Essence :: Aum/Aff


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[ Chapter 1 ]

Sometime, we try so hard cringing on a love which was never meant to be. That is because we don't want to experience emptyness all over again. But at times, it is better to have an empty heart rather than a bleeding heart. That way, at least there's still a ray of hope in living. Life is often over-rated. When that happens, humans tend to see things in a much more complicated way which does affects their decision-making. Could this perception however be applied to everyone?

What if the person were never given a chance to choose?

What happens if their heart bleeds due to the wrongdoings of others?

What would you do if you were a girl, named ..

Aff Taksaorn.

One look at this fine sweet lady, you might think she's a university student walking back home from class. Her appearance is such a sight -- every man would line up to be her other half. Despite her angelic complexion, it is very obvious that her facial expression was the total opposite. She looked rather dark, mysterious and maybe a little doze of evil too. She could be seen walking aimlessly down the street as if she was planning to do something big or maybe ridiculous. This young lady had lost hope in life. Her heart no longer bleed nor is it empty. She would be happier if she's left heartless.

She's doomed with her past. She couldn't remember anything, well, maybe except for the fact that she was kidnapped at a young age. She was a victim of human-trafficking. Her kidnappers sold her to a man, whose occupation is by using girls like her to feed ruthless men desires. From the age of 7, she was thrown into the prostitution business. Ask anyone who's familiar in this field, who don't know Aff Taksaorn? She's well-known to be one of those hookers who provides young, fresh and unique experience to her customers. As much as she hates doing it, she had no choice. It's either she sell her body or she'll end up getting swollen bruises.

She could no longer feel pain as she never knew what happiness was. It's time to end all of this misery. Whether it's hell or heaven, does it really matter? She kept on walking till she reached a floral shop. It was a pretty decent and beautiful shop. Red-bricks were purposely used to give an old english feel while the glass panelled window was such a sight. Through those windows, various flowers could be seen. Essence -- the name given to the this particular floral shop. But, that was not what Aff was looking at. Her eyes were locked towards the stairs beside the shop. Linking it to the upper deck of the shoplot. Isn't it a perfect place to commit suicide?

Aff was all ready to jump when a mysterious voice stopped her from jumping.

"Excuse me .. but .. what are you doing ON top of my shop?"

It was a manly voice, but there's a soft element in it. For some reason, it sounded really soothing.

"I-It's none of your business!"

"Are you kidding me dearie?"

"DO I LOOK LIKE I'M KIDDING?!" Aff sounded very disturbed.

"Calm down now .. let me correct some facts here. One, it is my business dear .. because this is my shop. Two, if you die in front of my shop .. my business would be very affected--"

"So what!" She was now screaming.

"So .. it is your right to kill yourself .. but do me a favor .. do it somewhere else .. please?"


"Ayayaya .. this is certainly causing me some headache."


"Dear, look down. It's not that high .. even if you jump, you'll only end up with broken legs or hands .."

".. I'm just so tired of life .."

"I see, well dearie .. before you make any harsh decision .. can I treat you for tea?"


"It won't take long .. after our chat .. you may continue with your suicide attempt .. I won't stop you .. I promise."

".. fine .."

Aum, being the gentleman he is, gently pulled her away from the edge. He invited her for some tea in his floral shop while thinking for a backup plan. Not only do he have an addiction towards flowers, he also loves drinking tea. They were the only one now in the shop, surrounded by various scents. He poured the tea into the cup and smiled -- he had an idea.

"So .. I'm Aum .. what's your name?"


"Ah, Aff .. what a sweet name."

".. thank you .."

"Your welcome. If you don't mind me asking dear, why suicide?"

"It's very complicated .."

"Well, un-complicate it for me." He winked.

Well, since she was planning to die anyway. Nothing matters anymore. What could have gone wrong? Easier said, she told that unknown man about her life from the beginning till the end.

"I see .. well .. I know now that your life is very tragic indeed .. but if I were you .. I won't end my life just like that."


"Well .. there's a reason why God brought you to life .."

"I'm sure I'm one of those people who was mistakenly brought into this world."

"Why the negative? Erm .. let's make a deal."

"What deal?"

"Haha .. well, if I can persuade you that there is hope in living .. you must live for the day. How about that?"

".. I can commit suicide tomorrow .. even if you're able to persuade me today."

"Hahaha .. then I'll try to persuade you again tomorrow .. anyhow, deal?"

"Fine, but let me tell you .. I don't believe in the word hope .."

"Dear, where flowers bloom .. so does hope."

He winked and looked at the flowers in his shop.


