Even if the Sky Tumbles (Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai) - CH.9 [27APRIL2013]

Well, here goes nothing. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. Hope you guys enjoy this.
Tau Hai Fah Pung Salai
(Even if the Sky Tumbles)
Kimberly Voltemas
Mark Prin
Urassaya Sperbund
Nadech Kugimiya
Mint Chalida
Mint Natwara
Pope Thanawat
Gubgib Sumonthip
Mario Maurer
Nong Ryuji Inkharat aka Tono the Star’s lookalike
“I’m pregnant.”
Natwara repeated herself clearly in a somber tone.
“I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant, Mark. I’m pregnant.”
Her voice was shaky each time she repeated it. It was as if she wanted to cry. There were already tears flowing in her
“Is…is it m-mine?”
“Of course it is. Who else’s could it be?”
Mark shook his head slowly in disbelief. His heart pounded out of fear.
“You’re not kidding me right?”
He wanted this to all be a dream. No. A nightmare. When he opened his eyes, it would all go away.
“No, I’m not kidding,” said Natwara, shaking him. “This is true. I’m pregnant and it’s yours. You’re going to be a father, Mark!”
“I don’t believe you,” said Mark, stepping back.
He backed right into the wall behind him and stood there looking aghast.
“You must believe me,” said Natwara. “It happened that night.”
Mark shook his head again.
“Oh, what am I going to do?” he asked Natwara. “If your sister finds out…if Chalida finds out…
“She must accept reality,” said Natwara finishing the sentence for him even though that wasn’t what he was going to say. “It’s the truth!”
“And Nadech,” added Mark. “You’re his fiancee.”
“Sooner or later they will find out,” said Natwara. “You must tell Chalida yourself and I will explain to Nadech.”
“No,” said Mark.
A teardrop rolled down his face.
“I love Chalida,” he said. “I can’t hurt her.”
“Mark! It’s the truth!” exclaimed Natwara, shaking him again. “Wake up! This is reality!”
“I can’t do it,” said Mark sorrowfully. “You’re getting married to my best friend next week!”
“That wedding is not going to happen,” said Natwara. “It is impossible!”
“No,” said Mark.
He repeated the word “no” several times before shouting it once loudly. Then, without warning, he dashed towards his car and sped off. Natwara ran after him but when she realized that it was impossible to catch up, she stood there letting the nightly warm breeze whip against her face.
After leaving that bridge, where Natwara asked him to privately meet to confess her pregnancy, Mark reminisced on the good and happy times he shared with his fiancee, Chalida. His affair with Natwara was unexpected. It was all an accident and he did not know who to blame. The last thing he remembered from “that night” was that he was heartbroken and heavily intoxicated. Mark woke up the next morning on a hotel bed wearing only his boxers. Beside him was a weeping Natwara, his fiancee’s older sister.


LOL, I'll be greatful if you do write a Bie ff, the last time i ever read a Bie ff was last year. :)
Chapter One
“Please leave a message after the beep.”
For some reason, every time Nadech called his fiancee, he would hear this line every time followed by that annoying beep. He would leave her a voicemail every time too but she would never return his call. They were getting married in a few days and she seemed to be avoiding him. That is bad.
“Do you think she’s mad at me?” Nadech asked his best friend, Mark.
“I…uh…don’t know,” replied Mark. “Have you tried going to her place?”
“I’ve tried everything,” Nadech sighed. “Calling her and leaving voicemails, texts, going to her house, visiting her work and asking around…nothing. Maybe she doesn’t want to marry me anymore.”
Mark was silent. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to do. After Natwara confessed that she was pregnant with his baby, Mark seemed to have fell into a deep dark hole and unable to find his way out.

Nadech waved his hand in front of Mark a few times and snapped to get Mark’s attention.
“What?” asked Mark. “Uh, I don’t know what to say, man.”
Nadech collapsed into his office chair and suddenly, the phone rang out of no where.
“It must be Nat!” he exclaimed excitedly.
But it wasn’t. It was an unfamiliar number but Nadech answered it anyway.
“Yes, I’m Nadech speaking.”
After a few nods and “okays” and “uh huhs”, that phone conversation ended.
“Who was it?” asked Mark.
“Khun Pisanu, the hotel manager where our wedding is held at,” replied Nadech. “He just wanted to confirm our booking for the day.”
Nadech got up from his chair.
“Well, I gotta get going,” he said. “Gotta pick up my wedding tux from the tailor. If Nat contacts you, please let me know immediately or if you see her…
“I know,” said Mark without Nadech having to finish. “I’ll let you know right away.”
Nadech thanked his buddy and walked out of the office.
“I should let you know,” said Mark quietly to himself after Nadech was gone.
He decided to call Natwara. She answered immediately with a pleasant greeting.
“We need to talk,” said Mark at once. “You can’t keep doing this.”
Seems like Natwara didn’t mind talking to Mark. It could probably be about anything as long as she got to see him. Mark suggested a suitable time and place where they could meet and discuss their current situation.
“The sooner we figure this out, the better,” said Mark. “I don’t wanna lie to my fiancee and best friend anymore.”
After the call, Mark put his phone back into his pocket, grabbed his coat and opened the office door. His fiancee, Chalida was standing right outside the office.
“Da,” said Mark, stunned. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m your fiancee,” she replied. “Is it a crime for me to visit you?”
“Of course not,” replied Mark. “Its just that I’ve got urgent business right now. Can we talk later?”
“Where are you going?” asked Chalida. “Who do you have business with?”
“Uh…I’m meeting up with an important person who’s trying to invest in our business,” Mark lied. “He’s from America.”
“Oh,” said Chalida, eyeing him suspiciously. “Good luck then.”
Mark noticed how sad she seemed. He leaned in closer to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.
“I love you,” said Mark.
“I love you too,” said Chalida.
“See you later,” said Mark.
Chalida nodded and smiled slightly. Mark walked away feeling horrible. He didn’t want to lie to her but he had no other choice. If he had told her that he was meeting up with Natwara, she would definitely find it suspicious.
“We need to clear things up right now,” said Mark.
It was only him and Natwara seated on the patio outside an Italian restaurant.
“Have you told Khun Chalida about us?” asked Natwara.
Mark sighed heavily and looked away from Natwara. Finally, he shook his head and responded to her question with a “no”.
“I can’t,” said Mark. “I just can’t do this.”
“Don’t you love me?” asked Natwara.
Mark looked at her with a confused look. She thought for a moment.
“Don’t…don’t you care for our baby?” she asked, revising the previous question.
She knew damn well Mark did not love her.
“Of course I care about the baby,” said Mark. “But I’m just unsure.”
“What do you mean unsure?!” asked Natwara loudly.
 “Sit down,” said Mark. “Can’t we talk about this without arguing?”
“I can’t help it,” said Natwara. “You started this. If you didn’t get me…
“Alright, stop it,” said Mark. “Honestly, I don’t even remember what happened that night, alright? I take it that it was my fault that I went over to you for advice. If I hadn’t gone over, if I hadn’t drank…
“Seems like you’re trying to say it’s my fault,” said Natwara, shaking her head. “You were the one I woke up next to that morning. This baby is yours! You think I would lie to you about it? Why would I lie to you about it?”
The more they talked about this matter, the worse it seemed. She was right. Even though he didn’t remember if he touched or not that night, he was the man she woke up next to that morning. Therefore, that baby was his responsibility. Or, was it? Mark was confused. On top of that, he was scared and lost.
“You shouldn’t be avoiding Nadech,” said Mark finally.
He suddenly remembered that Nadech had tried many times to get in touch with her.
“Your friend and I are over,” said Natwara. “I didn’t answer his phone calls and texts for a reason.”
“You shouldn’t be doing this,” said Mark. “Do you know how he feels? You both are supposed to get married in three days!”
“At first, I wanted to tell him about this,” said Natwara. “But then I thought it better if I just avoided him because I can’t bear to see him heartbroken. Moreover, I can’t just marry him and pretend like nothing happened between us and make him responsible for OUR baby. It’s a sin.”
“You’re right. It is a sin.”
Nadech had stepped out from behind the curtains at the corner of the patio. His handsome face was embedded in tears. He wiped his face once as he approached his best friend and fiancee. Mark and Natwara both stood up.
“Nadech, I…
“Say no more, Mark,” said Nadech.
He shot a mean look at Mark.
“You are my best friend Mark. We had been best friends for as long as I can remember. I never thought that you would ever kill me alive like this. The two people I love most have murdered me.”
He turned to look at Natwara and back at Mark.
“I wish the best to both of you.”

