for Faceb00k users: beware...

Muddie Murda

Puahahaha :D yeah, that's why you don't go around adding coworkers and bosses if you aren't cool w/ them. :D I had my supervisor as my friend but he's so cool, no crap-talking needed.


sarNie Fansubber
Oh, wow. To be honest, she deserved it. Now she doesn't have to deal with "shit" anymore. Good luck in her next job.


sarNie Elites
she can't possibly be that stupid...

she's conceded and incapable...that's why she hates her job....


sarNie Adult
So anan, are you that boss? Or are you just a friend of one of the subjects?
lol,,, no i'm not that boss lol,,, nor a friend of that poor girl lol...
ah girls girls,,, i love girlz,,, they are soO unpredictable and always emotive (sometimes) :p