falling for your co worker


sarNie Adult
ok before working in the hospital i told my self that falling for a co worker will not be happen because of work and relationship doesnt always mix very well and it always seem to end up in a tragedy of heart broken
but no matter how much i tell my self that im falling for this doctor that i work under. i don't know if it just a crush or what not but i just cant take my mind off of him. i mean the way he talks, smile, and his attitude toward life just so the same as mine. even the way he smell just drives you in.

hes 32 and im 22 theres a 10 years different >_< i don't know what to do

first of all he doesnt even look 32 and hes has the kindest heart and just everything i look for in a guy

a guy who independent, sweet, caring, respectful nice and the cheery on top is that hes very easy on the eyes

i don't what i should do i had this feeling for him since like the 3d month i work at the hospital its been almost a year already

i don't know if he feels the same way about me or not

i don't know if im ready

its been 2 years since my last relationship with my ex bf and we've been together for 5 years

i don't know if im ready


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oh, such a dangerous love game ..
don't know how to give advice but i've been there
-- it's hard to deny it when the feeling's there between the two of you.


sarNie Hatchling
Sounds like a good guy. You sure he's not married or doesn't have a girlfriend already? But I personally would not want to date someone I work with. It's just too risky. What if things didn't work out between the two of you? Work would be totally awkward after that. Or what if other chicks at your workplace was secretly crushing on him too? Sorry not trying to bring you down, but there are so many things to consider when falling for someone at work.


sarNie Adult
just alittle update to u girls :D

were currently secretly dating ekkkkkkkk ^^^

its been 4 month already

we keep a professionalism at work and treat each other the same, because we dnt want out realtionship to be expose in the hospital because the hospital is exactly like high school ful of gossip and hate believe me!

so we kept it quite and see each other after work ^____^

he is soo sweet im soo happy

my family is aliitle iffy towards him cause of the age different 10 years....sooo yeah :/

but everything is going well

hopefully nobody notice it or anything

thanks girls


sarNie Oldmaid
10 years is nothing. there's this guy i know since i was a little girl, he's 12 years older than me and we're in love like all couples. i can't believe it when he told me that he loves me since a very long time because i was like "you know me since i'm 5 years old, you were my hero and now you say you love me? i don't believe it." now we are officially dating