Facing Reality: Chapter 3

Facing Reality
She has made dreams come true. But she never thought of being the bride to a wedding herself.

Romance, drama, and comedy.

Introductions to the main characters.

Arisa Chayanan & Pawit Kanjananuch
Famous wedding planner vs. wealthy business owner.
Portrayed by Pinky Savika and Tengneung Krisanakan.

Napatsorn Joranin & Warakorn Chotichai
Engaged bride-to-be vs. rich restaurant owner.
Portrayed by Faai Nichanan and Tle Thanapol.

Arisa was a famous sought-after wedding planner.
So when Pawit and Napatsorn were about to host a wedding party, all thoughts were to hire Arisa.
When they finally meet for the first time, everything is going well.
But then something sad & unexpected happens:
Napatsorn suddenly disappears, and the wedding must be called off.
However, Mrs. Kanjananuch has other plans.
In truth, she never really liked her son's choice in women.
So she forces Arisa to become Pawit's new bride instead of Napatsorn.
Being responsible, Arisa agrees to the plan.
However, Pawit does not want to marry Arisa.

Arisa doesn't want to marry but is going by the rules.
Pawit despises Arisa but in the end agrees to the marriage after multiple begs from his mom.
Napatsorn had been captured by Warakorn, the rich restaurant owner due to her mother's debts.
As for Warakorn, he finally learns that Napatsorn and her mother a two totally different people.

When everything seems to be going smoothly, Pawit accidentally meets Napatsorn-

"Welcome to Arisa's," the receptionist greeted Pawit and Napatsorn, smiling.

"We're here to see Khun Arisa," Napatsorn informed the receptionist. "We have an appointing with her at 2."

"Please wait one moment." The receptionist dialed Arisa's office number. "Khun Arisa?"

"What is it, Nan?" Arisa inquired. "I'm with a customer."

"Your 2 o'clock appointment has arrived."

"Ok, alright I'm going to be done in a bit. Tell them I'll be ready in 10," Arisa replied, looking at her watch.

"Ka, Khun Arisa," the receptionist answered, ending the call. She turned to Pawit and Napatsorn. "Khun Arisa will be ready for you in 10."

Napatsorn nodded. "Thanks ka."

Pawit rolled his eyes, whispering to Napatsorn: "It's 5 minutes past 2, why isn't this wedding planner of yours ready for us?"

"She's really busy. All the hisos come to her," Napatsorn replied, plastering a smile across her face. "Be polite, Wit."

"Fine," Pawit grumbles, annoyed.

10 minutes later, Arisa walked out of her office and went to the living room. "Sawasdee ka, I'm Arisa."

Napatsorn turned. "Nice to meet you ka, Khun Arisa. I'm Napatsorn, and this-" She motions towards Pawit. "...is my fiance, Pawit."

Arisa nodded. "Of course. Please follow me to my office," she tells them, walking back up the stairs and into her office.

Both Napatsorn and Pawit followed Arisa into the office.

"So, any ideas how you want your wedding to be like?" Arisa asked, pulling out her notebook.

Napatsorn nodded. "I would like something stunning yet elegant in it's own. Maybe some white roses, I hate red."

Arisa nodded. "How many guests? And where would you want to host the event?"

"About 200 guests, if I'm not mistaken," Pawit replies. "And my mom wants the event at Le Meridian."

"Ka," Arisa replies, jotting down notes. "When would you like the event to be at? The grand ballroom?"

"Sure, if it's available. Money's not a problem for us," Pawit tells Arisa. "The more expensive and exclusive the better."

"Have you set a date for the event?"

"Yes, we want our wedding to be on June 12th," Napatsorn replies, smiling at Pawit.

"How about dresses? Themes?"

"The theme should be something like a masquerade," Pawit informs Arisa. "Something mysterious."

"Ka," Arisa replies, jotting down more notes.

"And we've already gotten the dresses, suits, and stuff."

"Ka." Arisa pauses. "Anything else?"

"No, I don't this so. When will you be ready to present us the schedule?" Pawit inquired, annoyed. "I'm sort of in a hurry today."

Arisa flipped the pages of her calendar. "How about Monday?"