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once again another great story and great so addicted to your stories now can't wait for more..."where flowers bloom so does hope" but what if there's no flowers? lol anyways hope u do more posters for these ff


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once again another great story and great so addicted to your stories now can't wait for more..."where flowers bloom so does hope" but what if there's no flowers? lol anyways hope u do more posters for these ff
"what if there's no flowers?"
HAHAHAHAHA!!! that's just too funny!

anyhow, I'm lovin' this one too! :clap: I so can picture Aum tending those flowers... I think I should open my own flower shop and let Aum manage it... :p his uniform would be... hehehehe... so he's uniform would be between me and him only... I won't tell you... :rolleyes:


Loving the story An! Awwies, poor Aff. She's gone thru so much in her life. Aff and Aum met quite fast! He's funny. At first he stopped her from suiciding and then he told her she can continue after tea with him. Love his thinking! Yea, hope he can persuade her to live on another day and another after that day. Wth...did that even make sense? Lol. Aum is such a caring man :wub:​


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[ Chapter 2 ]

"Aff .. wait a sec .. I'll be right back."

Gently, he stood up from his seat and walked out of his shop. He didn't go far though. Aum merely walked to a nearby field and plucked a few flowers; to be used for today's story. Not rushing, each step he took was accompanied by his happy-go-lucky humming. He was back even before Aff could take another sip of tea. She saw him and flashed a sweet smile; she don't know why but she would feel so calm when that florist is around. Aum was not heading to his seat yet, he walked closer to her newly-found 'friend' and stood right beside her.

"Err .. anything .. Aum?" She was feeling a little uneasy.

"Nothing really .. I've just got you something .. here."

He handed over a flower to her.

"What is this?"

"It's a flower .. haha .." He laughed at Aff's naive-ness.

"No .. I know it's a flower, dummy!"

"Ohhh .. sorry!" He slapped his forehead. "Well .. it's a Daisy."

"Oh. Cool."

Aff looked so innocent; she was literally admiring that common flower like a little kid. The interest she showed towards that flower was rather odd -- she suddenly cried.

"W-Why are you crying?? Did I say anything wrong??" Aum started panicking for a moment.

"No, no .. you did nothing wrong .." She wiped her tears with one of her free hand.


"Erm .. you'll find this really silly .. but, this Daisy .. it's the first gift I ever had in my .. life."

".. really?"

"Yeah .."

"Aff .. it's not silly." He smiled. "May I?"

He took the Daisy away from Aff's hand and slipped it through the space between her left ear.

"Now, don't you look pretty .."

"Thanks .. I'm touched .. really .. but--"

"I know .. I know .." He interrupted. "This flower alone .. won't stop your stupid suicide mission .." He smirked.

"Yea .. but really, thank you." She tried forcing a smile.

"Dearie .. who ever said I was done persuading?"


"You know .. every flower has a language of its own. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these delicate blooms .."


"Do you what't the true meaning for .. Daisy?"


"Haha, thought so .. well, Daisy means innocence .. and purity." He paused. "Which is so potraying your true self .."

".. not true."


"Aum .. I'm a prostitute. I'm dirty! Not pure .."

"Dear .. don't say that .."

"But, I am one and that is a fact."

"So what? It's not that you wished to be one .."

"Yes, I was the victim of fate .. and I'm tired of it. My life is meaningless .. I'm useless .. and unwanted by the society .."

"Stop there .. meaningless?? useless?? unwanted?? Listen to this first .. before you call yourself with those names .."


"I used to have this one customer .. who love Daisy so much! That silly girl, I don't understand her at all. She could find this common flower, anywhere .. but no, she want ME to pluck it for her .. haha .. her name is Rita. She's the owner of that bar, 'Hotties Alert' .. you know?"

"I've heard of that bar before .."

"Well .. we're close. If you don't know her .. you might think she's just one happy-go-lucky girl you know .. but .."


"Her past .. she had such a sad past .."


"You know what? If you think your life is worse! Haha .. you're dead wrong!" Aum was getting emotional.


"Rita .. well .. she was not kidnapped like you .. and yes, she lives with her family .. but, that's where her nightmare start .."

"She got a family .. and you say that's bad??"

"Aff, I'm not done yet .. listen. She was raped by her big brother when she was 5! Her parents even knew about the matter but they did nothing to protect her .. they loved their son too much. Just when she thought she was strong enough to get over it .. at 13, she got raped by her father during one drunk night. You know what happened next?? Due to her idiotic father, the doctor said that she was experiencing a 'violent rape' .. resulting fitsula .."

"What's a fitsula?"

"It's when the walls between her vagina and anus are torn .."


".. you know what's worse? Every now and then .. she would be raped by her father and brother .. I swear I would have called the police! But she won't let me .. and I don't know why. One thing for sure, death never came acrossed her mind .. Aff."


"Please, can you not kill youself today? Do it for her .. for Rita."


With tears in her eyes, "Fine .. not today .."

"Thank you dear, thank you."

He hugged her and said,

"The next time you're planning to do something stupid .. please come and see me first, promise?"

"I .. promise."


