[film] Hua Mu Lan 2009


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Directed by Jingle Ma
Produced by Starlight International Media

Trailer Eng Sub

I love the Disney version despite it's inaccuracies and historical irrelevances but the legend of Hua Mu Lan is still in debate whether she existed or not. I believe she existed minus the whole romance thingy =D and there is a whole lot of other controversy about Hua Mu Lan. But what the hey, I love the main plot of it where a filial daughter disguise herself as a man to take part in the war in replace of her elderly sick/weak father and of course the romance which probably didn't really happen if Mu Lan did existed. Anyways I am quite worried, Vicky latest film Painted Skin also co star with Chen Kun was kind of a disappointment. Thank goodness I have seen a prior version and have had acknowledge of Painted Skin or else I would have been confused as heck. Plus the director is Jingle Ma who brought Butterfly Lovers last year- major disappointment even with two hot gorgeous actor I adore.

I am glad that Vicky was chosen for the role of Mu Lan. This was filmed early this year in mid Feb. and will be released in Dec in Asian cinema according to the YouTube clip. I want to see it.


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i'm not sure if i'll like this. the trailer makes it look boring to me. haha however, the one russian dude named vitas is pretty interesting. i looked him up after and found out he was singer. he's pretty unique, but famous. i kind of like his music now. lol


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^thookatha. i like his song "The Star" sound sad :p

here's the song with english sub -- the background score sound sad :(


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I haven't heard anything else but it is said to be released something in December of this year. What a great year to end the year. Anyways I was wondering if there's an English Subtitle version of the drama back in the mid or was it late 90's? I think it was TVB... I am not so sure. Gosh, there's so many remakes of Condor Hero and the sequel why not Mulan... ahahah I know there's has been a few but Condor has a remake every 5-10 years lol


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I love the movie. Chemistry was freaking awesome that I hope they date and get married lol... I am much surprised that they chose the prince storyline. But I read somewhere that Mulan became a concubine. They are so many other story following her but I really love the movie. Wished they ran away together lol but it was all good. I loved it.


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You're welcome. but I made a mistake. It is .net not .com

anyways here is the link http://www.dramacrazy.net/chinese-movie/mulan/


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I know, my heart was restless after watching the movie. I wasn't able to sleep that night when I watched it. It was definitely heart aching, touching and sweet. One of my favorite scene was when they were attacked. Wantai was so worried about Mulan when he was calling for her, my heart was like in heaven lol


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LOVED, LOVED this movie :wub: :wub: :wub: Sooo sad but sooo beautiful a storyline! :wub: And the soundtrack is to die for xD
It's so sad for Tiger (?) and Turtle T.T I liked them.
The ending was a bit disappointing, but I actually like it >.<