"Sure," Napatsorn replies, smiling.

"Napat, I have a meeting that day...," Pawit apologizes. "I can't possibly come."

"Wit, this is more important than some meeting!" Napatsorn shouts, angry.

"I really can't cancel this meeting. Mom's going to have a fit. You know my mom doesn't exactly like you."

"Is it my fault that I'm not as rich or something?" Napatsorn asks, tears in her eyes.

Arisa sat there in silence.

"No, it's not like that. In order to marry you, I have to do everything Mom tells me," Pawit replies.

"But she's never going to let us marry, is she?"

"Napat, don't say that! Of course we're-"

At that moment, Arisa's phone rings. "Excuse me."

Pawit nodded, glancing at his fiance.

Arisa got up and to the corner of the room, answering the phone. "Hello?"

"Arisa, where are you?" Mrs. Chayanan asks. "I need you home by 4."

"Mom, I'll be there soon ok? I have a couple fighting and I'm running out of ideas."

"Whatever but you better be here ASAP. Dad's got a surprise for you."

"Ka, of course Mom," Arisa replies, ending the phone call. She goes back to sitting across from Napatsorn and Pawit. "Uhh-"

"I'll come back on Monday," Napatsorn tells Arisa. After that, she storms out of the office.

"Napat, wait!" Pawit calls after his fiance. He gets up. "Napat!"

Arisa raises an eyebrow. "So you'll be back on Monday? What time?"

"2," Pawit replies, running after Napatsorn.

This must be the weirdest & most unusual couple ever, Arisa thought.

If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to tell me.


Ah, I love it so far! Bride being kidnap and another has to replace her! And yes, I'm feeling alot of drama from this! More towards Napat and Warakorn.

Thanks Grace for another great story of yours ^_^
Chapter One
"Mom! I'm home!" Arisa shouts, scanning the living room for her mom. "Mom?"

There was no reply. The house itself looked as if it were empty. Where was Grandma? The maids? The drivers?

Just at that moment, Mr. Chayanan came up behind her. "Surprise, honey!" He handed her a small box wrapped in silver wrappings.

"Happy birthday," Mrs. Chayanan whispered into her daughter's ears, smiling. "Now, open your present."

Arisa smiled, taking the box from her dad and unwrapping it. Inside, to her surprise, was not jewelry like other years. It was key. A car key. "Dad!"

Mr. Chayanan smiled. "Like it, honey? It's the new Mercedes-Benz W221."

"Like it? I love it! Dad, thank you!" Arisa screams, hugging her dad. "Thanks so much for this awesome birthday present."

At that moment, Arisa's grandma comes out. "Arisa dear, I have a present for you too. It might not be new, but-"

"Anything's fine, Grandma. As long as it's from you," Arisa replied, smiling.

Her grandma handed her yet another small box. "Open it, dear."

Arisa nodded, carefully unwrapping the box. Inside lay a pink diamond ring. "Grandma!"

"Like it, dear?" her grandma asked, smiling. "It's more like a family thing, Arisa."

Arisa hugged her grandma. "I love it, Grandma! It's so beautiful. Thanks, Grandma."

"You're welcome," her grandma replies. "Now, I have to go. Your grandpa isn't feeling well."

"What's wrong with Grandpa?" Arisa asked, raising an eyebrow. "Is he going to be ok?"

"He's just caught another cold, that's all," her grandma replied. "Now, go have some fun, ok?"

Arisa nodded. "Ka, Grandma."

Just at that moment, Lynn, Arisa's nanny, comes running to her. "Khun Arisa, phone ka."

"Thanks," Arisa replied, taking the phone. "Hello?"

"Is that Arisa Chayanan?" the lady asks.

"Yes, ka my name's Arisa."

"I'm Pawit's mother. He's busy and wants me to ask you if you could come to our house to present the schedule."

Arisa rolled her eyes. "Uhh, please wait one moment." She hands the phone to Lynn and rummaged her bag for her notebook. She was free all day Monday. Just her luck, again. She takes the phone from Lynn. "I'm available all day ka. When do you want me to go? And where is your house?"

"Do you know Everton Mansion?"

"Ka, my uncle lives there. Why?"

"My house is right next next to that. Sunshine Mansion," the lady replies.

"What time do you want me to be there at?" Arisa asks.

"About 11 if possible."

"Ka," Arisa replies. "Is that all?"

"Yes, that's all. Bye."

"Bye ka," Arisa responded, ending the phone call.

"Honey, who was that?" Mrs. Chayanan asks.

"My customer's mother. Weird enough, she lives in Sunshine Mansion."

"Sunshine Mansion...wait, you mean Janejira?"

"Don't know, Mom. All I know is that her son's name is Pawit," Arisa replies.

"If it is Janejira, be nice to her ok? She's helped me through a lot, honey. If you can agree to it, just agree, will you?"

"Ka, Mom."


"Sawasdee ka, Khun-"

"I'm Janejira Kanjananuch," Mrs. Kanjananuch mentioned, motioning for Arisa to come inside.

Arisa followed Pawit's mother inside, situating herself onto a sofa chair. She looks around. "Khun Pawit?"

"In a meeting, sorry. He's going to be here around 11.30."

"Would you like to see the schedule?" Arisa asked, digging into her handbag.

At that moment, Mrs. Kanjananuch's phone rang. "Hello?"

"Mom, Napat's missing."

"What? How? and When?"

"I don't know but her mom just called me a second ago. Something about a kidnap."


"Wait, is the wedding planner at home?"

"Yes, she's here. And what are we going to do about the wedding?"

"Mom, are you sure you have absolutely nothing to do with this?"

"I'm sure!" Mrs. Kanjananuch protested. "And what are we going to do? I already sent out the invitations."

"I'll be home ASAP. Wait for me," Pawit instructs his mom.

--1/2 HOUR LATER--

Pawit hurries into the house. "Mom, is it too late to cancel?"

"Of course it is, Wit! You wanted the wedding ASAP and now it's a disaster. Your wedding's in 5 days."

"Shit, 5 days? And why did you send out the invitations?"


"Now what are we going to do?"

Mrs. Kanjananuch turns to Arisa. "Will you...will you be my son's bride instead?"

Arisa's eyes were wide. "What? Uhh-"

Mrs. Kanjananuch broke into tears. This better do the trick.

"MOM!" Pawit protests, angry. "NO!"

"I, I-"

"Wait, what was your last name again?"


"Oh, yeah that's right. Are you Tasanan's daughter?"

Arisa eyed Mrs. Kanjananuch carefully. "You know my mom?"

Mrs. Kanjananuch nodded. "Please, I'm seriously going to loose face if there's no wedding. It was bad enough that I had to write Napat's name-"

"MOM! That's enough," Pawit scolded. "No wedding is no wedding."

Mrs. Kanjananuch gave Pawit a cold stare. "You know how embarrassed I was to have Napat as a daughter-in-law? And now she turns up MISSING!"

"I, uhh-"

"Please, Arisa!" Mrs. Kanjananuch continues crying.

"Umm-" She sighs. Just do it for Mom... "Ok ka."

Mrs. Kanjananuch brightened up right away. "Thanks, Arisa."

Arisa managed a weak smile.

"WHAT? Mom, you can't do this!" Pawit protests.

"Of course I can, Wit! I'm not going to start loosing face, not today anyhow."

"But what about the invitations?"

"I'll just say the wrong name was on there, easy enough."

"But Mom!"

"No buts, Wit. I gave that ex-fiance of yours enough chances."

"It wasn't her fault!"

"And is this mine? Oh please, Wit."

"I, I- I'd better go...tell my parents," Arisa stammered, getting up and leaving. Arisa, what have you done? "Bye ka."

"Mom, you can't just DO this! What about Napat's parents?"

"What about them, huh?"

"How will they feel to see that the first day their daughter goes missing you do this?"

"See if I care, Wit," Mrs. Kanjananuch replies. "Now, be a good boy and just accept this will you?"

"Accept marrying the wedding planner?"

"Think on the bright side, Wit. Your wedding will be so glamorous."

"But I don't want glamorous, not without Napat."

"I'll tell you what: you can invite her to the wedding if she turns up."



