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We all know the story of Nangfah and Saichon. How they fall in love in the island and broke each other because of misunderstandings and yet still end up in each others arms.

BUT what if things were reversed?

What if...

It was Saichon who got washed out on the island with no memory of his past?

What if...

Nangfah was the one who was left behind when he regains his memory?

What if...
There was a kid involve in the process? (There was a kid on the original novel)

How different would it be?

This is my take on the what ifs that keeps on boggling my mind eversince I've watched GRGR.


This fanfic is the product of my self preservation after writing The Other Side.



Nangfah, a young lady from the island of Min accidentally saved a man who had no memories of his past...

Forced and left with no choice, she take care of the guy and took him in, treating him as family.

Little did she know then that she will find a friend and love so strong, it will eventually lead into marriage.

But what would happen if the past finally caught up?

When remembering the past means forgetting her and everything they shared?

They say the heart remember what the mind forgets but what if the person she knew was just a fragment of him...

Would she still fight and hold on to 'their' love even if he is not HER Saichon anymore?

Or should she just let him go when he, himself had already given up on his memories?



Yay! Looking forward to reading it. I'm excited for your new take on GRGR. Soo many questions needing answers. :confused12::confused12:

Thank you for your perseverance and dedication on writing NY Fanfics. :cheer::clap::cheer:

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. :icon12:
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Whenever I think about GRGR, I think of the song Talay See Dum. Such a catchy and lovely song especially when Nadech sings it. :):icon12:

I agree with @fresh please include the scenes when Na meets his child for the first time. Its such a sweet scene. Thank you. ;) @annmott

P.S Love the trailer of Forever & Always. :icon12::icon12:
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Im wondering. If Saichon regained his memory and forget his memory of Min island like Nangfah, I feel like including scenes being brought together multiple times due to unforseen circumstances (events to which Ya nor Na has control of, unlike when Charles used his power ti get close to NangFa) would be thrilling. Like them being entangled together and Saichon feeling this weird connection that draws him to Nangfah and because of that he doesnt like her but still cant help meddle with her business. In his new life, he tried not to like her but still cant help it.

And I also wonder if Nangfa would be rich too like saichon in the original GRGr? Like would she be seeking revenge too?

Cant wait hahaha


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A/N: So I saw many people posting this song on IG when Ya sang this in association with her recent "He is my everything" interview and all I could say is deym genius :icon12::icon12::icon12:

Credits goes to the one who actually started it. (Im not sure who though :confused12: for I tend to get late with this things) So to you... thank you and that song became my inspiration in writing the beginning


"Grandma" Nangfah called to the old woman with tears in her eyes, "Can't I just stay here with you please?"

She really do not understand, why does she need to leave the island? All her life, this is the only world she knew... why would she need to go out and explore the world as per her grandmother's will when she's already content with what she have?

"We need to get moving!"

A loud voice called to her but instead of letting go, she hold on tighter, burying her head on her grandma's neck.

"Nangfah" the old woman pulled away from her grasp and cup her face to wipe away her tears, "We already talked about this right?"

"But I dont want to leave" she still tried to fight the losing battle, clutching her grandma's hands tight and hoping her grandma would reconsider, "Do you not want me anymore?"

Honestly though, the thing she is worried the most is her grandma. Even though the old lady is the villagers head, it still wouldnt change the fact that she is already old... Who would take care of her when she's not there anymore?

"Nangfah" her grandma sighed, caressing her cheeks lovingly, "You are smart and diligent. The world outside this island is waiting for you. I'm sure you'll do just fine"

It should be an honor in their little island community to receive a full scholarsip and be able to study at a university in Bangkok granted to her with the help of her doctor friend, P'Mor who's waiting for her at the terminal in the other side but then, she couldnt help but think of this blessing as a curse because her heart do not want to part with the place she knew as her only home.

To her surprise, her grandma clasped a beautiful necklace on her saying, "Take care of this for this is the only memory of your mother and who knows, you might find your-"

Nangfah gasped aloud and tried to immediately remove the offending necklace, "I do not need to look for the person who left-"

"Dont say that" her grandma hold her hand gently to stop her, "I know your mother and I'm sure that she has her reasons for there is no greater love than the one from a mother to her child."

Her heart clenched at her grandma's words guiltily, she do not even have the heart to protest anymore when the old woman told her that she is the spitting image of her mother, having the same radiance and beauty, she could only smile bitterly.

"We really need to get going before it gets dark" Yasa called over again, holding on to her elbow rather tight before leading her inside the boat, she was left with no choice and could only wave her goodbye to her grandma and to the people in their island who came to send her off.

"Take care of Nangfah Yasa" Grandma called over as Yasa nodd his head with a glint of smile.

"Nangfah dont forget your love for me huh?" Taeloy, her friend shouted loudly that P'Mami and Suay immediately hit his head as they too shout their good luck to her, waving until they were out of her sight anymore.

With a sigh, she sat down, taking in as much as she can of her home, engraving it in her memory for it might took long for her to be able to go back again.

"Nangfah are you alright?" Yasa suddenly called over surprising her at his sudden nearness, she almost fall at the sea if not for his tight grip on her.

"Thank you" she said, her brows furrowing when he didnt move a muscle that she had to push him away, moving a little closer to the edge of the boat as the guy only smiled at her.

Is it wrong if she find him rather creepy?

All this time, everyone from the island thought of Yasa as a good guy, praising him with kind words that when she dared voiced out her dislike, the other people immediately dismissed her and said that it must be because of her 'Allergy to foreigners'. But then again, they have a point for she never really like outsiders because of the story of her parents...

And that is also the reason why her grandma send her off 'to widen her horizons because the world is not just black and white'

"Do you like some water, juice or anything?" Yasa again insisted, opening his cool box to show her different range of drinks.

"No thanks" she answered, smiling rather forcedly.

"Come on" he said, taking one of the white in can drinks and place it into her hands, "We never got to talk like this before you know?"

Of course she knew for she deliberately did that...

"Dont you trust me?" Yasa asked again that for a moment, she do not know what to answer as she stared at the fizzy drink instead.

Well if the other islanders trust him, then maybe she should...

Taking one look at Yasa who's watching her closely as if he was urging her, she almost took a sip when strange noises from a small boat nearby caught her attention.

"Did you hear that?" she asked Yasa giving him back the drink that she instantly frowned at the groan of disbelief from his brothers who, she realized, was watching her and Yasa talk.

"It was just probably the sea?" One of his brothers told her as the other one added, "Yes. Dont mind it"

Yasa tried to hold her back, still persisting on handing her the drink, "I think that is just stress, you should just relax and drink-"

But then again, she heard the noises that's strangely thugs her heart as the nearby boat get a little closer to theirs, she caught a glimpse of a guy being beaten to death.

Gritting her teeth at the three guys beside her who seem to only care about the drink, she immediately jump out of the boat and swim towards the other and observe the ongoing fight, if she could call it that as it was obviously unfair, as the two guys hit one guy who's already down and bleeding.

Swallowing her nervousness, she tried to recall the survival skills the elders taught her but never got to use.


She's not the grand daughter of the island chief for nothing.

Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best, she stealthily entered the scene and almost panicked when the two guys looked at her at the same time almost in awe.

Without thinking twice, she grabbed an empty basket and placed it over one of the guys head before pushing him towards the sea.

The other guy seemed to snap out of it and in panic, she took the paddle, swinging it towards the guy, hitting him squarely in the face just as he and the paddle fell in the water.


With them out of the way, she immediately made her way towards the guy and took his face on her lap, cupping his face gently as she slowly push back the hair that covered his face.

She didnt know what happened but time seemed to slow down and her heartbeat sped up when he opened his eyes and she was faced with the most beautiful pair of eyes.

For a moment, she almost forgot where they where... drawned by their strange connection that she didnt noticed anything was amiss until the stranger's eyes widen while looking at her back that she turn only to find the goons had resurfaced and was trying to get back in the boat.

It was then that she realized her mistake.
Why in the world did she throw the paddle?


She didnt know how to drive a speed boat for goodness sake!

"P-pull it" the stranger told her, pointing towards the motor engine.

Without thinking twice, she stood up and followed his instructions blindly in panic.

"Pull what?!" she had to ask for she honestly do not have any idea.

She was so engrossed in what she's doing that she didnt notice anything was amiss until she heard the strangers warning to her only to look back to find herself face to face with the goon, a glass on his hand aiming at her head.

The first thing she thought of was her grandma, her only family as she closed her eyes preparing for the worst but the next thing she knew, she was being back hugged by the stranger in a hug, her head buried on his chest protectively as she heard the shattering of glass.

Feeling nothing, she turn to take a look at what happened but the stranger took hold of her hand and placed it on the string instead, urging her to pull it.

Her breath hitched when she felt a drop of blood on her arm that she slowly look up in fear as she stare at his face with red liquid flowing down the side of his face, realizing what he had done.

Hand shivering in fear and adrenaline, she pulled on the string harder than necessary that she find herself drawn back at the floor of the boat with the stranger underneath, shielding her fall.

Immediately, she craddled him on her lap after making sure that their boats are moving safely far away from danger.

This is not happening, she panicked, feeling her tears as she laid his head on her lap while holding both of his cold hands inside her small ones, saying a little prayer that her grandmother had taught her.

He could not die on her. Damn it.

As if he heard her, he had opened his eyes and looked at her with worry, "Okay?" he asked her that she honestly couldnt believe him. How can he ask if she's okay when he's the one bleeding to death?

Yet she still answered and nodded her head in assurance, but just as she do so, he had closed his eyes and fainted.

A/N: How was that start?

Hi @Lalashiie How do you know the storyline? :risas3: About Nangfah being rich? We'll just have to wait and see eh? :naughty2:
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We all know the story of Nangfah and Saichon. How they fall in love in the island and broke each other because of misunderstandings and yet still end up in each others arms.

BUT what if things were reversed?

What if...

It was Saichon who got washed out on the island with no memory of his past?

What if...

Nangfah was the one who was left behind when he regains his memory?

What if...
There was a kid involve in the process? (There was a kid on the original novel)

How different would it be?

This is my take on the what ifs that keeps on boggling my mind eversince I've watched GRGR.


This fanfic is the product of my self preservation after writing The Other Side.



Nangfah, a young lady from the island of Min accidentally saved a man who had no memories of his past...

Forced and left with no choice, she take care of the guy and took him in, treating him as family.

Little did she know then that she will find a friend and love so strong, it will eventually lead into marriage.

But what would happen if the past finally caught up?

When remembering the past means forgetting her and everything they shared?

They say the heart remember what the mind forgets but what if the person she knew was just a fragment of him...

Would she still fight and hold on to 'their' love even if he is not HER Saichon anymore?

Or should she just let him go when he, himself had already given up on his memories?

Oh no you didn't... GRGR is where I met Khun Charles - I mean Nadech :icon12: - so will be checking in for this. :thumbup: Can he still be the agressive Khun Charles or at least have some jealously in there somewhere? I like some jealously in pra'ek lol..


Good job on writing your first chapter. It's good. Wow Nangfah and her survival fighting skills tho. I love the cast. I feel like Yasa has something planned hahaha. Looking forward to Saichon waking up and meeting Nangfah as well as the next chapter. Thank you. :cheer::cheer: @annmott

P.S Love the song. One of my favourites! :icon12:
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A/N: Do you believe in destiny?

Credits: I have found this song in a fanmade vid of NY a few weeks ago and I unfortunately did not think ahead and saved the link so... credits go to the rightful genius one who owned that vid. If anyone knows who, kindly give me a heads up so I can give proper credits and share that awesome vid to others as well.

Chapter 1 - Fated

"Can you two stop it. Leave the poor man alone"

Nangfah could only sigh and shake her head at the two girls watching over the stranger in her bed as she rinse the cloth she's using to wipe his face.

"Where did you get him Nang Fah?" Suay asked in an astonished tone, she had to roll her eyes at her friends antics.

Ever since she got back at the island with the stranger two days ago, Mami and Suay kept 'visiting' her just to stare at the handsome guy, she is honestly getting annoyed with their consistency. Dont they have anything better to do than pester her and the poor guy?

He is still a patient after all.

Resident healer, Aunt Niam advised her to take a close look on the guy for he still hadnt woken up but assured her that everything will be fine as he's already passed the danger stage.

"He's soooo handsome! I can be his wife!" Mami stated that had Suay immediately retorting.

"What?!" Her younger friend asked with her voice raising a notch, "No! He's mine"

Or maybe it is his luck that he still lies unconscious?

For goodness sake, she couldnt imagine being at the receiving end of their affection that she felt sorry for the stranger when he woke up.

With a loud tsk, Nang Fah 'accidentally' pushed her friends aside, pointedly ignoring their protest as she sat close the sleeping man and gently wipe the side of his face, carefully avoiding his bruises.

Now that she's taking a closer look on his face, she couldnt help her silent agreement, he is quite good looking even with all those scrapes and injury. Long eyelashes, pointed nose, pink lips and that jaw line, very handsome indeed.

"Dont tell us you like him too?" Suay asked her teasingly before she immediately stopped as if she caught herself, "But that's just impossible"

"Right." Mami nodded her head as the duo finally agreed on something, "Nang Fah hates outsiders"


Nang Fah slowly took a deep breath as the two continued talking about her as if she's not there.

Despite her efforts, her dislike towards outsiders were rather considered as a common knowledge in their small community yet they really couldnt blame her for they all knew her reason.

"I might argue with your perception at other times but-", Mami started in as a matter of fact tone, trying to contain her joy, "Its okay now so we can have this handsome guy all to ourselves!"

"Its good thing our resident beauty hates outsiders!" Suay said gleefully with a glint in her eyes, "More chances of winnin-"

"He is not some toy or property that you two had to fight over" Nang Fah scold the two. Somehow, she felt protective for the handsome man's welfare at the vulture-like look of the duo, she had to step in and be responsible. After all, she is the one who found him.

"And I dont hate outsiders", Nang Fah added at the incredulous look of her two friends, "I just dont like them"

All her life she had been painfully aware that she is missing important figures in her life, growing up without both of her parents as she's taken care of her grandma, it was all because of the "outsiders" fault.

The love story of her parents were almost legendary, elders told her when she's old enough to understand. According to them, it all started when her mother, an outsider, took a tour on their island and caught her father's heart in the process.

Against all the odds, they fell in love and got married. It was magical then and almost made everyone believe that love knows no boundaries until everything turns into a tragedy when her mother chose to go back to the city, leaving her family behind. Her father, in a desperate attempt, tried to look for her, promising to return but he never did. And thats the reason why she always have this inhibition towards any foreigners or outsiders in their island.

