feel sad,i don't know thai

oh my god
i feel so sad i don't know thai
when i watch his film/tv i don't know what are they talking about ...]
i am chinese i know chakrit is because his "Khun Nai Sai Lub "(have chinese interpretation)
how should i do for find out the captions of his films/ TV programs?


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It seems like you are pretty good with English, so fortunately, there are lakorns uploaded that are English subtitled, and done by none other than the many hard working sarNie's here on this board. There is a section here at sarNworld specifically dedicated to subbing. Our member, "Wishbone" is a very dedicated subber. Or you could go to youtube, and type in the lakorn you want and add "english sub" to it.

Good luck in your findings...


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youtube has a few Chakrit lakorn being subbed... Bo see chompoo is being subbed by Chobling... and Chakrit is HOT in there. i love the bad boy...

yigu loves krit

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i am also krit's chinese fans, and could not understand thai!

i've finished all of krit's english subs of lakorns and movies, and then what should i do?

could anyone kindheartedly sub his other lakorns?

krit is really a good actor with hansome face, love him so much! :rolleyes: