Fav. Onscreen Couples


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Bethany Joy & James Laffferty - Love them so much in OTH. Even if she is married and is 4 years older than him. I love them anyhow. I feel theiir love and chemistry is so true. Such a powerful onscreen pair! So happy they got to work together for OTH. I love them to death. I cheirish every moment and scenes of them together!

Chad Micheal Murry & Hilary Duff/Sophia Bush - I love Chad with both girls. Loved him with Hillary in Cinderella Story, very cute and young pair. Chad and Sophia were cute in OTH while they lasted. Too ad they did not last as a real couple, he cheated on her :( BUt I am glad they still have onscreen time in OTH although there relationship in that series didn't work out either. They have so much chemistry.

Bradd Pitt & Angelina Jolie - Loved the also. Too bad they divorce never though that day would come for them. I had high hopes for them. BUt anyways they're such a great onscreen pair!


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Brad and Angelina Jolie is not even married but they are still a couple because she having Brad 2nd child so they are going on stron together


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i loveeee kate hudson & mathew maconihay [i don't know how to spell his last name. lol] i love the movie how to loose a guy in ten days! one of my favorite of all time.


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My fav. couple is Brad and Angie too. and huh? They never got a divorce, I think you're thinking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, they were married and got divorced a long time ago.

Brad and Angie have kids together (well ONE soon to be 2 more biological kids) but they didn't get divorce because they never got married to begin with. As far as I know they're still a couple and still doing a lot of humanitary work together and getting ready for the arrival of their twins. Don't believe all those tabloids, it's full of crap. Rumors of Brad and Angie breaking up, getting married, etc. have been going on since they got together, it's just rumors started by people who think they know the couple or assumptions.


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Nathan and Haley, Ross and Rachel (although they can be so annoying), Finn and Rachel from Glee, and Ron and Hermione.


Sean and Catherine Lowe! Bachelor couple from season 17. Love them!


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The 100
Lexa and Clarke (My favorite same sex couple ever)
(Not a couple yet, but later on) Bellamy and Clarke

The Middle
Sean Donahue and Sue Heck