"I think its better if we stay on guard always you know? So we will have less regrets in the future." Nang Fah continued at their silence while rinsing the small towel again in the basin distractedly, "Besides, what if history repeats itself? I will not let it happe-"

In her surprise, the two suddenly screamed that the cloth she had been rinsing fell over, her brows knot in confusion as the duo screamed their lungs off while pointing at the stranger.

"What?!" she asked, turning over to look at what their pointing only to be greeted again by a pair of the most beautiful eyes staring directly at hers, she could only gasp in disbelief. What is wrong with her?

For a second, her breath hitch again as she felt a pull on his eyes, she almost forgot where they where if not for the loud screams in the background.

As if on cue, the stranger suddenly groan aloud in pain, holding his head in his hands.

"What's wrong?" Nang Fah asked the stranger worriedly, gesturing at the other two to shut it, "Get grandma and Aunt Niam!" she commanded to which the two thankfully followed, leaving them alone.

But the look of pain in the stranger persists, she honestly didnt know what to do. In panic, she pulled him in, pressing him close as she whisper soft calming words in his ears while gently combing his hair, hoping that it would somehow help, "Its okay." she said, "Everything will be alright"


"What's your name young man?"

After his earlier 'episode', as what Nang Fah decided to call it, the head villager had been trying to get some info out of him only to be continuously ignored. It is almost funny watching Grandma tried to ask the stranger again and again while the guy do not even bother to glance at the poor old woman's direction as he is quite preoccupied on eating the fruits at the table as if it is his last supper.

"Erm- Maybe he's just really hungry?" Mami tried to defend the current state of the 'handsome' stranger as they all look at the guy beside her with astonishment.

"I'll just go get some more-", Nang Fah cleared her throat, hiding her smile and prepared to stand up only to be pulled back down by the stranger rather abrutly.

Nang Fah was seriously about to scold the stranger but all it took was one look and she was effectively at his mercy.

"D-dont l-leave" he started to whisper albeit with a little bit of difficulty while shaking his head furiously, holding her arm as if she was his saving grace.

But how can she leave him though if he was looking at her like she was his everything?

She didnt know what's going on but she hadnt realized she was smiling back as he flashes her his gorgeous dimpled smile if not for Grandma's loud clearing of her throat.

"So you know how to speak" Aunt Niam, the resident healer suddenly pressed on that the stranger turn to Nang Fah's side as if he's asking for her help, moving a little bit closer.

"Grandma you're scaring him" Mami told her grandma who only tsked at her.

"Here. Eat some more", Suay brought over more food on the table but the stranger only stared at it before looking back at Nang Fah as if he is asking her if he can take it.

That brought a small chuckle out of everyone in the table making Suay pout as Nang Fah shake her head.

"Its okay" Nang Fah finally said that had the stranger accepting the food hesitantly at first before gobbling it down again with 'gusto'.

"Let me ask again-" the old woman began again but seem to think better of it as the stranger's attention was once again caught by the foods laid out in the table that she only sighed and gestured at Nang Fah to do the honor.

Well, to his defense though, he had been unconscious for two days so he must have been THAT hungry.

"Hey" Nang Fah slowly placed a hand on his cheeks to make him look at her before she calmly spoke when he indeed stop to stare at her eyes, "Can I ask what's your name?"

She could have sworn she felt the anticipation rising out of the four other people in the room while they wait for the stranger's answer only to be met with disappointment when he just shrugged before he continued eating.

"No seriously what's your name?" Nang Fah tried to ask once again, her brows began knitting in confusion. What does he meant by shrugging?

"Dont know", the stranger shrugged once again as if it wasnt a big deal when everyone in the room gasped at his condition.

She wonder though, can someone really forget his name?

But if he did then...

"What about your hometown?" her grandma intervened just as the stranger only smiled and look at her as if everything was just a childs play.

"Dont I leave here?", he asked like he really believed in it, turning to her for her assurance, "Right Nang Fah?"

Nang Fah's heart suddenly clenched at the thought that she couldnt answer his question and only stared back at him with sympathy. What a cruel play it is.

Slowly, Nang Fah took his hand on hers to give him support even if the guy do not seem to understand the reality of his situation.

She herself can somehow relate for she too do not feel whole as she never know some part of her identity, but to forget your whole past... that 's just unthinkable.

"Erm - No you dont", Suay finally dropped the bomb after a minute of their silence, "Nang Fah just found you at the beach"

As if it was not enough, Mami decided to intervene with her shrilling toneq, "How can you forget your Name? Age? Job? Address? That's impossible!"

The silence, pressure and the peircing gaze of the elders must have finally gotten into him that the moment when he seem to be really thinking about his answers, everything just proved to be too much.

The next second, he had his head in his hands groaning in pain, Nang Fah had to pull him again in her embrace to soothe him just like how she did earlier.

She really did not know how but by some miracle, she somehow manage to calm him down, he even fell asleep in her arms as she comb his hair and whispers soft words in his ears.

Everyone looked at them with shock.

Partly it was due to her surprising ability to calm him down but also because of the reality of his situation... Then there's also the fact that this is the first time they saw her did something like this to someone else and to an outsider for that matter.

"I think its best if he stayed with us first so we can observe his symptoms while he recover", Aunt Niam break the silence when it finally sinked in.

For a moment, Nang Fah's defenses raises up, feeling strangely overprotective of the guy that she hug him closer to her chest just as Mami shouts "Yes!" in joy.

Nang Fan honestly felt confused again when she caught herself feeling somewhat territorial.

Well maybe it was because she had already formed a connection with him?

Surviving a life threatening situation together somehow bonds people after all, and didnt he saved her too?

Maybe she's just feeling really grateful...

All her life, with all the perks of being the grand daughter of the village head, she grew up to be rather strong headed that she had chosen to refuse the help of other people.

She never knew the feeling of someone doing something like that for her.

Maybe that is why her insides felt conflicted at the thought of leaving him at the hands of the others?

"Nang Fah" Grandma suddenly called her rather sternly interrupting her musings, "we need to talk"


"Grandma" Nang Fah bellowed completely in aghast at the ridiculousness of the situation, "You can't do that!"

"I already made my decision" her grandmother insisted in a firm tone.

Yet Nang Fah would take none of the nonsense as the younger girl retorted with conviction, "But I cant leave you here alone"

"Is that why you chose to go back?" the old woman sighed tiredly, massaging her temples as if she's already had enough for the day.

"I did not" Nang Fah isnt one to back down though as she argued back, "I only went on with my instict and helped-"

"Its a good thing that you helped him"
Grandma cuts her off calmly as if she's talking to a young kid, "But you can just take him with you at the city as well... And who knows? He might get better help there after seeing his condition right now"

But its not like she deliberately went back at the island for she was seriously out of her wits during the time they where in the strangers motor boat that it was a wonder how she managed to get back... If she didnt know any better, she would think it was almost fated.

"But grandma-" she still tried to argue with the older woman who just continued on speaking.

"Did you realize that you just lost one great opportunity not just for yourself but for the whole community?"

"But I can help-"

"Did you not realize that you can be more of help to everyone here especially if armed with better education? We were rooting for you to succeed. Everyone here is rooting for you but you just wasted the opportunity"

That statement effectively shuts her up.

Did she really let them down? She had to admit though that she felt relieved and at some extent, thankful at the accident for it managed to bring her back to her beloved island, she hadnt even think once of the repercussions.

As much as she do not want to admit, she may have played a part for there might still be a chance for her to pursue the scholarship if she really wanted by talking to her contact to ask for some extension but she had chosen not to....

She had eagerly grabbed her only chance to get back and stay at the island with her grandma just like how she really wanted.