"Are you serious? And how come you like this wedding planner more than my fi- ex-fiance?"

"Because! I used to know her mom. We we best friends," Mrs. Kanjananuch replies.

"But Arisa didn't look like she wanted to."

"Nan probably told her daughter a thing or two."

"Nan? Who's Nan?"

"Your new mother-in-law. Live with it."


"Mom, I-"

"Jira already called me, honey. I'm so proud of you!"

Arisa stared at her mother in disbelief. "I-"

"Thanks for accepting the engagement, honey. Jira really has helped me a lot. Seeing her happy kinda makes me happy as well."

Arisa managed another weak smile. "Ka, Mom. But her son-"

"You'll learn to love him, Arisa. I mean, you don't have anyone right now, do you?"

"Of course not, Mom. But it's a little awkward, don't you think?"

"It's not awkward. Besides, Jira adores you, Arisa!"

"Does Dad know?"

"I'm thinking yes," Mrs. Chayanan replies.

"He's ok with it?"

"I guess so. I mean, all 4 of us including your fiance's dad were childhood friends."

"Oh," Arisa stammered. "I guess, I guess I'd better plan. The wedding's in 5 days."

"How about the engagement?"

"I don't know, Mom."

"I'll call Jira and arrange something," Mrs. Chayanan replies, walking away.

Why is everyone happy but me? Arisa wondered glumly.​


sarNie Granny
i think his mother probably had something to do with Napatsorn going missing (indirectly)
Arisa did it for her mother..aww.


Whoa Arisa got a new Benz for her bday! That's just awsome. Hahahaha.
Arisa and Wit's mom were long time friends. That explains to why Arisa agreed to the wedding!
The wedding is in 5 days! So soon!
So Warakorn was the one that kidnpa Napatsorn right? ^_^
Chapter Two
Guest starring Ammer Alan as Alex Chayanan and Jesse Danai as Daniel Brough.


"P'Arisa, why don't you get one of your partner wedding gown shops do it for you?" Alex asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Lex, it's not that easy you know. Besides, this is my wedding and I want it perfect," Arisa replies, looking through another catalog.

"But didn't you say that your partner shops have the best wedding gowns?"

"It's just for promotion, Lex."


"Lex, tell me I didn't make a mistake in bringing you, ok?"

"Krub," Alex replies, looking away. "P'Arisa, he's here."

Arisa turned. "Who?"

"Daniel, your ex boyfriend," Alex replies, pointing. "See?"

Arisa nodded slowly. "Hide me."

Alex sighed. "Too late, he's coming right at you."

Before Arisa had time to think, he was right in front of her.

"Arisa, how are you?" Daniel asks, smiling. "I haven't seen you since..."

"...since college, Dan. And I'm fine, thank you."

Daniel turns. "How about you, Lex?"

"Fine krub," Alex replies, looking away.

At that moment, Daniel spots the diamond ring on Arisa's finger. "Arisa-"

"Yeah, long story short: I'm engaged to my mom's best friend's son."

Daniel blinked a few times before registering the fact that his ex-girlfriend was engaged. "Uhh,-"

"Dan, between us, it's just-" Arisa was cut short.

"Don't say that," Daniel replies, taking Arisa's hand. "You even love this fiance of yours?"

Arisa tries to hide her feelings. "Well, I know him. And he's...well, he's-"

"He's not me, Arisa. I told you to wait," Daniel reminds her. "I said I'd be gone, but-"

"I'm sorry, Dan. I'm really sorry, for everything. But between us, it just can't be."

"Why, Arisa? Why?" Daniel asks, his eyes watery. "I was looking for an engagement ring."

"Please, Dan. I'm really sorry, but I can't change anything. My mom's happy about, my dad's happy. I just can't-"

"What about you, Arisa?"

"Well, my parents are happy and so am I," she tells him stubbornly. Arisa turns to Alex. "Lex, let's go." With that, she left.

When they were far enough that Daniel couldn't possibly overhear, Arisa stopped.

"What was that all about? You know you love him, Sis."

"True, but there are some things that people have to do, Lex."

"Like sacrifice your love for you boyfriend and marry some total stranger?"

