ET Yang's Son is not his biological son. (So sad)


sarNie Adult
Being a viewer my heart aches for the family and little boy. The devastation and saddness the family had to endure. Got tearing from the beginning to the end. I hope one day the boy will come back and reunite with the family. Thank you for sharing.


sarNie Adult
Although it was sad watching this video, why would they post such a video for the public? It makes them seem like attention whores and they just want to show the world that they're a loving family etc. It's not something that should be publicized to increase their fame etc. So what if it's for memories etc? These types of things should be kept private. It's exactly why rumors start. Anyways, I hope the son finds happiness with his biological mother and can find his way back to ET once he's of age. (That is, if ET is still willing to love his son even after finding out that he isn't even his own blood.)