"Im sorry", she whispered the only words she could think of.

"I think I had spoiled you too much", Grandma sighed again in disappointment that Nang Fah felt ashamed of herself, "There is a reason why you were taught by the elders how to defend yourself at a young age. You had to realize that I cannot be with you everyday. You need to learn how to handle responsibilities and live with the consequences of your actions"

And just like that, grandma had her reluctantly agree to move into her parents old house for her to learn the hardships and reality in life without the help of her grandma.


"What are you guys doing here?!" Nang Fah asked in surprise at seeing Mami, Suay and Taeloi visit her in her new house.

"We were just making sure you were alright" Suay tried to be cheerful depite the sullen atmosphere just as Taeloi, the guy who seem to not have any emotional bone in his body to know the mood, stepped in self importantly grinning at her widely.

"I'll just remind you that my house is just nearby and you can call me any time if you need ANY help" Taeloi suggested unabashedly that had Mami and Suay hit him at the same time, earning a painful groan from the guy.

Nang Fah couldnt help but smile again at therir childish antics despite her feeling of heaviness for her situation.

"Dont worry Nang Fah" Mami intervened, shaking her head at Taeloi, "I heard grandma already told your neighbors to look out for you and all of them already agreed."

She's not really worried about that though for she's confident that she can take care of herself.

"Hows your patient?" Nang Fah couldnt help but ask, wondering about the stranger for she did not have an opportunity to say goodbye to him before he too moves out to stay at the Healer's house because she had to take care of moving her belongings into her new home.

"He's already asleep", Mami sighed problematically, "Earlier he were just staring at one direction and he did not even bother gazing at me... but thats okay" her friend's tone turning into different enthusiastic tune at the end of her phrase she knew her friend is planning something.

"Dont do anything drastic or you'll scar the poor innocent guy for life." Nang Fah just had to say it to the girl as she knew her guts.

Poor him.

"Are you sure you'll be okay here Nang Fah?" Suay once again ask, checking the house that Nng Fah could only sigh and assure her friends.

Its not like she have any choice though.

After a few minutes of reassurance they finally left her alone.

Nang Fah sighed once again and take a long look around the house trying to make herself feel better only to fail drastically.

The house, even though it actually look really nice and okay all over but it still serves as the only memory of her parents, reminding her that once, she belong to a complete and happy family here...

"Ugh... This is so depressing"

She really tried hard not to as she busies herself with arranging her bedsheet but a lonesome tear still find a way down her cheeks.

Everything must have finally caught up in her; the accident with the stranger, her grandmother's disappointment and then being driven out from the house where she grew up. It was just too much that she wasnt surprised when she find herself crying all her pent up emotions...

What shocked her though was the feeling of someone enveloping her in a hug, she honestly felt scared for a moment at the thought of ghosts that her tears were effectively stopped instantly.

Touching the persons chest, she slowly looked up at the person, preparing to scream her lungs off only to find the nameless stranger's handsome face.

"What are you doing here?!" Nang Fah swallowed her screams at the stranger's innocent face giving her a puppy look.

"Your hug earlier makes the pain goes away" he started with sincerity, "So I will do the same to make you feel better"

For a moment, she was honestly caught up with his words that she was lost for a moment and just let him pull her once again in his hug while he smiles that annoying gorgeous dimpled smile of his.

"Wait" Nang Fah seem to gather her wits back managing to push him a little bit away from her, "Werent you supposed to be at Aunt Niam's?"

"Nang Fah dont want me anymore thats why you let me be taken away?" the stranger asked her in a sad depressing tone.

"No thats not it!" Nang Fah immediately answered back, trying to assure him that its not it, "Its just, you'll get better treatment there at the healers house"

"But I feel okay whenever I'm with you" the stranger argued back like a small kid, "Thats why I followed others when I heard they where going to you"

"You really need to get back or they'll be worried", Nang Fah could only take a deep breath at his reasoning

"They thought I was asleep already" the stranger told her convincingly, smiling proud of himself, "Can I sleep with you instead?"

Nang Fah was so so surprised with his statement she could only gasp and cover his mouth with her hands, feeling her cheeks go red just as the stranger looked at her with confusion.

"No", she bellowed trying to ignore his puppy look that could make anyone agree on whatever he wanted, "You have to go back and sleep there", she said with conviction.

Who knows that arguing with a man with a face of an angel would be this hard? Goodness. She had already saw and met other handsome tourists even others with foreign look but none had created this effect on her...

"But I dont like it there", he still insisted pouting at her that Nang Fah tried to hold on to the last of her resolve and went to her bed instead, preparing to sleep it off.

"Well you can stay at my grandma's house instead, Im sure you'll be okay ther-" she started only to be caught in surprise when he quickly followed her suit, sitting down next to her and gathering her blanket, preparing to lay down beside her.

"Im tired" he said, flashing his dimpled smile at her bewildered look, "Lets sleep"

"But you really cant sleep here!" she finally exclaimed getting over her shock and pulling her blanket off him just as the stranger sat up scratching his head.

"Nang Fah" he said with a slight irritation before he sigh like he was arguing with a small kid who can not understand his simple reasoning, "I can not sleep if Im not with you. I dont like it when you are not with me"

That effectively shut her up.

For a moment, they stared at each others eyes until she finally caught herself once again. Her heart thunders so loud she suddenly felt afraid that she immediately throw the blanket she was holding on tight on top of his head.

"I will only let you stay here if you sleep at the floor okay?" she said trying to cover the fact that her cheeks was burning in embarassment.

"But-" he tried to argue when he resurfaced only to be cut off by her stern look and sharp words, "If you dont, I will tell Aunt Niam and Mami that you're he-"

She do not have to say anything more for the next second, the stranger was already laying down on the floor, closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep already.

Nang Fah couldnt help but surpress her chuckle at his cuteness as she sneak a glance at him, "Here", she throwing over blankets to keep him warm on the cold floor.

"Nang Fah?" he suddenly spoke that made Nang Fah turn to look at him to find him gazing back at her.

"Hmmm?" she hummed her response.

"Your name" he said, "What does it mean?"

"It means", she started, pausing for a minute at being reminded once again bitterly what her name means and why it is given to her, "Angel"

She normally wouldnt like to tell others what it means though for it was given to her by her parents as a sign of gift to them but he is different. He feels different to her compared from the other usual 'outsiders' she had encountered.

"I like it", he said with a smile, "My angel"
Nang Fah couldnt help but smile as she close her eyes at his claim.

His angel?

Hmmmm... it surprisingly sounds good to her ears

Nang Fah's happiness was brought to an abrupt halt at hearing his sudden deep sigh that she glance at him to find the guy staring at the ceiling with his brows in a knot as if it held the answers to all his problems.

"What's wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"Nothing" he answered with a forced smile, shaking his head in assurance, she didnt know how but somehow, she can already see past his defenses that she had a hint of his dilemma.

"Do you want me to give you a name?"
she asked after a moment of silence.

It seems like she hit the right spot though for he immediately sat up once again.

"Really?", he said enthusiastically, "You can do that for me?"

Nang Fah's heart clenched at his innocence that she couldnt help but smile back eagerly as she too sat up in her bed as they think of names that would suit him.

"Hmmm... Let's see" she nodded, thinking of the foreign names she came across before, "You look foreign to me so maybe I dunno Johnny?"

"Hmmmm" The stranger repeated the name seemingly unconvinced which, now that she think about it, it doesnt really match him either for that name is too common for his incomparable good looks.

"That's not it" she said, "Let's see I found you at the sea, Saichon. What about-"

"Saichon" he repeated, seeming to like the word as it rolls off his tongue.

"Saichon?" she asked, "Do you like it?"

His answer was another flash of his dimpled smile that Nang Fah couldnt help but smile back again as she explained the origin of the word.

"Saichon means the sea" she said.

"I like it" he exclaimed in a matter of fact voice, "Nang Fah found me at the sea so my name will be the sea" he said like it explains everything that Nang Fah could only shake her head at his antics laying back down once again on her bed.

"Let's sleep Saichon"

"Alright Nang Fah" he shot back as he followed her suit, "Saichon will sleep now"

Silence followed his statement that Nang Fah honestly thought he was already asleep until he spoke her name once again.

"Nang Fah" he called her in almost a whisper that Nang Fah had to turn to look at him in wonder, "Dont leave me behind again okay?"

His words and sincere eyes strikes her hard, penetrating the walls she had already built around herself that she found herself nodding her head as a sign of her promise.

A/N: An update just because of too much fin from yesterdays event. Can somebody please tell me how to move on from them? Deymmmm. I can only pray for mine, and other NY fans, poor soul. :risas3::icon12:
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Thank you soo much for updating. Aww I love when Saichon said "I can not sleep if I'm not with you. I don't like it when you are not with me", "Your hug earlier makes the pain goes away" and "So I will do the same to make you feel better." :icon12::icon12::icon12:
I'm looking forward to seeing how Saichon & Nang Fah's relationship will develop along the way. Crossing my fingers for more FIN scenes hehe. ;):icon12:
NY has been very FIN and I'm soo kilig by them! :love::love::love:

P.S I don't think you can ever move on from them. They're such a lovely couple hehe. :):p
I hope your doing well girl! :icon12: @annmott
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I can’t believe that it’s been part of my week to check on updates. Haha. Every other day if not everyday. Hahahaha. Ate! I just wanna ket you know that reading your work puts me in a good mood. Hehehehhe ❤❤


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A/N: Excuse me for the cheesiness. Blame it on the song I was listening to while writing this song. Pangako by Silent Sanctuary. (Nod to my filipino readers)

Anyway, I have here one of the official theme song from Lakorn to bring back the GRGR vibes.

Chapter 2 - The Promise

"Nang Fah"

A gentle voice tried to call her from her deep slumber.

"Wake up Nang Fah"

The person tried again, feeling a warm hand tap her on her shoulder as she ignored and pushed the hand away, trying to get some more sleep even after hearing a soft yelp from that person.

Can't she have a little bit more rest? Cause honestly, she felt like she havent gotten back her strength from all the stress the past week, not to mention her moving into her new house.

Silence passed for a few minutes and she was on her way to another deep sleep when another voice, much louder and more annoying rang through the air, calling her name like a mad person, it could only belong to Mami that she had no choice but to get up.

With a sigh, Nang Fah went straight towards the door and opened it only to find Taeloy, she had to raise her eyebrows at the guy who was standing straight like a statue with his eyes wide open like he just got petrified by some creature.

"Nang Fah!" Mami's scream caught her attention as the girl push Taeloy away holding both of her shoulders in a tight grip and shaking her worriedly, "You had to help us! Nang Fah! The stranger's-"

Mami suddenly stopped babbling, her eyes going wide as saucers staring at something behind her, she too had to turn around to find a topless Saichon staring at them innocently. Before she could react though, Mami's very loud shriek brought her back, she honestly thought she's gone deaf for a second.

"Shut it"

Nang Fah tried to stop the girl, asking Taeloy's help who stood still shell shocked that she head to resort in covering her friend's mouth to no avail as the other villagers started on going in her house to check what's happening.

"What is wrong here?" her grandma suddenly entered along with several elders, her eyes stopping at Saichon who quickly went and stood behind her, trying to hide his large frame behind her small one.

"Why are you shouting so loud in the morning?" Auntie Niam asked Mami.

"When I wake up this morning, I was waking up the stranger when I noticed the bed empty and looking unslept" Mami started that she felt Saichon trying to shrunk himself to avoid the wrath of the girl while holding her arms from behind, "I tried to look everywhere only to find him here without his clothes on"

There was a collective gasp from everyone as they stared at her and Saichon back and forth accusingly, Nang Fah cringed inside and tried to laugh it off rather nervously in an attempt to pacify the situation.

"T-that's not it. Look!" she exclaimed, holding his hand and pulling him from behind her awkwardly, " He still had his erm- some of his clothes on..."

The elders though looked unconvinced just as her grandma raised her eyebrows at her and shake her head in disapproval.

"He is wearing a shirt earlier" Taeloi added thankfully, Nang Fah had to breath in a sigh of relief, "When he opened the door to get the food I brought"

"Then why are you topless?"

"The f-food s-spilled on my shirt when I was waking up Nang Fah", Saichon could only shrug, scratching his head and looking for her help before he started speaking, "So I took it off"

"So... does that mean that you sleep here?" Arifa, one of the villager asked the question nobody dared to voice out.

Saichon though nodded his head happily, "I slept with Nang Fah"

His statement once again brought everyone's attention back to her, staring at her like she committed a crime with her grandmother now glaring at her.

"He meant that he sleeps here in the floor of my house" Nang Fah retorted, pointing at the unkept blanket on the floor beside her bed while slapping his chest with slight force that Saichon groaned softly and stared at her in confusion, "You know after the accident he still sometimes cant think straight right?"

"But didnt we agree that he'll stay at Auntie Niam first?" Mami argued back.

Before she could answer though, Saichon hold her hand tight saying, "Saichon do not want to stay away from Nang Fah. Saichon will be better if he's with Nang Fah"

His statement made everyone silent as she turn her gaze and met his sincere eyes as if he is promising her something she do not dare think of, her breath hitch for a moment at the sudden feeling of something she can not explain.

"Who's Saichon?"

Their moment were cut short as Taeloi asked Saichon who didnt even spare a glance at the guy but instead smiled that dimpled smile of his, she had to look away as she felt her cheeks goes red.

"Saichon is my name", he stated proudly, "Nang Fah gave it to me"

"B-but", Suay suddenly intervened, getting the attention back at the issue, "He still cant stay here alone with Nang Fah!"

"But only Nang Fah can calm him down" the voice of reason came in the form of Uncle Sala, one of the elders in their community.

"Nang Fah is still a woman" Taeloi argued back, "A guy and a girl cant stay under one roof unless they were married right grandma?"

Everyone began voicing out their opinion at the same time that it was just chaos she had to look at Saichon who shrunk back behind her again at the commotion, tugging her hand.

"You wont give me away right?" he asked her in a whisper, holding on tight on her hand, "You promised you wont leave me again"

Nang Fah honestly didnt know what to do because for once in her life, she felt that connection from someone else other than her grandma. It is strange how someone like her who usually stays away from guys and foreigners in general to find herself having this unexplainable feeling with an 'outsider'. Like she knew deep inside that he will be an important person in her life.

"I-", she started but stopped midway when she caught her gaze with her grandma who was looking at the two of them quite intently, as if she was thinking deeply before she raised her hand, earning an instant silence among their group.

"I'm sorry Saichon, I know that you are good person but you can't stay with my grand daughter"

Another round of chaos went up as Mami and Taeloi cheered on and went towards them, trying to pull Saichon away from her who only holds on even tighter on her hands, his eyes looking at her as if he is begging her to fight for him.

