kha.
W: Mai thong kub. *He rose up his motorcycle and carefully pushed it closer to the entrance of the gate
Caretaker: Let me ask you again, you must be Khun Rarb Chattakorn, son of Mr. Attwadyu Chattakorn?
W: Mai chai kub. I am…uh *He almost forgot about his new identity* Chai chai kub, I’m Rarb.
Caretaker: Just to make sure you are really Rarb and not a random "rok jit," I need to ask you a question
W: huey, pohm mai chai kohn rok jit. Pohm bpen Rarb jing jing 
Caretaker: I just have to make sure you are Rarb. Who is Taan (Mr.Chattakorn)'s right hand man?
W: uhhh *In his mind* "What is his name again? Lian? Leen? Lee? Hueyy? Jam mai dai wa!! *Wee scratched his head making his hair fall all over his face
Caretaker: Kao cheu arai kha?

Wee brushed his hair away from his face, "uhhh...Lee...Lee... *What the hell is  his name? Leee...Lek?
Caretaker: Took kha. You are really Khun Rarb Chattakorn. Dee kha. It must have been hard for you to find the location of Khun Nu’s house.

W: Mai loey kub. In fact it was a piece of cake *Wee made a non serious face

She giggled at Wee’s face expression “I'm glad you have a sense of humor. Khun Nu won't be too lonely now. Laaeo Khun poochai kha since you’re here, Khun Nu is in the garden kha. Follow me and I’ll direct you where she is.”
W: Mai thong kub. I’ll find my way there, thank you.
Caretaker: Kha, then I’ll take my leave.
W: Diow.
Caretaker: Kha
W: Where is the restroom?

Chatchawee pat down his damp hands on his pants “I wonder why there are no napkins or towels in the restroom. Plaek.” Wee walked out of the hall and entered a living room filled with framed images, “Is this a living room or an art exhibit? How can one’s living room contain this much images? Oh hoh arai ah?” He gazed around the living room in amazement, “I assume she must love photography to have this much time to go outdoors and take photos then frame them.” Wee walked towards a section of the living room that consisted of only black and white images. “The vibe of this room is giving me the chills. How come I feel so cold all of a sudden?” Wee hugged himself, “To think about it, this place is weird and pretty creepy. Brrrrr.” Wee was ready to just walk out of the house however when he turned around, he saw a black and white photo of his high school. “Hey, that’s my high school.” He slowly shifted his eyes to the next image, “And that is our futbol field.” Wee skimmed to the bottom of the frame and there it was, a signed name “(Dara10’).”
W: Dara? 10? Dara10? That’s the year I graduated from high school. Eeeh, I wonder how this person looks like. *Curious, Wee searched for a potential face that might belong to a person by the name of Dara. “All the photos are just of sceneries, plants, animals, but no pictures of human beings. Plaek.” Wee decided to give up so he walked directly to the opened door that led to the garden. By the door, there was a picture that caught his attention and it was none other than what he was searching for; a figure of a girl enjoying her time in a open field.

Wee came closer and notice how intriguing her elegance was in the photo. “Suay meaun nangfah loey. ” He studied her face for a minute, “Eeeh, Have I ever met her before?”
“Khun poochai kha,khun poochai kha.”
W: Arai? Dtohk jai mot laaeo. Hueyyy! This is the second time you caught me off guard. *Wee hugged himself even tighter.* Kerd arai keun?
Caretaker: Khun Nu kha Khun Nu *trying to catch her breath, Khun Nu Daranee fell in the lake kha. Reo reo si kha before it is too late
W:  Meua khru nee, khun riak cheu Khun Nu wa arai na?
Caretaker: Khun Nu Daranee kha, DARANEE! Please, please go help save her.

Baaaaaaaaaam *Flashback*

Sweet face Daranee tending Wee’s fresh open wound on his forehead. “Daranee kha, my name is Daranee. But you can call me Dara for short kha.”

*Flashback ends*

W: Kao yuu tee nai?


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So good. I love the pictures that you've selected. Especially the one with Chada in the fields.


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Omg, girlll!! I thought this was a lakorn or something and realized it was a fanfic, haha.
Love the poster, so beautiful & mysterious. I'm especially loving the title, "Flowers Bloom After the Rain."
The cast is perfect. So happy to see such good looking fellas~
Will have to start reading this soon! :)
Thank you for writing this~


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Omg, girlll!! I thought this was a lakorn or something and realized it was a fanfic, haha.
Love the poster, so beautiful & mysterious. I'm especially loving the title, "Flowers Bloom After the Rain."
The cast is perfect. So happy to see such good looking fellas~
Will have to start reading this soon! :)
Thank you for writing this~
hahah gosh I wish JJ and Mint were in a lakorn together ^^ I stole this title from Ning and Johnny Anfone's lakorn :p
I thought it was a beautiful title when I first saw it. Thank you thank you :) I hope you get the chance to read it.
And Enjoy


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Eek, golly gee :). So they have met before ehehe.. Enjoying it so far Smilez hehe.
Yes they have :) It's been too long so he's forgotten her. Thank you ^^ I'll be updating the next chapter soon.


