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recently i'm listening too much to his songs , he may not have the most powerful  vocal out there but when he sings he sings with soul and passion and he has a temp voice unique for him  that is enough for me coz for me that is all about music it's a way to make other feel the passion and the emotions and Ed had that quality as an artist and also i sooo love the lyrics of his songs they always tell a story a meaningful feeling in it that you just love  i will share some of my favorite song of him
start with the most famous
thinking out loud
the A team
All of the stars 


sarNie Tombstone
his MV just show how the inspiration start is a fabulous feeling to sit and start watching the film of your life and see how far you have come wooooooow so touching 


sarNie Tombstone
Sovatana said:
Ed's simply one of the best thing ever happened to the music industry!!
:yes: :yes: i don't even have a specific favorite singer most of the singers i like one or two of their songs but i found myself listening to almost all ed's songs and loving it , his song is all what the music is about great artist :thumbsup:


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Best ones for me are:
Kiss Me
Give Me Love


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"so in love" :heart: romantic song 


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Another good song from Ed Sheeran - Shape of You. I liked it from probably listening to it for the first time but I did not know he is the singer of the song so just today I knew he is the singer lol, duh I shouldn't be surprised since I like his other songs too lol.

It is a catchy song, the mv is really cute. The lyrics are good.

Edit: Oh the ending is funny!

Cr to Ed Sheeran
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