Free/cheap website to watch chinese movies and drama/series??


sarNie Elites
Any suggestions as to where i can have access to chinese movies and of it?? Just trying to figure out the cheapest way to enjoy my stuff...I have roku too...and it doesnt have to be dubbed or anything like that...

Mainly looking for websites but feel free to throw ANY suggestions out. Thanks a bunch!!


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Thaiflix u have to pay. is free. I was happy to see old chinese dubbed thai like 86 heaven sword. Twin sword 92. Golden snake sword 92. I just want to watch the older ones is hard to find the best tvb,atv childhood memories


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I find that more chinese lakorns are going to get dubbed and faster. notice how the big wig channels are starting to do their own dubbs? oneHD is dubbing and airing a few! (The legend of zu & the story of Liuhai)
I know channel 7 is too and channel 3. Channel 8 and TPBS takes awhile though


Expired Sarnie
Viki (a lot of ads if not a paid member but the channels that has yet been licensed should be okay but some may have incomplete sub which sucks), dramafever (a lot of ads if ur not a paid member), if ur an android user, I recommend gooddrama (they have an app and you can download videos straight to ur phone, watch it on chromecast or just stream), and dramacool.