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Hey everybody.. what's up ^_____^ hahaha I'm sorry, I haven't finished any of my other ff's but im writing a new one already.. Sorry, I couldn't resist since I love Boy/Margie so much.. hehe.. and I see many Yadech & Mteam ff's but rarely any Boy/Margie as the lead.. hehe.. so I want to write my own XD.. I based the title off of Palmy's song. I also decided to keep their names from 4HHKK because I loved it so much!! But I also want their characters to be changed so i tweaked it up a bit. They will still have similarities but.. I hope they won't much though lol.. And OMGAHHH.. IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A BIG CAST.. AHHHH... LOL.. Please Enjoy na ^_____^

Proong Nee Aht Mai Mee Chan

Tomorrow, I May Not Be Here

Boy Pakorn as Wayupak aka Lom
Margie Rasee as Thichakorn aka Kati


Aum Atichart as Harit
Aff Taksaorn as Soriya
Barry Nadech as Akkanee aka Fai
Yaya Urassaya as Ajjima aka Jeed
Mark Prin as Pathapee aka Din
Mint Chalida as Cher-aim
Kimberly Voltemas as Thiptara aka Nam
Mario Maurer as Niran

Family Members

Adisuanrangsan - Wayupak(27), Pathapee(26), Akkanee(25), & Thiptara(23)
Rangsimun - Harit(30), Soriya(28), Thichakorn(24), Niran(24), Arisoya(5)
Posawat - Sila(25), Ajjimma(23)
Kasemsarn - Cher-Aim(22)

Character Information

Wayupak(27) is the oldest of his siblings. His career field is working with wine imports. He was able to open up his own grape plantation and wine business all thanks to his hard work at an early age. During his free time, he likes to paint. He is the greatest brother that his sibling can ask for but they don't know that deep down, he is so gloomy and sad inside. He once was a major playboy, but when he finally found his perfect woman, she leaves him with no mercy. To this day, he is still haunted by her yet still loving her.

Thichakorn(24) is the youngest sister of the Rangsimun family. Her family is one of the wealthiest pearl farms owner in Phuket. Even though her family own the pearl farms, she has no interest in it. She decided to become a secretary working in the Thararin Resort. During her free time, she wrote novels and babysits her favorite niece Arisoya. She never experienced love before in her life beside her family's love, so when she did find love, she was heartbroken because the man she loved was such a playboy. As jealousy erupt in her over time, her sweet-like features soon disappeared leaving her to become a ruthless woman breaking many men's heart as time passed by. She later changed her occupation and became a young major business woman.

Harit(30) was the proud brother of Thichakorn. He spoiled her like crazy when she was younger because he desperately wanted another sibling when his younger brother Harin passed away. She was like a miracle and inspiration to him. Because he spoiled her like crazy, others thought they were lovers. He was born and raised on his family's pearl farm and even took over it as his parents retired. He is happily married to his long time sweet-loving girlfriend Soriya who he was head-over-heels with in college. They also have a beautiful daughter named Arisoya together. He loves to bond with his family during his free time.

(28) was the sweet-loving wife of Harit. She was basically a nobody that became a somebody when she married Harit her long time lover from college. It wasn't really love at first sight, but she grew to give in to him as time passed by because he always tried to please her. She was an orphan, but his parents didn't mind at all because they knew they loved each other. Because they got married after graduating from college, she decided to become a stay at home mom while working as a fashion designer on the side. She wants other to see that she didn't marry Harit just for the money but for love, and to prove others that she can build her own name as a famous fashion designer. She loves Harit and her daughter Arisoya the most.

Akkanee(25) is the youngest brother of his sibling. He loves to shout and play extreme sports. You would think he would be in a sport-field career but nope, he loves animal best. He decided to open up his own little farm all thanks to his older brother Wayupak's help. During his free time, he likes to go horseback riding and riding on his ATV. He secretly admires his long time neighbor Ajjimma. He's on bad terms with her brother Sila, since Sila once stole his girlfriend when he was in high school due to jealousy.

Ajjimma(23) is the youngest in the family. She has an older brother named Sila who she super hates because he always steal her money. But despite that, she truly loves him. She secretly admired Akkanee ever since he gave her a teddy bear as a move-in gift when they were younger. To this day she still have the teddy bear and cherish it every moment. She was saddened though when she found out Akkanee had a girlfriend, but was happy that his brother stole her away. She likes to read novels during her spare time yet go shopping with friends. Her best friend is Thiptara. She wants to be a model when she gets older.