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Yes they have :) It's been too long so he's forgotten her. Thank you ^^ I'll be updating the next chapter soon.
I'm very curious now Smilez... too curious.. hehe.
At first I thought Mike and Wawwa were gonna be paired and Hunz with Prang.. but it seems to be vice-versa.  But I don't mind.. but ahhh.. Wawwa seems like a brat.. I bet there must be a reason for her leaving.. Is Hunz gonna be bad in here? ahaaha :p
But I was like OMG.. who's the poor fella that got beat up.. then realized it was poor Mike.. luckilly Prang was there to the rescue :D  I wanna see how their relationship will grow.
Take your time writing :)


aikoden said:
I'm very curious now Smilez... too curious.. hehe.
At first I thought Mike and Wawwa were gonna be paired and Hunz with Prang.. but it seems to be vice-versa.  But I don't mind.. but ahhh.. Wawwa seems like a brat.. I bet there must be a reason for her leaving.. Is Hunz gonna be bad in here? ahaaha :p
But I was like OMG.. who's the poor fella that got beat up.. then realized it was poor Mike.. luckilly Prang was there to the rescue :D  I wanna see how their relationship will grow.
Take your time writing :)
At first I just added Hunz as one of the characters and I wasn't sure who he should play as. Then I figured, I'll have him play as Prang's older brother ;p You'll get to meet his character soon and see how he is hahh I kinda recycled Wawwa's character *Maya from Ruk Sutrit. She is indeed a brat and won't give up on James because she still loves him and believes that she's able to make him love her again. Wawwa also left James behind for her own future and for someone who understood her at that time. *oops I'm giving out snippets lol James was just too young and narrow minded so he didn't accept her decisions. Young and in love can make you go crazy. ;p Mike and Prang will establish a relationship once they spend more time together.....heeh thanks for tuning in <3 jubs





With his eyes closed,Wee inhales the refreshing breeze that tickled his nose with every brush. Sai lom tee nee sohn cheun maak despite the actual visual of this ​place. He breathed in and breathed out to help ease his mind from the stress that was building up on his shoulders. "Khun Daranee, who knew I was going to meet you again especially under this kinda situation? I can't remember the last time I saw you." Wee let out a uneasy sigh as he thought about how everything is going to work out. "What if she remembers who I am? I'll get caught as soon as she sees my face." *He ran his hands through his hair in distress. "Khun poochai kha, Khun Nu feun laaeo kha." Wee slowly opens his eyes to the voice of the caretaker. "Kub. Thank you for informing me."

Caretaker: Kha. You can go to Khun Nu's room first while I go grab something for you to drink. Dtam sabai na kha
W: Diow before you leave, are my clothes dry yet? I want to change into them before I go in to see her. If I wear this for our first meeting, 

W: Sia naa nae nae. I'll be embarrassed for life." *Wee kept tugging on the long sleeved shirt he wore 
Caretaker: Mai thong huang rok. Khun Nu won't know if you are dressed like that.
W: Khor thot kub, what did you just say? She won't know if I'm wearing this? Can you please elaborate on that? 
Wee raised his hand to scratch his head. The caretaker gave Wee a weird stared down. "Khun poochai mai sap ror kha?" Wee shook his head in confusion, "sap arai?"

NYC, New York 

Patient: I just discovered that I am also Thai since I understood everything you wished for. *His mouth curved forming a smile 
Khem felt her ears becoming hot when she saw him smile for the first time " Uhhh, jam arai mai dai ror ka? *The patient shook his head hopelessly
Patient: I sat here trying to recall any memories of who am I and where I am? I can't even answer these simple questions the doctor asked. Kit kit kit kit, tae mai auk. *He pulled his legs up on the bench and curled in a ball feeling like a lost soul in this world. Khem stared at how despondent he looked "Khun kha, I'll help you. *He peeked from his crossed arms at her "Chuay pohm?"
K: Kha. I am a nurse after all and my duty is to assist patience to recovery. *She stood up, Ow la, how about we go back to your room and get started with
your treatment? The faster we start, the quicker you will recover your memories. He didn't want to leave the garden. "But I like it here. Its nice and quiet. If I go back to the small compact room where all the IVs are hooked onto me, I wont be able to get better. I don't need any of those IVs when I can function correctly. I know that I am a human being, I have ten fingers, I am handsome." *Khem burst out laughing
K: ror? Roo dai yang ngai?
Patient: Of course! I saw myself in the mirror earlier. I have very extraordinary sharp features like I am an important person or someone who has a high status.
Khem shook her head while hearing the patient compliments himself. "Ow yang nee, since you can't remember your name, I'll call you Kohm for now on until the day you remember your real name."
Patient: Kohm?
K: Chai kha. You mentioned that you have extraordinary sharp features and since I agree, Kohm suits you perfectly. (Kohm means sharp)
Patient: Kohm. Kohm. Kohm
K: Chai, Kohm. *She looks at her watch* Ow la, let's get going Kohm. We need to check you back in before it gets late. *She looked up at the cloudy sky* If you do come with me, I promise, you won't be staying in that room for long. *Kohm kicked out of his curled position, Jing ror?
K: Jing si. I wouldn't lie to you. You need to show me that you'll cooperate with me so I can help you get better.
Ko: Kub, nang phayaabaan kohn suay *Khem laughed at his words
K: Dee. Now that's the spirit. Lets go before it starts pouring on us.
Ko: Kub *They both walked side by side back inside the hospital


Bangkok, Thailand
Chatchawee made sure he closed the door behind him without making any much noise, instead the door closed with a loud thud.
D: Metta is that you? *Wee hit his forehead in disappointment after he failed to shut the door carefully   
D: Metta? *Wee walked forward to where Dara was laying. * *He whispers to himself, "Oh, Metta must be that lady's name."
D: Metta? Mee arai?
W: Should I respond back to her? *Wee didn't know what to do since he was getting nervous each time he stepped closer to her
D: Metta, how come you're not answering me?
Wee finally cleared his throat to answer her, "Maybe because my name isn't Metta?" Dara's ears perked when she heard his voice. "Nai!" Wee stared at Dara's innocent beautiful face wondering how she end up becoming blind.What happened to you? Wee asked to himself.


Nai Tor, go stand at the other side and wait until Nai Champ comes. Ill stay here and wait for him.
T: KUB! *The overly excited Tor ran to the other side of the building with his bucket of water and ends up tripping over his shoelace. His bucket of water spilled all over the ground causing him to slip."ARAI WA? You just wasted a bucket of water! Dek ngoh urie! Pai Pai reo reo before Nai Champ comes and sees you."
T: KUB!! *Tor ran to the bathroom to wipe himself up
W:  I guess I'm on my own. Nai Champ, wan nee Nai jer nae ! *Wee waited on the opposite of the building for him to walk by. He heard footsteps then looked at his wrist-watch That should be him coming just about..nnnnnow!! Wee used all his force to splash the bucket of water atNai Champ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
W: HAHAHHAH I TOLD YOU, I'LL GET YOU BACK DIDNT I!! Wee laughs uncontrollably thinking he accomplished his mission only to see that the person he splashed wasnt Nai Champ but someone else; a girl. 

Dara licks her lips and calmly opens her eyes to see the person who threw water at her. Nai Tor came back running with his newly refilled bucket of water but came to a halt when he saw what had happened. "TAI LAAEO. TOR MAI KIAO NA." Tor dropped his bucket of water and took off from the scene
W: HUEY! NAI TOR? JA PAI NAI AH? You cant leave me here. Wait up for me. Khor thot na, pohm mai dai dtaung jai kub *Wee quickly wai Dara and scurried away embarrassed about what he just did.

*Flashback ends*

Dara struggled getting up from her current state."Who gave you permission to come inside my room?" She was still trying to pull herself up to a sitting position. Wee was standing an arms reach so he grabbed both of Daras arms to help her up. Dara pushed away Wees helping hands, "I dont need your help. I can get up by myself." He watched her as she determinedly use the bed frame to support her back. Wee bit his bottom lip and scrunched his nose up. "HOH, I don't care if you don't want my help. I'm still going to help you. Wee grabbed her by the arms again to help her sit up. You are still weak from earlier so let your body rest before thinking about overworking yourself. OKAY?" Dara shrugged his hands off, "Kob jai."
W: What did you say?
D: KOB JAI. *Wee smirked

*knock knock*

D: You may come in. *Metta came in and sat a tray of ice cold orange juice on the table* "Metta, excuse the guest to the living room?"
M: Tummai kha Khun Nu? He's not a guest na kha. Remember he even saved you today
D: METTA *Dara's voice was a bit hoarse
M: Kha kha, Khun poochai kha, chern kha.
W: Metta is right. I'm not a guest so you cant treat me like this. *Wee winked at Metta and poked his head to the side signaling for her to leave. He then mouthed the word Pai.
M: tae tae wa Khun Nu
M: kha Khun poochai
D: Metta where do you think you're going? Excuse him from my room now
M: Tae Khun Nu kha, he's Khun Rarb Chattakorn kha. Taan will be disappointed if he knows you're acting like this towards his son kha. Don't get mad at me for saying this because it's the truth. *Metta handed Wee his glass cup of orange juice
M: Enjoy na kha. Khun Nu made it herself. Khun Nu, Metta pai na kha *She took the tray and left the room
D: Don't think I'll warm up to you since you saved me today.
W: I didn't even think of anything. *Wee took a gulp of the orange juice* Mmm, aroi dee. You really made this by yourself? Oh hoh, fee meuu geng
mak*He took another big gulp* This is the perfect energy booster since I used all my strength to carry your body back on land. Now my arms won't feel as weak like they did a moment ago. So we're equal. I saved you, you helped restore me. That sounds pretty fair to me. Kob khun maak na ka *He sets the empty glass cup on the desk
D: Nee NAI! Are you saying that I'm fat?
W: Bplao. Im just saying you have really BIG *He emphasized the word BIG
D: NEE NAI! Just because I am handicap you think you can say something like that to me. *Dara still hasn't faced Wee's direction yet.Wee's heart wavered when he heard her say the word handicap. "Mai loey kub."
D: Kohn go hohk
W: Jing si kub. I don't see anything handicap about you. Oh hoh, look at 
that mouth of yours. Bpaak keng.
D: NAI RARB *She aims a pillow at him but missed
W: Gaaw jing si. Bpaak keng. How did you think I resuscitated you? From that mouth of yours *Wee started laughing at what he just said
Dara started wiping her lips "Nai Rarb!! Kohn leaw. Kohn mai mee marayaat!!"  
W: Pood dee dee dai mai? Since you finally said my name twice, let us do a formal introduction shall we?
"Sawatdee kub, pohm cheu Rarb Chattakorn kub. Samee kaung Khun Nu Daranee Duenphudee kub. Laae khun la?"
D: Don't ever say you're my husband again. Ja uuak. Kao jai mai? Dee. Lets talk.
W: Ow! You're not going to introduce yourself to me? 
D: Mai thong. Let's talk.
W: Talk? I think it's better if you rest instead. I'll come back another day.
D: That's what I don't want you to do. Come back.*Wee was taken back from her words "Tummai?"
D: So let's settle this before you leave. Sit first.
W: Rest first. Besides, I need to come back anyways because Metta is still drying my clothes for me
D: yak bok na
W: Yes I am naked *Wee had a serious face when he first said it, but then burst out laughing after he saw Dara's expression
D: NAI !!! That wasn't even what I was going to say or had in mind *Dara threw another pillow at Wee and missed again *Wee couldn't stop giggling when he saw how red Dara's face turned *Dara was now facing Wee trying to figure out where he was standing.He bent down to grab both of the pillows from the ground and tossed the pillows back on the bed. He then removed the hair pieces from Dara's face " "Yaak hen chai pa?"  Wee then stormed out of Daranee's room before she even tries to throw something at him. He shouted "JER GUN NA JA PHANRAYA KAUNG POHM."
D: Nai Rarb!! Nai Rarb! Glap ma diow nee na. Nai RARB! *Wee was already out of the room. 

Wee was outside of the house getting ready to leave. Panting he asks himself "Nai Wee, what did you get yourself into?" His thought was dismissed when Metta noticed that he was already leaving. "Khun poochai kha *Metta ran after him "Yaak pai na kha.You didnt even eat yet."
W: Mai bpen rai kub. Please store my clothes away, I'll be back another day.
M: Kha. Come back on another day when Khun Nu is feeling better. She hardly acts like this so dont give up na kha.
W: Roo laaeo
M: Hah? Khun poochai roo dai yang ngai kha?
W: oh bplao. I mean, uh uhmm with a face like hers, I doubt she can be cruel for too long. Kae nee lae. Ill be back soon. Make sure she doesn't do anything crazy like earlier. *Wee put his biker gloves on
M: What do you mean?
W: When she "fell" in the water. I dont think it was an accident. *He then placed his helmet over his head
M: You're saying Khun Nu  gaan khaa dtua tai ror kha? MAI JING KHA. She will never do such thing.
W: You never know. *Wee started his motorcycle* From this day forth, keep a close eye on her for me. La-gon

*Wee zoomed away from Daranee's passage way
M: Khun Nu will never do such thing. *Metta scratched her head as she watches Wee make an unstable left turn to the rocky road.

Daranee laid on her back and then turned to face the wall, "Have we met before? Mai mai, this is NAI RARB, mai chai kao." She shut her eyes even
though it didn't make any difference, her world is still dark.