"You know I'm doing this for Mom and Dad, Lex! Don't make me change my mind."

Alex nodded slowly. "So you going to find a wedding gown?"

"Yeah," Arisa replies, scanning the dresses hung from the walls of numerous shops. After awhile of thinking, she enters into one of them.

"Sawasdee ka, and welcome to Crystal Weddings. How may I help you?"

"I would like a wedding dress that has to be ready in 5 days," Arisa tells the shopkeeper. "Anything?"

"Well, we do have this one dress, but it's somewhat overpriced due to the studded diamond," the shopkeeper replies, taking out a dress from the rack and handing it to Arisa. "Do you like it? The customer who told us to cut this got a better dress from France, so she sold it back to us. I think you'll fit perfectly."

Arisa nodded. "Ok, can I try it on?"

"Sure," the shopkeeper replies, bringing Arisa to the changing room.

Before Arisa went inside, she turned towards Alex. "Lex, find a suit or something for my wedding."

"Krub, Sis." With that, Alex went searching for a suit that would actually go well with his sister's dress. Afterall, he was his sister's "flowerboy".

When Arisa came out, she twirled a few times before walking to the mirror, admiring the studded diamond. "How much?"

"150,000 baht ka," the shopkeeper replies.

"I'll take it," Arisa tells the shopkeeper, handing her credit card to the lady. "Wait, don't bill the gown yet." She looks around. "Lex?"

Alex comes out from the men's section, carrying a black tuxedo with a red ribbon on it. "How's this?"

Arisa nodded in approval. "It looks great, Lex! And it goes with my dress, too."

"Exactly," Alex replies, smiling. "I saw that yours' had red trimmings so I found a tuxedo that had a red ribbon."

"How much is it?" Arisa asks.

Alex took a look at the price tag. "17,000 baht. Is that too expensive?"

"Of course not, Lex! You're my baby brother, afterall."

"Krub," Alex replies.

After Arisa paid for the gown and tuxedo, they headed home.


"Mom! I'm home," Arisa shouts, throwing all the shopping bags to one corner of the living room. To her surprise, Mrs. Kanjananuch and Pawit were both at her house. "Sawasdee ka, Khun Janejira, Khun Pawit."

Mrs. Kanjananuch smiled. "You can call me Aunt Jira, and you should call Pawit something like Wit or P'Wit." She turns to her son. "Doesn't that sound cute, Wit?"

Pawit nodded. "Sure."

"Ka," Arisa replied. She turns to Alex. "Lex, this is my mother-in-law and my fiance."

Alex smiled forcefully. "Sawasdee krub, Miss. I'm Alex, and I'm P'Arisa's younger brother."

Mrs. Kanjananuch grinned. "Please, call me Aunt Jira or something...like your sister does."

"Krub," Alex replies before excusing himself upstairs.

Pawit rolled his eyes. "Wow, what fun," he muttered under his breath.

Arisa shot him a deadly glare, then turned towards Mrs. Kanjananuch. "Is Mom around?"

"She went upstairs," Mrs. Kanjananuch informed, smiling. "So, you got the wedding gown?"

"Ka," Arisa replies. "It's in the car."

"So soon?" Pawit asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, so soon," Arisa retorts, grinning.

"How much?" Pawit asks, making a face.

"150,000 baht, why?"



"Sorry Mom," Pawit mumbles.

Arisa snickered. "Do you want to see it, Aunt Jira."

"Sure, that'd be lovely honey."​


Sad that Arisa is leaving the one she love behind for the one that her parents wants her to marry to.
She'll learn to love Pawit soon once they're marry.

Thanks Grace.
Chapter Three
"You're going with me to the mall," Pawit orders, snickering. "Mom said so."

Arisa turned, bewildered. "No, I'm not going."

"Yes you are."

"Oh no I'm not," Arisa argued, making a face. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

Well, maybe I should use my ownership status to use, seeing that Mom'll never let me marry Napat, Pawit thought, sighing.

Arisa raised an eyebrow. "What are you sighing about, huh?"

Pawit rolled his eyes. "That's none of your nosy business, Arisa."

Arisa turned to leave.

"Arisa, wait!" Pawit shouts, grabbing Arisa by the arm.