(26)is the 2nd oldest in the family. He took over his parent's Thararin Resort when they retired. He once admired Thichakorn, his ex-employee. But as time passed by, he spotted a new employee that reminded him of Thichakorn, except the difference was that this employee was very clumsy. He grew to admire her so much that he didn't know what else to do but tease her.

Cher-Aim(22) is the only daughter. Her dream was to become a singer but she failed at all the auditions she went to. Feeling disheartened knowing that her dream will never come true, she decided to become a secretary in the Thararin Resort when she heard that a spot was available. Even though she knew that she was clumsy, she hated it even more when others tease and point it out. She was especially on bad terms with Pathapee, who she thought was just another employee, but turned out to be her boss.

Thiptara(23) was the youngest of her family and also the only daughter. Her brothers were overly protected of her so they have cameras installed everywhere. She hated that feeling and always ran out of the house to tease them. Her best friend is Ajjimma because they were the same age and grew up together. She once admired Sila, but grew disgusted after knowing his dirty tricks. She wants to be a model like Ajjimma as well, so when she was offered a fashion show in Phuket, she quickly took the offer. She fell in love with her fashion designer's husband and tried every method to get him but there was always an interference.

(24) is the adoptive son of the Rangsimun. He was found drowning in the Phuket sea,until Harit saved him. Harit's family decided to adopt him into the family since there was no sign of a missing child around the area. He is the same age as Thichakorn. He secretly admires her but has no further thought of loving her because he knew that she'll think nothing more of him than just a brother. He helps Harit with the business while he likes to go surfing on the side.

Arisoya(5) is the lovely daughter of Harit and Soriya. She doesn't like her name because it sounds like her mother's. She loves to paint and loves her mother and father the most, even though she gets jealous of her mother once in awhile. She also loves to spend time with her uncle Niran and aunt Thichakorn.


The you and I today will be different from the you and I yesterday and the you and I tomorrow. Even if we do change, I want our love to stay true because we don't know what the world will hold for us. So promise me that you will always be there, because tomorrow I may not be here, like you won't be there for me. Even if we are to part, let us part with good intentions and still be good friends like how we started off in the beginning, and let our past just be a wonderful memory for you and I to hold on to forever.​


Ah, I'm loving this Julie Love how you mixed & changed all the casts around from the original 4HJHKK! Aim's clumsyness & thinking her boss is an employee like her only reminds me of her in Waan Jai & Nai Jom Ying which I have 2 more episodes to finish. Heehee.


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OMG Julie, it's 4HJHKK all over again! I'm already in love with the cast so I can't wait to read it!


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thanks for the comment on my story...i've like your story too, it's nice...update soon...


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Chapter 1

*click, click, click* Thichakorn was busy typing away as she finished up the last bits and pieces of her new novel. Thichakorn was so into her new novel that she pulled an all nighter."All done," she smiled. She printed out the papers and held them tightly to her chest making a wish. "I hope you'll be successful like the others." She placed the papers neatly into her bag as she went to take a shower. After getting out of the shower, she realized how deep and dark her eye bags were. "Oi, I look like a ghost more and more!"

*beep, beep, beep* Her phone alarm came on. "Oi! I'm late, I'm late!" She quickly got dressed and hurriedly ran downstairs to get a quick bite to eat.

"Good morning my lovely sister", smiled Harit as he drinks his fresh cup of coffee.

"Morning! W-where's A-ari-soya..?" mumbled Thichakorn as she stuffed her mouth with food.

"Oi! You're so disgusting. I'm curious who'll want to marry you in the future?" teased Harit.

Thichakorn frowned as she stopped chewing her food.

Harit choked on his coffee as he saw her frown. "Oi, I'm sorry Kati. I didn't mean anything by that. You know me.. That's how I'm like.." He covered his face with the newspaper. "Keep eating, I want you to gain some more meat. You're so scrawny."

"You're so mean brother!"

"I'm just telling you because I love you."

"You're still not answering my first question. Where's Arisoya?"

"Soriya took Arisoya to school just now."

Kati stared at her watch. "Aiyah! I'm really late now! Bye brother!"

"W-ait!" shouted Harit as he puts the newspaper down. "Do you want me to send you? I'm free..."

Kati shouted back her reply, "No thanks brother. I'll ask Niran to."


"Wakey-wakey sleepyhead. It's sunrise already." The lady said it in a seductive tone, "I want some morning breakfast, are you ready?"

Wayupak slowly opened his eyes and sat up. "Why are you still here?"

"Awwwe, why can't I be here? Don't you remember last night?" She sat next to Wayupak and slowly circled her finger around his chest.

"Stop that!" Wayupak shoved her fingers away. "I hate it when people touch me there! You get the drift, now leave!"

