dream interpretation


sarNie Hatchling
Has añyone ever dream about numbers and it turn out to be right but you didn't buy the lottery number. Dream that someone got a ring or necklace meaning they're pregnant...

Does anyone believe in their dreams? Or have it come true?


Wow. I was going to make a topic about this a couple of days ago, with the same exact title in this forum.. but decided against it. Thanks for opening it! :)

I'm fascinated with dreams. I have a friend who can dream about certain things months prior to it actually happening. I had a dream about numbers once, two years ago, and the numbers turned out to be correct for one of those daily 3 things. I think. I don't know. I've never gambled, but know people who do.

A couple of nights ago, I experienced a lucid dream and LOL! This may sound crazy, but I was having soo much fun in that dream. I made myself fly. Because I've been having problems sleeping (insomnia and all as well as jetlag and all) when I finally did sleep, I slept for 16 hours or more... so I was having a looong series of random dreams. I think the dream that aroused my most curiosity was a dream about snakes. I've never had a dream about snakes before, so I did a research about it and there were tons of information. Snakes represent so many different things to different cultures. Some things I found out were that snakes can represent deception, enemies, medicine, sexual male organs, and others I forgot. To be honest, I didn't even know that two snakes intertwined around the rod of a Roman/Greek god is part of the emblem of the medical profession. I wanted to ask someone who is Lao what snakes would mean in my dream, but ... this sounds weird to phrase... but I don't (or can't) have access to anyone who is Lao right now.

In my dream about the snake, I was in the kitchen, but the kitchen wasn't familiar to me. (In real life, my parents had bought a new home while I was overseas.) My parents and I were the only ones present in the room. First, my dad kills the snake by slicing it in half at it's mouth opened. However, a small snake emerges from the dead snake's body and slithers away to a hole underneath our home. I complain to my dad, sensing that he was nonchalant about the situation, that the snake would grow bigger and come back...So it does come back later, and bigger. This time, my mom kills it with kitchen scissors. However, she doesn't kill the snake the way my dad did. She cuts the snake's tail first and then was reaching to cut it again. However, I wasn't satisfied, so for some reason, I picked up the snake's head and put it in my mouth. I bit it, though I don't think I was planning to swallow it. It tasted (LOL if you can taste in dreams I guess) salty or bitter. My mom says to me in Lao, "It was bitter/salty huh?" Maybe it was. But I felt satisfied. :blink:

SO. I have no idea what that dream meant if it was meant to mean anything. There's this Indian website that says dreaming about a snake and biting or eating a snake means somehow that I'll have children :lol: or gain material wealth. There are more sites that have interpretations for dreams about being bitten by a snake rather than being the one biting the snake! Supposedly killing a snake or taming it in the dream means you'll have the strength and power to overcome whatever trials you'll have to face. When you dream about two snakes trying to eat each other, it may also mean your enemies are fighting each other.

I think in most cases, some aspects of your dreams reflect your subconscious thoughts and concerns in the real world. In the rare cases, most skeptics won't believe, I think dreams can be a means of transporting messages from the higher realms to people...When I had the dream about the snake, the way my parents behaved in the dream certainly reflects the way I view them in real life, for the most part. I think I know what the snake represents in my dream and what my dream may mean in general, but it would be great to share and bounce ideas around.

Last night, I woke up crying for the first time. I dreamed that my baby brother who actually isn't a baby anymore, was gone... For this dream, I know it was only because I was/am missing him since I'm still far away from home. But really, dreams can be so fascinating.


Expired Sarnie
my dreams doesnt make any sense most of the time. i do know is that when i worry a lot, i dream of being chased either to be killed or just haunted down and i would always run so slow. i tell myself to run faster but never once i was caught and i was running in slow motion. it's amusing what dream can do ahahaha... my favorite dream is the type where im speaking another language ahahah and i actually understood it. what does it mean? it doesnt happen often.

and i also learned that everyone dreams. if you say you havent dream that night, your cycle has been completed. i am not sure if i believe that because there hasnt been any solid proof.


Ky the Star
hmmm, i've learned that dreams are your thoughts from the day's event trying to configure itself and make sense as you're sleeping.
sometimes they do have a relation to what happened, and sometimes different things represent whatever situation, if you studied it long enough.
i've never dreamt about anything with numbers, and i've never really had a nightmare that where i would wake up sweating, screaming, crying, or anything else, and none of them ever reoccur either.
sometimes, a majority of my dreams are like my own deja vu that i would soon realize later when it does happened.
i've never asked any one about it, although my mother's brothers are psychic and that my mom friend back in meaung lao is a psychic as well.
i'm afraid to ask them, because i want to know, but then i really don't want to... because i'm not sure if i learned it, what would my fate come out as...

if i ever get the opportunity to catch my mother talking with her friend in meaung lao, i'll ask her these questions that you guys would like to know about. C: