English Titles to Thai Lakorns


sarNie Adult
LOL my mom's owner of spring company and my father have a research center and museum about medicine to cure cancer (he also makes the medicine and sells it to those rich people and some Thai dara...but the old ones keke). Oh ya but I live at my uncle's house; he's like something in Caltex (Chevron Texaco).
oh my...you have such aspiring parents...curing cancer, and entrepaneurship...LUCKY YOU!


sarNie Oldmaid
Dok Kaew is Jasmine

Klin = scent
Kaew = jasmine
Klang = middle
Jai = heart


Lakorn Obsesser
Wait! What?! Who ever said "Chain of Love" was the translation for Oum Ruk? That peson is wrong! o_O No where near Oum Ruk's meaning. Bah!
Yea, that's what I said. "Chain of Love" is So Sanaeha, but that's kinda like "Chain of Charm", cause sanae means charm.

Anyways, LOL yea I couldn't remember what a dok kaew was in English so I just wrote flower :D


ow, does anyone translate for me the meaning of the lakorn with oil and kwan? sorry, i don't know how write it in english phonetic, please. i really love this lakorn and always want to know what it the meaning of his title.
King Kor Rah, Kah Kor Raeng literally translated into English means ginger and galanga are equally strong but in the case of the lakorn it means both will not give into one another easily.
Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed: Love Knot of the Past...something like that :)
Raem Pissaward: I asked somebody before and totally forgot...
Talay Rissaya: Sea of Jealousy