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omg that was beautiful idk why i'm be reminded of rita's sad past so cool how this connects with my heart's for what about that sequel? thanks and keep it coming with your stories and recordings love them all :) i don't care if i'm tried tomorrow as along as i have a smile on my face


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omg that was beautiful idk why i'm be reminded of rita's sad past so cool how this connects with my heart's for what about that sequel? thanks and keep it coming with your stories and recordings love them all :) i don't care if i'm tried tomorrow as along as i have a smile on my face
naww .. ur crying? haha, yeah .. i kinda connect it to that fic .. lol .. **promoting my other fic** so to those who havent read that one ..i think u shuld lol :p

Yeah .. there might be a sequel .. but i have to think of a better plot and thanks for liking my ff and voice clips .. ahaha


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OMG he brought up Rita's story. that was a sad story, but I'm happy that Aum persuaded Aff to live another day, and Rita is happily married with Rome now <3

wait..what? voice clips..NO way =O


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OMG he brought up Rita's story. that was a sad story, but I'm happy that Aum persuaded Aff to live another day, and Rita is happily married with Rome now <3

wait..what? voice clips..NO way =O
yes way the thread is awesome and funny you will hear donna and An and thookatha response to each other it's very go check it out


Awwies, Aum is soooo sweet too Aff!! Ah, yes, I love how you mention about Rita's situation from my heart's for sale. I still have to finish reading that story. Rome and Rita got married?! o_0


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yeah RR spoiled it for u but the story is amazing and sad but a happy happy ending and there might be a sequel which i'm hoping for


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[ Chapter 3 ]

Last Friday, was surely one of Aum's bittersweet memories. Bitter, because he brought up his friend's past -- which was supposed to be a secret. He felt guilty and blamed no one but himself. He once promised that this secret would stay and die with him - but - what a change in plan. He broke his promise and went against his conscience, great. Then again, his other half tried consoling him as it was necessary to bring up that story. A woman was about to kill herself! His mind screamed, though he appeared calm from the outside. Still in his usual sitting position - body leaned to the wall, right leg resting on the left - he sipped some tea.

Then, smiled.

Sweet. The sweetness might be due to the tea, but, he doubt it. His mind was still stuck to the past. To be precise, last Friday. He couldn't help himself, Aff was a beauty. A goddess, if he may say so himself. Such beauty on a petite body, yet, so much pain. He frowned. It's been two days since he last saw her and truthfully, he felt like something is missing in his life; during those two days. It's Monday. As usual, nothing really interesting happens on Monday as people are just so busy bustling their ass at work. Unlike them, he was free -- very free. No customer means no work. The flowers were all taken care off in the morning. So, one word -- he's bored.

Sipping another cup of tea, he sighed.

- Ting .. Ting .. Ting -

It was the bell at the door, indicating, a customer. Hyped, Aum shouted.

"Welcome to Essence, how may I help you?"


No one answered, but he saw a woman; in a white dress, petite -- with a black hat. She walked in and stood there, quiet.




"Aum...please...let me...die..."

"...die?" Aum sounded weak.

"Yes." She nodded.


Aum went forward and escorted her to the chair.

"What happened?"



"Nothing important."

"If it's not wouldn't wish to die, dear."


"Why are you hiding your face anyway?"

Aum pulled the hat away, even before Aff could answer - No.

"Who did that to your eye!?"

Aff's left eye was swollen; blue-black.

"The same man who claimed he's my God."


"...last Friday...after I met you...I've decided to leave prostitution..."


"But, when I went pack my belongings...he found me. I tried to explain...but he wouldn't listen! He punched me...kicked me...and--"


"He swear he'll kill me if I ever do that again..."

Tears were running down her cheek. It looked liked crystals, on her swollen eye.

"Don't cry...don't."

He wiped away her tears, carefully -- not wanting to hurt her.

"I'm sick and tired of my life! I'm not even dead yet...and I've already experienced, hell."


"Let me die...Aum...LET ME!"

She tried forcing her way through Aum's muscular body.

"NO! SIT!" He commanded.

"Why won't you let me die...why..."

"Because...we had a deal."

Aum walked towards his jungle of flowers and took one particular pot. The flowers were so unique, it resembled tangling white bells. He placed it right on the table.

"You know what flower is this?"


"Well, let me tell you. It's called, Lily of the Valley."


"You know what's so special about this flower? It was said to be created from Eve's she was expelled from the garden of Eden."


"One legend tells that the very first Lily of the Valley loved the Nightingale. But, because she was so shy...she hid in the long grass to listen to his song. The Nightingale became lonely and said that he would never sing unless, she bloomed every May for all to see..."

", what are you trying to tell me?" Aff finally spoke.

"I'm just trying to say...that, you're the Lily of the Valley...and...I'm the Nightingale."


"Stop hiding in the long grass...I don't want you to die."


"Aff...Lily of the Valley also've made my life complete. I love you."

Words were left unspoken. Aff could only smile though that smile alone was enough,

As no smile is more beautiful, than the one that had struggled through tears...


As I started to read this chapter...thinking to myself, Aum must have fallen for Aff already since he couldn't stop thinking about her. Eh, Aff got beat up just cus she wanted to leave the prostitute place. At the end of the chapter, he confessed his love for her :wub: I adore his caring for Aff.