"Pssshhh, you make it seem like your some hot-shot! I can find another you in a minute." She quickly got up and started dressing.

"You can find another me in a minute, but I can find another you in a second. Women are so easy to please." He slowly grinned.

"How rude!" She hurriedly walked out the hotel door.

*knock, knock* "What is it now?" questioned Wayupak as he throws the towel at the door.

"Oho, why'd you throw your disgusting towel at me for Lom?" Pathapee threw the towel to the ground. "What's the matter? Your prey got away?"

Lom began laughing. "You must be kidding me. How can my prey get away if I was the one to abandon it?"

"Oho, you're so mean bro."

"By the way, what did you need? Is it important?"

"Oi. Of course it's important!"

"So what is it?"

"There's an art gallery show today. I wanted you to come with me to buy new artworks for the resort."

"Din, I thought you got my smart genes? Why are you still so dumb about artworks?"

"I'm just not into art.. that's all." Din looked around the hotel room. "Look like you had a blast in here last night." The bed sheet and pillows were all over the ground. Lom's clothes were laying around, the candles were all melted, and the champagne was spilled everywhere. "I'll get a maid to clean this all up after we leave." Din looked at his hand. "Oh and this is the suit you asked for. Here."

"Why thank you little brother. I can always rely on you." Lom went to take a shower. *ring, ring* Lom's cellphone was ringing loudly. "Can you get that for me Din?"

"Sure." Din was soon prowling around the room looking for Lom's cellphone. "Just where can it be?" He then looked under the couch. "There you are.." He quickly answered the phone. "Hello D-" He was interrupted.

"YOU CRAZY @$$ M-F'ER!! HOW DARE YOU GO SLEEPING WITH MY WIFE?!" angrily shouted the man on the other end.

Din moved the phone farther away from his ears. "Wow.."

Akkanee slowly walked into the room with a giant smile on his face. "Boy was that a great ride. Anyways, here you are. I've been looking all over for you."

An evil smile soon grew upon Din's face. "Oh Fai.. There's a phone call for you." He handed the phone over.

"Hello. Fai spea-" He was interrupted.



"WHY YOU.." Fai turned off the phone. "You sneaky brat. This call wasn't even for me." Fai threw the phone at Din.

Lom got out of the shower. "What's with the commotion? And who called?"

Din and Fai glared at Lom. "Just who have you been sleeping around with?"

"Is that even necessary?" Lom began dressing up.

"YES! We don't want to see your dead body on the front page of the newspaper because of your playboy acts."

Lom stopped dressing. "Are you really that curious?"

Din and Fai stared at Lom non-stop.

"Fine, fine. My latest catch is a.." Lom was interrupted by Thiptara who just entered the room.

"Here you three are. I've been looking everywhere for you!" Thiptara glared at them with a suspicious look. "Hmm.. Are y'all hiding a secret from me?"

"NO!" they all exclaimed.

"Haha, don't think that you can hide it for long. I will figure it out sooner or longer." Thiptara turned her back at them and was about to leave. "Wait a minute." She turned back to them. "I came here to tell you that mother and father are planning a huge party this week."

"What is the party about and for Nam?" asked Din.

"I'm not sure, but it might be a party for us. Since she did tell us to keep our image clean and proper this whole week." Nam put her index finger on her lips. "Oh, and she also told us to get lots of rest too. That is all, I'll get going now." *ring, ring* A huge smile formed on Nam's face as she picked up the phone. "JEED!!!" she shouted.

Fai quickly looked up at Nam. "Ajjimma?" he whispered.

Din and Lom caught Fai whispering. "Oho, what did you just whisper Mr. Fai?"

Fai shook his head. "What are you two blabbering about. Move." He walks over to Nam. "Come on Nam, I'll take you home."

"W-ait.. I'm still.." Nam was getting dragged away. "I'll call you later Jeed."

"He's in love alright." said both Din and Lom.


The car pulled over to the shop. Niran opened the door for Kati. "Sorry for rushing you to send me Niran."

"Oh no, it's nothing." Niran gently blushed.

"Awwe, you're so cute!" Kati slowly pinches his cheeks.

"Aren't you in a hurry Kati?"

Kati stopped and stared at her watch. "Ahh, yes I am. You can go now." She hurriedly ran into the gallery shop.

Niran slowly touched his face. "Her hands are so soft." He shook his head. "You shouldn't think about such nonsense." He entered the car and drove off.

Kati entered the shop and was so surprised at the beautiful artworks. "So pretty." she thought.

"Welcome! How can I help you today?" asked the nice worker.

"Ahh yes, I'm here to come pick up a book cover."

"May I get your name miss?"

"It's Kati, I mean Thichakorn Rangsimun."

"Wait here for just a moment. I'll go get you your item." The worker walked away into a secluded area. Kati walked along the isle staring at the artwork for inspiration for future novels. *Bump* Kati accidently bumped into a strange young man.

"I'm sorry." they both said. They looked up at each other. "Sorry it was my fault." she continued.

"No it's fine. Just tell me your name." Kati paused there silently. "Don't worry I'm not a stranger. Fine, I'll tell you my name first then. The name's Pathapee." He reached out his hand to her.

She shook his hand. "I'm Thichakorn."

"How nice, not only are you pretty, your name is too."

"Thichakorn? Thichakorn? Come to the front please." said the worker.

"Ahh, I have to go now." Kati quickly left.

Lom walked toward Din with some artworks in his hand. He took a quick glance at Kati's back. "Who is she?"

"I don't know. I was interrupted. I only got her name. Come on, let's go." They bought the artworks and left.

--------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED--------------------------------------

author's note: thanks for the comments everyone.. sigh.. i'm bad at writing, this chapter is quite long boring since there's no spazz yet. i'm just giving a little intro of everything first before my story comes to play.. the events have to start off somewhere lol.. I had a hard time coming up with the beginning.. >_<.. But I hope you all enjoy.. and oh boy.. it's such a big cast that i'm getting confused myself lol hehe.. please do give me your opinions..


^^ same here. I thought Lom & Katii would meet at the art gallery but instead it was Din that Katii met -_- (I still love you Din <3) omg, I love the bromance! Really miss them in 4hjhkk!


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@chuah.. ahaha i write, but i never finish them.. i'm hoping i'll finish this one though since i love boy & margie so much atm ^_________________^

thanks for reading it so far everyone ^_^.. haha.. i will try to have chap 2 up later on.. but for now.. enjoy my boy & margie mv.. it can also count as a t-ser/trailer for this fanfic ahaha lol..

Boy & Margie - Proong Nee Aht Mai Mee Chan

ohhh... and author's comment: i feel like taking Sila out and replacing them with Rome and Rita ahaha.. if i do so, i'm gonna have to tweak barry & yaya's info a bit.. hmmm... what do you readers think? should i stick with sila? or change to rteam? and why the heck am i adding more casts? lol ahaha sorry. i cant help it >_<..


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Chapter 2

*ring ring* Kati stared at her phone as she gave a dissatisfied look. "H-hello."

There was silence on the other side. "Hello." she repeated.

"Oww, finally you picked up!"

"Did you need something p'Saroj?"

"WHY YES!! I've been trying to contact you this whole time!"

Kati looked at her phone. "Really? I didn't have any missed calls."

"Fine fine, you caught me."

"What is it you needed?"

"I just wanted to tell you that your book is all set."

Kati started screaming into the phone. "REALLY P'SAROJ!!"

"HEY!! No screaming into the phone. I'm going deaf now.."

"Sorry. P'Saroj.. I just got too excited."

"I know, I would be too. Anyways, I'm just telling you that you can begin selling your book."

"Thanks so much!! I have an idea of where to sell them already.. I'll contact you later with the info." Kati quickly hunged up and jumped on her bed. "Yes, yes, yes!!!"

*knock knock* Soriya entered the room with Arisoya. "Mommy, what's wrong with auntie?"

"I'm curious too." replied So as she sat Arisoya down.

Kati quickly sat down and fixed her hair. "P'So, my book is finished."

"Oh really? That was fast. Congrats."

Harit barged into the room with a gigantic smile on his face. "I can't believe people actually read books from an inexperience author."

So quickly pinched him on the arm. "Stop being a meanie."

Arisoya pouted at her mother. "You're the meanie here Mommy." Harit slowly pinched her cheeks. "Aren't you a good girl." He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Oi, I don't know who you take after now." laughed everyone.

"Oh, by the way P'So, I was wondering if I can sell my new book at your fashion show this week?"

"Of course you can. I'll try talking to the owner ok."

Kati ran to Soriya and gave her a giant hug. "Thank you so much!!"

"Good luck with your book auntie." said Arisoya as she joined in with a hug.

Harit gave a slight cough and murmured silently as he enters the hug while everyone laughed. "Good luck to you too little sis.."


Soriya pointed the workers to carry the stuff into the back. "Please place them neatly down. I don't want the props to get damaged as well as the clothes. Thanks." Someone covered her eyes from behind. "Who is it? I'm busy..." The person went in for a kiss on the neck. "HEY!" she shouted as she turned around. The man dropped his flower bouquet and gulped. Soriya was in shock.

"I'm sorry miss.. I thought you were someone else.... I.." apologized Wayupak.

Soriya quickly rubbed her neck. "Don't worry, I forgive you."

Wayupak was mesmerized by Soriya's beautiful looks. "Can I get your name?"

She gave a confused look. "I'm Soriya Rangsimun." She reached out her hand.

Wayupak quickly shook her hand. "The name is Wayupak Adisuanrangsan."

"Adisuan? By chance, do you own this resort?"

"Why yes I do. But it's mostly my younger brother."

"I see. Well I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to do my fashion show here today." She looked at her watch. "Sorry, I'm low on time. I'll get going now." She walked to the back of the stage.

Wayupak was still mesmerized by Soriya. "Such a wonderful beauty. She must be mines."


"All done!" exclaimed Kati as she set up the last book. *bump* Her eyes widened as she tried to save her books from falling. "HEY!" she shouted at the man. "AREN'T YOU GONNA HELP ME! OR ARE YOU GONNA RUN AWAY?!"

"I'm sorry." He grabbed the falling books and handed it to her. "I'm sorry once again." He apologized as he stares at her.

"HEY!" they both exclaimed. "It's you!" They both scratched their heads in laughter.

"What are you doing here?" asked Pathapee as he handed Thichakorn a cup of coffee.

"Thanks. Pathapee right?"

"Yes.. and you're Thichakorn?"

She nodded her head. "I'm here because my sister-in-law is doing a fashion show here at this resort."

"I see. What's up with the books?"

"Oh, about that. It's my newest book that just got released from the press. I'm advertising it here thanks to my sis."

"Really, how interesting."

"What about you?"

"I'm the owner here."

Kati spit her coffee out in dismay, making a mess on Pathapee's shirt. "I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to." She took out her handkerchief and handed it over to him.

"Thanks, and don't worry about it." He let out a small laugh as he starts wiping his shirt.

"Kati!!" shouted Arisoya as she runs over to her.

"Is she your child?" asked Pathapee in a confused tone.

"There you are." said Harit as he walks toward them. "I thought you wanted to go to mommy." Pathapee grew a little jealousy seeing Harit.

Kati chuckled. "No, she's not my child. Let me introduce you to my older brother Harit and his daughter Arisoya."

"Nice to meet you." smiled Arisoya and Harit as he reached out his hand.

Pathapee shook his hand as a smile grew on his face. "Your hands are so rough. You must be one hard worker."

"Why yes I am. You got good sense of judgement." Harit carried Arisoya and looked at his watch. "It was nice meeting you, but I'm in a hurry to find my wife. Let's go Kati."

"Ah yes." She smiled at Pathapee and left with Harit and Arisoya.

Wayupak walked over to Pathapee. "You can not believe it." he said in an excited tone.

"You can't believe this either." said Din.

"I just met the woman of my dreams. She was so beautiful. Great curves, great smile, great scent, great..." he fell into a dream-like state.

"Mr. Playboy found his girl? unbelievable. Well, I found my girl too. She is so sweet and lovely. You just missed her." Din pointed to their backs.

Lom smirked. "I don't think she can compare to my girl."

"That's what you always say."


"Where are you Nam?" asked Fai as he patiently waits for her in the car. He looks at the rear mirror and spots her and Ajjimma walking and laughing together. He quickly got out of the car and begins shouting. "What took you so long? I've been waiting forever!"

"Oi, calm down bro. It's a girl thing." smiled Nam as she got into the car.

Ajjimma stuck out her tongue. "So impatient." She quickly got into the car.

Fai clenched his fist. "Darn girls!" He got into the car with a slight smile on his face and sped off.


...........................TO BE CONTINUED.........................

author's note: Sorry for the wait.. I've been planning my story lol. I hate it how i'm twisting the story already ahaha.. but i like it XD.. my characters must be careful hehehe.. *wicked smile* XD.. but ENJOY!! la la la..


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loving it so far. hahah din likes kati and boy likes soriya. lol what a mess. fai oh fai so head over heels for his jeed. can't wait to read more


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Love it so far....
Want to see what will happen when Lom See Kati...:)
Love Harit's family...
Love the reaction od Din when he saw Harit and think that he was Kati bro.

Can't wait for more...


Julie ja, I'm loving the twisting of the story. So far so good. It's going to be some good twists you got! Wayupak is only dreaming thinking Soriya is the girl of his dreams *mwahahas* and I can't get use to Din liking Katii. I feel so weird just trying to imagine that. Lol.

Hope you update soon na :)


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Oh no...Lom and Din are falling for the wrong girls lol.....

haha Fai so bpak kang...he totally likes Jeed but pretend to despise her lol