It's not like she do not want to but... truthfully, she is afraid for herself, of what will be the consequence if she will welcome him in her life.

"But-", Saichon turn towards grandma and argued with the old lady when she dont say anything.

"She is currently having her punishment and we dont allow our visitors-", Her grandma shot back just as Saichon shouted.

"But I can take any punishment with her!"

"I'm sorry but my decision is final-" her grandmother looked at her in the eye while saying the words as if daring her to oppose her decision.

"You cant take me away from my person", Saichon tried to push away Mami's and Taeloi's hands to no avail.

Nang Fah could only close her eyes at the scene in front of her, her mind and heart being torn apart upon what her heart wants and what she thinks is better for her self-preservation.

His sudden scream of pain however, brought her head up and before she knew it, she was already kneeling beside him, craddling his face and hugging him to her chest, whispering her soft calm words again.

"It's okay", Nang Fah began her mantra while combing his hair, "You are gonna be okay Saichon"

She heard the other villagers who wasnt there with them the other day gasped out loud when he had indeed calmed down on her embrace that for a moment, there was another silence.

"Let's take him to our house-", Mami, the girl who still doesnt seem to understand the heaviness of the situation, insisted on moving the poor guy that Nang Fah finally snaps.

"No!", she said quite angrily making others looked at her in surprise at her outburst for this is her first time to fight for an outsider, "Stop it"

"But he will get better treatment-" Mami retorted, albeit with a smaller voice as if she finally get a hint of whats coming if she continue.

"Nang Fah?", She felt Saichon's hand enveloped her smaller ones, instantly calming her down as she looked at him and caress his face, "Dont leave me please"

"I wont", she whispered back, smiling when he flashes his dimples in a joyful smile, "I promise"

"I will take him in", Nang Fah declares to everyone, meeting the elders, the healer, and last, her grandmother's eyes, "From now on, I will take care of him"

Slowly, she gaze at Saichon when she felt his hands intertwine with hers and hold on tight as they shared a look of promise.

Silence passed through them as she and her grandmother shared a look, as if they were communicating something through their eyes.

After what seem like a few minutes, grandma finally sighed and nodds her head in defeat amidst the protest of others that she and Saichon shared a happy look and hugged each other.

"But If you're sure you want to stay with her, you will also bear her punishment" Grandma told them, "And Nang Fah, you will be responsible of him"

The both of them could only stare at each other before nodding happily at her grandmother.

"But we do not know his background!", Taeloi looked like he was about to pull his hair from his annoyance just as Mami agreed vehemently, "What if he's a bad per-"

"He is a good person", Nang Fah convincingly said at once , glancing at Saichon as if she is so sure just as the guy smiled at her gratefully, admiration in his eyes, "I believe in him"

She do not really know why but she felt safe and comfortable with him... Like she found a companion, a friend and something she couldnt point out. All she knows is that she felt this magnetic pull towards him that she havent felt before from anyone, not even to someone in their island.


"Nang Fah", Saichon called her in a worried tone, "Do you need some help?"

"No", she answered back, raising her thumbs as she pat and caress the pig she was just checking, "I'm okay"

Just as her grandmother told her, they were now being assigned of taking in charge of their small communities livestock and they had been at it since early afternoon.

"Are you sure?" his voice once again rang through the air that she had to look up from what she's doing to find him staring at her curiously as he spray the root crops with the hose rather distractedly.

He must have known that he was caught for he scratch his head cutely, his ears turning a shade of red as he now paid attention on what he's doing.

"Dont worry about Nang Fah", Uncle Sala intervened, "She can take care of herself"

Nang Fah had to hid her smile as she watch Saichon conversed with the older guy as he kept on telling him which way to spray for he is awkwardly holding the hose up.

She deliberately put him in that light task for she had this gut feeling that he doesnt know how to handle all the mud and dirt.

And she thinks she made the right decision.

Maybe... he came from a well off family..

Looking at him now, she couldnt help but think right of her conclusion when he doesnt know even some of the simplest household chores when she tried to teach him earlier...

The idea isnt so far fetched though with that smooth and white even skin of his all over his body that she accidentally saw when he goes topless earlier as Taeloi was teaching him how to chop down the woods.

Not that she peaked though, she swore she didnt do it deliberately.

Okay maybe she did took a glance.

Or two.

"She is one independent lady", Taeloi added, "Cause it was only her and grandma that maybe she got used on doing things for them alone"

Well that's true though. With all the advantage she got from being the grand daughter of the head of their vilage, she still tried to be as independent as she can be for she knew that not at all times, she could ask for help from someone else and that she only had herself to rely on.

"Why what happened to her parents?" Saichon suddenly asked what is considered as 'taboo' on their community, earning a slight smack on the shoulder from the elder as she saw at her peripheral vision Uncle whispered something on Saichon's ears and gestured at the guy to keep quiet as his eyes gone wide as saucers while looking apologetic at everyone who was staring back at him accusingly for everyone knew that it is a sensitive topic for her.

She must have been so out of it that she slipped just as she was about to get out from the fence and one of the pigs managed to get through the small crack she had accidentally left open.

For a single moment, everybody paused and stared at what happened in shock before everyone moved at once, trying to chase the pig.

"Get it", she heard somebody screamed aloud but she do not have the time to look at who for her focus is solely running after the pig that she got almost thrown off backwards when someone almost knock her off if not for that someone's quick reflexes, he had been able to catch her just in time.

"Nang Fah?" / "Saichon?!"

They both asked at the same time, each quite surprise at finding each other in the middle of the woods as they stare at each other's eyes.

Their moment was lost though when the pig moved in between them quickly that before they could make a move, it was already out of their sight.

"Damn", She heard Saichon cursed as they stared at the direction the pig had disappeared.

"Well", Nang Fah took in a deep breath and distanced herself with the handsome guy before she felt too comfortable in his arms, "We could still try to look" she said, gesturing at the pathway.

Saichon sighed out loud, scratching his hair, "I guess so"

Their destination though werent quite clear as they tried to follow their instict only to end up finding themselves at the waterfalls, she even heard the gasp of amazement from the guy beside her as he realized where they were...

"Where are we?", he asked her in pure adoration.

"We are at the infamous waterfalls here at Min Island", she exclaimed quite proudly, standing up on top of one of the large roots as she smiled and close her eyes, taking in a deep breath of fresh air, "Beautiful isn't it?"

"Yeah", she heard him whisper back closely. Probably too close for she felt his breath touch her cheeks, she instantly opened her eyes and turn to look at him only to find his handsome face even with all the dirt mere inches from hers, looking at her intensely as he continued, "Very beautiful"

Is it just her or... No!

Nang Fah quickly turn her gaze away from him, tapping her face as she felt her cheeks burn.

"Nang Fah", Saichon called out her name before she heard his groan of surprise followed by the loud splash of water. Nang Fah turned just in time to find Saichon resurfaced from underneath the water.

She tried to hold it in but try as she might, laughter still came out from her as Saichon glared at her before he suddenly smiled with a glint on his eyes, she knew he was onto something as she quickly made an escape to no avail for he had already scooped her up in his arms and jumped, the next second, they were both underneath the water.

"Goodness!", Nang Fah slap his chest lightly when they came up with her still coughing as he laugh it off while caressing her back.

"I'm sorry I couldnt help it", he said, leading her towards the roots they were standing earlier and holding her on her waist to lift her up on it.