Nadech wiped his tears off his face and walked away.
“Nadech! Nadech!”
Mark tried to run after him but Natwara held him back. He suddenly realized that he too, was crying. Nadech’s words pierced his heart. It hurt so much hear those very words from his best friend.
“Don’t go after him,” said Natwara. “He must understand. You must understand.”
“Why?” cried Mark.
His world suddenly stopped turning.


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I'm planning to, but right now i have so many to finish first. I've already started on a Bie ff, but i'm waiting till i get more written before posting. :)
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I'm planning to, but right now i have so many to finish first. I've already started on a Bie ff, but i'm waiting till i get more written before posting. :)
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Chapter Two
Chalida stared at her fiance, tears flooded her eyes and trickled down her face as she was as lost, disappointed, and angry as he was. Mark was angry at himself. Over and over again, he kept telling himself that he shouldn’t have went to Natwara for advice that night but what more could he do? It was all too late. Even if Chalida had given him the chance to repent himself, he could never look at her the same way and have the same feelings. He felt disgusted with himself.
“I want to say I’m sorry,” began Mark. “However, I know it doesn’t mean anything to you because the things that I’ve done don’t deserve your forgiveness.”
“P’Nat is my older sister,” said Chalida tearfully. “She was my older sister!”
“Everything is my fault,” said Mark. “That night we got into it, I had no where else to turn. I was lost without you and no one else know you better than your own sister so I went to her for advice and I regret it very much. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“If you truly loved me you should know me better than that,” said Chalida.
More tears rolled Mark’s face. She was right. If he truly loved her, he should know her better. He shouldn’t and needn’t seek advice regarding their relationship from anyone else.
“I’m so sorry,” said Mark, falling on both of his knees.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight. Chalida looked up at the sky and wiped her tears away. Then, she slightly pushed him away.
“You need not do this,” she said to him in a calmer voice. “Everything is over now. What’s done cannot be undone. You should go comfort P’Nat and your unborn baby.”
“I love you,” said Mark, standing up. “It hurts me so much to see you in tears and it’s killing me deeply inside my heart that our relationship is no longer the same. My heart is broken.”
“I’m sorry I can’t do anything about it,” said Chalida, trying to control her tears.
Usually, she always got emotional at his sweet words.
“P’Nat is the only one who can mend your heart,” said Chalida. “She’s now the owner of your heart and you, the owner of hers.”
Wiping her last tears, Chalida walked away from Mark leaving him crying on the ground. Natwara was peeping out the window from inside their house but when Chalida walked in, she raced towards her heartbroken younger sister and pulled her into nearly bone breaking hug.
“Da, I’m so sorry,” said Natwara in hesitation. “We were both drunk that night and…
“You don’t have to explain,” said Chalida softly.
Slowly, she put her arms around her older sister.
“I don’t blame you,” said Chalida. “I don’t blame anyone.”
Mark walked in slowly and stopped at the sight of the two sisters embracing. When Chalida noticed his presence, she released herself from the sister hug.
“Good luck to both of you,” Chalida said to both of them.
And she left without saying another word. She walked away slowly in tears and in pain.
There was no where for Nadech to go. He had no one to turn to. Both his parents were dead. His best friend was now more of an opponent, a strong contender who he had just lost to in a love battle. Nadech drove and drove. It was raining hard and without paying close attention to the road, he had almost struck a pedestrian ahead. He recognized at once that it was Chalida. Nadech quickly pulled over and parked his car on the side near the bridge on the empty road. He got out of the car and sensed that something wasn’t right. Chalida didn’t notice him and continued crossing the road to get to the other side of the bridge.
“Da!” Nadech shouted, hoping to get her attention.
She glanced for a second in Nadech’s direction and continued walking.
“Da!” Nadech shouted again.
He quickly ran to her and pulled her into his arms.
“What’re you doing?!” he shouted through the rain.
Actually, it wasn’t even necessary to shout as she was standing right there before him but it was his emotional breakdown that caused him to shout.
“Khun Nadech,” said Chalida in a depressive tone.
It was as though her soul wasn’t with her. Nadech hugged her and patted the back of her head.
“It’s okay,” he panted. “Everything is going to be okay.”
She cried so much earlier that she couldn’t even manage to produce another tear. There was this feeling to break down right then and there but she just couldn’t do it. She didn’t have a single teardrop left.
“Come on, let’s get out of this rain,” said Nadech, escorting her towards the direction of his car, which was on the opposite side of the road.
Once inside the car, Nadech turned up the heat and took off his jacket to cover Chalida.
“I don’t want to go home,” she murmured.
“Alright, where do you want to go?” asked Nadech. “I’ll take you there.”
“Anywhere is fine,” replied Chalida. “I don’t want to interfere with their relationship.”
Nadech looked down sadly. He left it at that and started his car. He wasn’t sure where to take her but thought it better to keep an eye on her in case she did something out of the ordinary.
A little more than half an hour later, they arrived in front of Bangkok Patio Condominiums. Nadech escorted Chalida inside, who was now looking paler and more loss than ever, towards the receptionist desk. He pulled out his cell from his pocket and called Sumonthip, his secretary.
“Mon, will you come down for a minute?” asked Nadech through the phone.
A few minutes later, Sumonthip appeared in the lobby before them.
“Oh my god!” she gasped. “You two look like you’ve been in a battle.”
“Yeah,” said Nadech. “And we lost.”
Sumonthip raised an eyebrow.
“Anyway, long story short, I need to you take care of Khun Chalida,” said Nadech.
“Wait a minute,” said Sumonthip. “Since when have you became this close to Khun Chalida? Where is Khun Prin?”
Nadech shook his head at Sumonthip.
“Just do as I say please,” said Nadech.
“Uh…okay,” said Sumonthip, finally.
“If you notice something strange, notify me immediately,” said Nadech.
“Okay boss!”
Nadech told Chalida not to worry.
“Losing one battle doesn’t mean we’re going to lose the war,” he said. “We must continue to live even if the sky tumbles.”
Nadech nodded at Sumonthip. Though confused, she threw up the okay sign with a smile and winked at her boss.
“No need to worry,” said Sumonthip. “I’ll take care of her.”
“Thanks Mon,” said Nadech.
Sumonthip led Chalida to her room on the 9th floor of the building. She directed Chalida to the guest bedroom and told her to sit on the bed.
“I don’t know what you’ve been through but boss has asked me to take good care of you so I must do as he say,” said Sumonthip. “We’re not that unfamiliar with each other so think of me as a friend. I’ll be right here if you needed anything. Just make yourself at home.”
Sumonthip placed one hand over Chalida’s forehead.
“You have a fever,” said Sumonthip. “I’m going to get you some comfortable clothes to change into and make you some porridge to warm you up, okay? I’ll be right back.”
Sumonthip trotted out the room. Chalida sat there on the bed frozen and lifeless.
As she was picking out clean pajamas for Chalida, Sumonthip hesitated on whether or not to notify Mark.
“Khun Prin is Khun Chalida’s boyfriend,” Sumonthip said to herself. “He has the right to know. I should let him know.”
Before heading back to the guest room, Sumonthip sat on her bed and took her cell phone off her nightstand.
“Khun Prin, Khun Prin,” Sumonthip murmured to herself. “Aha.”
She called him but he did not answer.
“Hello krub, I am Prin Suparat na krub, I am not available right now but please leave me your name and a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible.”
After the beep, Sumonthip left him a message.
“Khun Prin ka, this is me, Sumonthip na ka, Khun Nadech’s secretary. I don’t know if you already know but Khun Chalida is with me right now and her current state is very worrisome so if possible, give me a call back.”
Sumonthip put her phone back on the nightstand and headed back to the guest room with the clean clothes. However, Chalida was not there.
“Khun Chalida ka,” Sumonthip called out. “Khun Chalida.”
There was no answer.
“Where could she be?” Sumonthip asked herself.
She went into the living room and kitchen but Chalida was nowhere to be found.
“Khun Chalida,” repeated Sumonthip. “Or is she in the bathroom?”
After carefully looking around her house and finally realizing that Chalida was not there, Sumonthip opened the door and looked up and down the hallways.
“This is not good,” said Sumonthip to herself.
She closed the door behind her, took the elevator down to the lobby and rushed over to the receptionist desk.
“Hey have you two seen that one young woman who was dropped off by that handsome man earlier?” Sumonthip asked the two receptionists.
They both shook their heads and that’s when Sumonthip was panic stricken.
Loud bloodcurdling screams came from outside. Sumonthip’s heart raced. She rushed outside to see a crowd of people. Sumonthip fought her way through the crowd and realized they were looking down at a woman’s body…dead body. That woman was Chalida.
“KHUN CHALIDA!” bellowed Sumonthip, rushing over to Chalida’s cold, dead body.
“Khun Prin!”
Mark took Chalida into his arms and cried all over her. He repeatedly said "I'm sorry" and "I love you" but it was no use because she could no longer hear or see him. She was forever gone.


sarNie Hatchling
hhuuuuuhhh, you killed chalida off????? o.0
mark must be devastated
edit: ooops, was so shocked about chalida, I forgot to say that your fanfic is awesome so far, looking forward to more ^-^
icebe said:
hhuuuuuhhh, you killed chalida off????? o.0
mark must be devastated
edit: ooops, was so shocked about chalida, I forgot to say that your fanfic is awesome so far, looking forward to more ^-^
Seems like everybody is surprised that Chalida died. And yeah, Mark is devastated. So is Nadech though.
And thanks for reading!
Chapter Three

Like the day of
Chalida’s tragic death, her funeral was also held on a gloomy, rainy day. There
weren’t many attendees, only her older sister, Natwara, a saddened, Mark, a
handful of close friends and some co workers. Mark had cried all his tears out
prior to the funeral just as Chalida did before she committed suicide that night.
He had cried his whole heart out until he could cry no more.

“Are you tired?”

Natwara had
looped her right arm around Mark’s left arm and wiped the invisible sweat off
his forehead.

“Khun Nat, don’t
do that,” Mark told her. “We’re in public.”

Natwara frowned.

“Why?” she
asked. “Don’t forget that we’re…

“Don’t forget
that this is your sister’s funeral!” Mark snarled at her in a low tone. “Please
behave appropriately.”

“Well you two
seem very…happy.”

They were so
carried away in their argument that they didn’t even realize Nadech’s presence.

“Nadech,” said

She looked from
Nadech to Mark and looped her arm around Mark’s again. Nadech seemed unbothered…or
at least he pretended to be. Deep down, it hurt. The sight of them together
felt like a million knives stabbing at his heart.

“Sorry for
interrupting your sweet moment,” said Nadech sarcastically.

Mark grabbed
Nadech’s arm and made direct eye contact with him.

“What do you
mean by that?” asked Mark.

“Well there’s
nothing wrong with a couple being a…couple, right?” said Nadech. “So I was just
apologizing for interrupting.”

“It’s not what
you think it is,” said Mark. “Khun Nat and I…I never meant to…there’s a lot…

“No need for any
explanations,” said Nadech.

He pulled Mark

“I hope you feel
guilty,” he whispered into Mark’s ear.

Nadech was about
to step inside the temple but Mark pulled him violently back out.

“What do you
mean?!” exclaimed Mark. “You mean this is my fault?!”

Natwara stepped
up and pulled Mark back.

“Mark, let’s not
make a big deal out of this,” she said. “Just let him think what he wants to
think. As long as we know the truth, whether or not he knows it too doesn’t
make a difference because it can’t and won’t change anything.”

Mark gently
pushed Natwara back and stomped inside the temple. Nadech shot an angry look at
Natwara and he too, walked into the temple. Natwara groaned and shook her head.
Just as she was about to step into the temple too, someone pulled her back and
dragged her to the corner of the temple.

“Stop! Let me

Natwara turned
around and stopped fighting back.

“Pope,” she said
quietly. “What are you doing here?”

“This is your
sister’s funeral,” said Pope. “I have the right to be here. Only I need to ask
you one thing…

“No, I have
nothing to discuss with you,” said Natwara pushing him away.

He pulled her
into a tight hug.

“I missed you so
much,” said Pope.

Natwara pushed
him back violently and slapped him on the right side of his cheek.

“I told you we
are over!” she exclaimed. “Now leave me alone!”

“Why?!” he
bursted out. “Is it because I accidentally…

“No!” exclaimed
Natwara before Pope could finish asking. “That day never happened! Just forget
about it! I forgot about it! I forgot that you even existed so just forget
about our relationship, okay? I’m moving on now and it’s time for you to move
on too.”

Pope grabbed
Natwara’s arm and faced her towards him.

“I’m sorry I did
that to you but I didn’t mean to and I thought you wanted it too…

“Enough!” said
Natwara in a loud gasp. “Just drop it! You don’t have to apologize because I
don’t love you.”

“But I love you!”

“But I don’t
love you!”

Pope shook his
head. There were now tears in his eyes.

“It’s because of
that Nadech guy isn’t it? Or is it his buddy, Mark?” he asked Natwara.

Natwara was
losing her patience with him. One, she had a funeral to get to and two, this
guy needs to just disappear out of her life.

“I have a
funeral to tend to,” she said finally. “Now don’t follow me!”

He did not
follow her. He did not even move a muscle. Instead, he watched as she stomped
away angrily. He accepted that he made a mistake but his mistake was out of
love. Nevertheless, it was her younger sister’s funeral and as a gentleman, he
must attend it because Chalida was like his younger sister too.


After the
funeral, Natwara walked out arm in arm with Mark. When they got to the front
door of the temple, Mark told her that he was going to bathroom and that she
could go ahead and start the car. Actually, Mark intended on catching Nadech so
they could talk it out.

Nadech opened
his car door but Mark slammed it shut from behind.

“What the?”

“We need to
talk,” said Mark, panting.

He had just practically
ran all the way from one side of the parking lot to the other. Now hopefully
Natwara didn’t catch up with them.

“What are you
doing?” asked Nadech. “Where’s Natwara? You’d better go back to her and keep an
eye on her. She and the baby needs you at all times.”

Mark bit his lip
and punched Nadech in the face. He watched as Nadech fell to the ground
massaging his jaw.

“You idiot!”
exclaimed Mark. “I am your best friend! You should know me better! At least let
me explain! I’m not asking for your forgiveness! I just want you to listen to
what I have to say!”

Nadech got up
slowly, still massaging his left jaw. He nodded at Mark.

“Well let’s hear
it,” he said. “Go ahead and say what you want so we can get it over it.”

If Mark had the
time, he would definitely punch Nadech again. Instead he shook his head and
tried to catch his breath before he went on with the explanation.

“I was drunk that
night,” said Mark, finally. “That night I got into with Da.”


Nadech seemed

“And I felt like
it was the end of our relationship so I went looking for help,” said Mark. “I
didn’t know what to do and made a mistake by meeting with Natwara at a bar. I
didn’t want to cry though so I drank. I drank a lot. We both drank a lot and I
ended up taking her home but she puked all over herself and in my car so I
pulled over at…at a motel to get her cleaned up. I swear I didn’t go into the
room. I asked for one of the maids to help take care of her. Next thing, I woke
up the next morning and I don’t know…how I got there…and it already happened.”

They stared at
each other for an odd moment.

“Are you done
yet?” asked Nadech.

“Yeah,” nodded

Nadech turned
around, got into his car, sped away and was out of sight before Mark could even
say “I’m sorry.”

“I never meant
for everything to be like this,” said Mark to himself.

Hidden behind
some tall bushes nearby was Pope, who had overheard the whole conversation. So
the reason why Natwara broke up with him was not because of her arranged
marriage to Nadech but because she had an affair with Mark. That made total
sense now.