"Oww, that hurts!" Arisa whined, shooting Pawit a harsh glare. "Let me go!"

"I'm not an idiot, Arisa. You've agreed to the marriage, and we're engaged. If I hurt you, nothing happens." He snickered.

"Oh yeah? What if I tell Aunt Jira that you hurt me?" Arisa retorted, her temperature rising. "Will nothing still happen?"

Pawit rolled his eyes. "C'mon, Arisa. I need to bring you to get a diamond necklace."

Arisa stared at Pawit in disbelief. "What?"

"Mom's orders," Pawit mumbles. "You thought I would actually care enough to buy you something?"

Arisa turns red. "No, of course not!" she defends herself. "I didn't think that."

"Oh please, you were surprised. Now, let's go."

"I'm not going anywhere," Arisa replies. "At least not without Lex."

Pawit rolled his eyes. "Don't think that I would do anything to you. Besides, your little brother can't help you."

"Oh yeah?" Arisa challenged. "Lex has a black belt in karate."

Pawit's jaw dropped. "You're kidding me!"

"No I'm not," Arisa replies somewhat mysteriously. "Wanna try him?"

Seeing that he was about to get himself in trouble, Pawit quickly changed the subject. "You going or not?"

"Nope, not without Lex." She looks around. "Lex!"

No reply. Some seconds later, Lynn appears. "Khun Lex left already ka."

"For what?" Arisa asks, bewildered. "How?"

"He went to school with the driver ka," Lynn replies. "About 10 minutes ago."

Pawit grins. "C'mon, Arisa! Your brother can't save you now." Without waiting for a reply, he left for the car.

Arisa unwillingly nodded, following Pawit outside and into his convertible.

"Sit," Pawit orders, opening the door for his "fiance".

Arisa sighed, getting into the car and closing the door.

"Good girl."

Arisa rolls her eyes, annoyed. "Whatever."

Pawit got into the car and drove to Paragon. Inevitably, the way there was filled with constant bickering and arguing.


The moment the doorman saw Pawit, he quickly walkie talkied to one of the chauffeurs to drive Pawit's car off to the VIP section.

Arisa raised an eyebrow in surprise. "What, you own this place too?"

"No, I don't own this place. My family has 20% of the shares here, that's all," Pawit replies, smirking. "And BTW, I'm not showing off."

Arisa rolled her eyes. "Of course you're not, P'Wit."

Pawit turned immediately, giving Arisa "the stare". "Stop calling me that, I'm embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Oh please, you think I'm this poor little girl who plans weddings for a living?" Arisa asked, making a face.

Pawit sighed. "Isn't that what "wedding planner" supposed to mean?"

Without replying, Arisa stomped off into the department store.

"Arisa, wait! Arisa!"

Arisa turns, making a face. "I'm going to the supermarket, do whatever you want."

"I'm going to go with you," Pawit replies, following Arisa.

"Stop following me!" Arisa orders, rolling her eyes. "Stop."

However, Pawit doesn't stop.

"STOP!" Arisa warns.

Pawit continues following his "fiance".

Without looking back, Arisa continues onwards to the women's section.

"What are you buying?" Pawit asks, curious.

"Nothing!" Arisa replies, trying to stay calm. "Go away."


Arisa ran, trying to loose Pawit. However, it doesn't work. "GO AWAY!"

"Watcha buying?" Pawit asks again, annoying the hell out of Arisa.

Arisa sighed, then picked a pack of sanitary napkins out of the shelf, quickly walking away afterwards.

"What did you buy?" Pawit asks, looking around in Arisa's basket. "Ooo, I see-"


"It's P'Wit," Pawit reminds, smirking. "And why did you have to hide that? Did you think that I thought you were a guy?"

Arisa turns red from anger. "I'm female, thank you very much."

"Feisty," Pawit remarks, grinning. "I like."

Arisa rolls her eyes, wishing that she didn't accept the marriage in the first place.​


Lol Yea the shopping WAS funny!! Arisa is embarrassed of Pawit seeing her with the sanitary napkins! I like Pawit, he's not afraid of being around that. Most guys think that it's so EW! Hahaha.