"Well I'm sorry I couldnt help this either" she retorted before splashing him with water, ignoring his weak protest for he seemed to be just laughing it off and even threatened on pushing her back towards the water which immediately stopped her.

"I'm sorry", Nang Fah heard Saichon apologize again and sat beside her as she twisted her long hair, trying to dry it.

"It's nothing", she replied back, turning to find him holding up a flower on his hand.

"I meant about earlier when I asked 'that' question", he said while scratching the back of his ears, she could see his cheeks turn a bright shade of red in embarassment, "I'm sorry I was too insensitive... Forgive me?" he asked, holding up the flower as a peace offering.

Who would turn down the guy though, when he is looking so adorable right now she couldnt help but smile and pinch his cheeks as she accepted the flower.

"I told you it's okay", she said, smiling at his thoughtfulness, "I already accepted who I am a long time ago"

"Well", Saichon took in a deep breath and smiled at her, taking another flower he was holding from his another hand before he leaned in and gently placed it behind her ear, "I'm here now. You can rely on me for I wont go anywhere without your permission", he said, caressing her cheeks and smiling at her with sincerity before he holds his right hand up, "I promise."

Nang Fah felt a tug on her heart, a warm hand that embraced the deepest of her fears at Saichon's words, and the strangest thing is that of all people, she is having this unexplainable feeling towards a stranger and an outsider...

"Nang Fah! Nang Fah!", Suay suddenly emerged from the forest, screaming her name like a mad woman that their moment got lost once again as the girl stopped short in surprise at finding Saichon with her, the poor girl looks at them in confusion back and forth, taking in their flushed cheeks and wet clothes, "Erm- I have both good and bad news"

"The good news is that the pig is already caught!" Saichon and her shared a guilty glance as they forgot their purpose for a minute, lost in their own world, "The bad news is that there were outsiders and they are on their way here!"

"What?!", Nang Fah asked in surprise as she immediately stood up and pulled Saichon with her, "Why didnt you say so earlier?!"

"Where are we going?!", the poor guy asked as she dragged him towards the path she had already become familiar with through the years.

"We'll go fishing at the other side of the island", she explained at the clueless guy, willing him to hurry up.

"What? Why?", Saichon asked to which Suay happily answered and share gossips about her like she wasnt there.

"Our resident beauty here dont like outsiders cause she sometimes attracts too much unwanted attention from them.You know once? One was so amazed by her beauty that he asked for her hand the minute he saw her"

"What happened?", he asked, interested at where the story is going although his eyebrows where beginning to fuse together in she didnt know if it's confusion or irritation. But why would he be annoyed though?

"Shut it", Nang Fah shook her head at the two tugging his hand to make him walk faster, "Dont listen to her"

"Well he got burned with her words and then chilled with her icy glare", Suay wont be dettered though, the young girl still continued rather animatedly, "But that's not the end of it cause others who glimpsed at her would also try and get close that our Nang Fah here get tired of it and would always went away whenever they are here"

"Oh", Saichon went silent for a moment as the information sinks in on him that he surprised her when he suddenly take the lead, tugging her hand as he asked, "Where is that other side? Come on Nang Fah, we need to get there faster"

Nang Fah could only tsked at the duo as she obliged and walked faster.

That is what she wanted after all...

After a few minutes of walking and
hiking, they finally reached the other side with him, holding his hand on his chest as he tried to catch up some air.

"Here we are", Nang Fah breath a sigh of relief as they entered what she called as her private sanctuary.

"I'm sorry I must not be used to that kind of walk", Saichon exclaimed, laying down straight on the sand after they reached their destination.

"I'll leave you two here now", Suay stated that made Saichon widen his eyes and stared at the young girl who was bitting down her laughter while she walks away from them.

"Dont tell me she just went with us here and she will go all the way back again?", he asked bewilderly, staring at the disappearing shape of the young girl.

"Uhuh", she agreed and nodded her head before she too lay down beside him on the sand, breathing a sigh of relief at the success of their sweet escape.

"Where are we?", he asked as he finally got his breathing back, turning to look over at her side.

"Hmmmm", Nang Fah hummed and smiled first before she answered him with a smile, "Welcome to my paradise"

"Your paradise?"

"Yeah well I already claimed this cause this is a hidden part of the island. I discovered this place accidentally and then it became my hide out", Nang Fah took in a deep breath while telling one of her secrets at the stranger, "This is where I go to whenever I want to be alone so consider yourself as one of the few lucky ones who got to enter this place"

"I am honored then", he shot back at her teasingly to which she only smiled back as she sat up and began talking.

"You know, whenever I envision my future, this place would always comes in my mind" she said, sighing out loud while looking around, taking everything all at once, "For the longest time, I had wanted to build a small cottage right here where I can rest... and then there will also be a hammock beside that tree" she said before she began pointing at different direction where she wants everything to be as the guy beside her slowly sat up, listening to her eagerly.

"Look! I'll show you something", she suddenly shot up, walking towards the part beside the rock formation and vegetation, she heard him gasp after she pulled away the leaves that she deliberately placed to hide her boat.

"You are really prepared for this huh?", Saichon asked her in amazement, "Resident beauty of Min Island?"

"Dont believe Suay, that girl is just exaggerating", Nang Fah rolled her eyes at his flattering words. It is good then that she's already used with those that she wont get easily swayed.

"But I think she is saying the truth", Saichon told her sincerely, she almost believe him, "I am so lucky to get washed here in a beautiful Island, with a beautiful goddess"

"Nice try", Nang Fah could only sigh and shake her head, "But you wont get away with fishing. Come on. I'll teach you how"


"Damn it!", Saichon cursed impatiently, "Why cant we catch these damn creatures"

"Stop cursing, they have a name you know", Nang Fah stated calmly for she could honestly understand his frustrations cause they where going at it for almost a few hours and yet they havent made even a single catch, "We have to catch even just one or we'll go to sleep with empty stomach"

"Hello Nang Fah!" A strangely familiar tone suddenly rang through the air that both of them looked at the direction of the voice.

They must have gone too far from where they came from for them to encounter other fishermen at the area, "Fancy seeing you here Nang Fah"

"Who are they?", Saichon asked Nang Fah with his brows furrowing as they stare at them.

"I am Yasa", The guy answered him back while smiling at her, "We are friends of Nang Fah from the town"


Well that is debatable...

"I thought you dont like outsiders?", Saichon asked her in a whisper but before she could respond, Yasa already shot back winking at her, "We are an exception... right Nang Fah?"

As if it wasnt enough, Yasa continued talking, "I'm sorry we havent reached our destination last time like planned"

"Its okay-", Nang Fah glance at Saichon's direction worriedly and tried to end their conversation but the guy wouldnt stop and spat out rather bitterly, "Still, it is a wasted opportunity if it werent for him"

"What is he talking about?", Saichon went towards her to ask what he is talking about.

"Oh you didnt know?", Yasa laugh out loud that Saichon's brows furrow a little bit more, if that was even possible, "Nang Fah shouldnt be here by now"

She could feel the tension rising that she decided to step in, "I was supposed to study at a university but I chose to back out and not continue"

"Still... I'm sorry for your scholarship", Yasa spoke with a low voice, aiming to be sincere, "Here" he said, lifting up a large fish from his net and handing it to her.

"No it's okay", Nang Fah immediately refused while shaking her head furiously, "We're fine"

It is not part of her nature to take gifts from outsiders when she could provide things on her own...

"Come on take it", Yasa insisted before placing the fish on the foot of their boat, "I heard earlier that you havent caught even one so... take it"

"I really dont-", Nang Fah tried to argue back, her brows furrowong in irritation for she really do not like accepting things from outsiders cause she had this thinking that, they would demand something in return.

"Just take it", Yasa though is one insistent man for he wont let her give it back, "Consider this as my peace offering for last time"

With a wink and a wave that the guy thought must have been charming to which Nang Fah thought of the opposite, Yasa left them and they both watch as his boat disappeared from their sight.

"Well... I guess we wont sleep with empty stomach"

Maybe she had spoken too soon though for as it turn out, she cant make Saichon eat the food she had cooked as he instead went on chopping down the woods the minute they got home. Try as she might, he refused to eat a single bite even when she had him sit at their small table with his lips pouting like an insolent child.

"What is the problem?", she asked, her patients quickly wearing thin. Why does it feels like she was talking to a small kid with the way he is acting right now?

Goodness, she swore she is about to burst out in any second if this continue...

As if on cue, he had pushed off her hand away when she was about to put some food on his plate that it accidentally slipped and fell down on the cold floor.

For a moment, there was nothing but silence while they both stared at the wasted food...

Nang Fah had to close her eyes when realization sinks in, gathering all the patience she never knew she had, she took in a deep breath and bent down to clean up what is supposed to be their dinner... Ignoring the guilty and apologetic look of Saichon.

"Nang Fah", His soft voice called her for the nth time that night as they both laid down on each of their bed, "Are you mad at me?", he asked her rather guiltily.

He must have thought she is angry with him for ever since the earlier incident, she hadnt talk to him and went straight to bed instead.

It is not like she is mad at him though, for she knew that taking him in and accepting him comes with both the good and the bad.

Maybe she just expected too much...

Not to mention that she is missing her grandmother too.


She never knew that one could feel homesick in their own homeland.

"I'm sorry for the wasted dinner", he whispered and sighed out loud, continuing his words when she didnt answer, "I'm sorry for making you missed that oppportunity"


Nang Fah's brows furrow as she took a glance at the man who was looking like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders with the way he sighed deeply.

So that's it? Nang Fah concluded in her head, It is the reason behind his what she would like to call as 'tantrum'

"I'm sorry you lost your scholarship because of me", he continued without noticing that she was now facing his direction and staring at his handsome face, "I'm sorry I am a hindrance on your path-"

"Dont say that", Nang Fah immediately shushed his words cause she knew truth, "It is not your fault cause it is my decision not to go through with it"

"Still", Saichon faced her, his face etching the look of guilt and sadness, "If it werent for me-"

Nang Fah though finally decided to set him straight once and for all as she look at him in the eyes and spoke each words softly, as if conveying to him that she meant every word that she is saying, "If it werent for you, I wouldnt be here", she said before she broke in a wide smile, "Honestly, I think I should really thank you for I really do not want to leave my grandma and this island"

"Well", Saichon finally smiled back at her hesitantly saying, "Your welcome?"

With a chuckle, Nang Fah laid down on her bed properly and closed her eyes as she whisper the words she never thought she would ever felt to anyone, "Besides, I dont think I could ever got mad with you"

Silence followed her confession before he broke it when he whispered back, "Me too"

"Now we really need to get some sleep", Nang Fah tried to change the topic as she felt her cheeks went red after finally realizing what she just said and how he responded.

Good luck to her though for she do not know how she would ever manage to sleep now, feeling butterflies on her stomach and she knew it has nothing to do with skipping dinner...


"Saichon?!", Nang Fah woke up with a start that morning, turning to her side only to find his makeshift bed empty.

Worry laced through her immediately that she went straight outside to look for him.

"Where is that guy?", she asked herself as she reached the shore and saw a slight commotion from a far as girls were lining up and cheering at someone on the boat from quite a far.

"Nang Fah!", Suay called on to her
"What's going on here?", she asked the minute she reached them only to get bombarded with Mami's happy cheers.

"Look!", the girl said while pointing at the direction of the boat, "He must have heard your name"

Now that she's looking at it clearly though, she saw a guy she would have instantly recognized even from this far, waving at her happily that she had to smile back and do the same.

"Oii Nang Fah is so lucky to be able to see his face every morning and every night!", Mami exclaimed teasingly at her direction, she could only shake her head.

It is a good thing that the girl had already apologized with her earlier actions and accepted the situstion that there is no awkwardness between the two of them.

"What are they doing?", she asked, changing the subject from the annoying teasing of the other girls.

"Saichon asked the elders to teach him how to catch a fish", one of the girls answered, "And they had been at it since early morning!"

"Really?" she asked in a bewildered tone.


What's gotten into him?

Just yesterday, he do not have the patience to do so...

"He says he do not want his person to get tired", Suay started while looking at her with a glint of mischief on her eyes, Nang Fah already knew what was coming as her friends look at each other before speaking in chorus, "He wanted to be the one Nang Fah can rely on"

As if on cue, Saichon excitedly jumps out of the boat the minute their boat near the shore, waving at her enthusiastically while he carried his net at his back like a sack of potatoes.

Her friends on the other hand couldnt seem to contain themselves especially when Saichon stops in front of them and flashed his dimpled smile of his that they shake and push her in their excitement, she almost fell down if not for Saichon's arms, quickly surrounding her. She could only shake her head and glare jokingly at her friends antics before laughing it off as she pulled on Saichon's hands to escape them.

"What are you doing?"

Nang Fah asked Saichon, watching him with amusement as he tried to cook the fish he had caught.

The moment they got home, Saichon had made her sit down in front of their table while he goes to the kitchen to prepared their breakfast.

"If this is about last night, I told you it was nothing", she added, bitting down her laughter at seeing the side of his face covered with soot when he raised his hand up to wipe his sweat before she finally took pity of him and went to help.

"No you sit down", he said, pushing her gently back to her sit, "I can manage"

"Well if you're sure", Nang Fah could only shrug but hold his arm to stop him from moving as she went on her tiptoes to wipe the dirt on his face with her hands before patting it.

After a few seconds though, Saichon do not seemed to move and just seem to stare at her quite intensely that she had to ask in a nervous whisper, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

That seemed to wake him up though for he quickly shook his head, stepping far away from her and distancing himself as he instead focused on what he is cooking rather distractedly as he burnt his finger when he accidentally touch the side of the pot.

"You okay?", Nang Fah asked with worry to which he could only nod his head and smiled at her, raising his thumbs up.

After a few minutes of silence, Saichon suddenly spoke, his voice laced with seriousness as he looked at her intensely, his eyes showing his sincerity, "I know that I cant turn back the time but I will forever be grateful that it is you who found me and that I am here with you now"

For a moment, Nang Fah got tongue tied at his words. Honestly, how would she respond to that? She do not know how for this is the first time she heard those words being said to her together with that look of pure honesty and innocence.

She could only smile back at him, hoping he would also know how thankful she is that he came into her life.

Personally though, she thought it is the other way around for it is him who had found her. In a world where she tried her best to hide and blend in with others, he still made his way to her in the most unexpected way. Now, she could only wish for the best and hope that this wouldnt turn out as something she would regret in the future as she had read once in a book left by some tourist on the beach by some author named Paulo Coelho, "Everything that happens once can never happen twice. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time."

If that is really the case, then the history of her parents couldnt be repeated on hers... She wouldnt have to endure the same tragic story right?

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@NY2018 Thank you! I try :icon12: I think island scene would only be short though.
Miss talking to you gal. And yeah I'm doing alright... I think :risas3: I hope you're doing good with your studies too.
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