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Mrs James Ma
I love memes and funny texts. This is the place where you can share things you found funny, ALL PICS CREDIT TO OWNERS



no offence. I'm an Asian too. But I've never seen anybody like this lol
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sarNie Granny
well, i have picture i post on my blog but i haven't update it much b/c i have a hard time login & the site kept giving me error/goes offline & some of my picture was deleted loll . I ask Darvil to fix it like 100x  but he still haven't got around to it hahah ...I said once it fix i'm going update asap .



sarNie OldFart
I like the Asian taking the pictures lol. When I was in Bali, there's this Japanese girl taking a picture of her friend, and she was posing more than her friend. She was smiling and had one leg up lol.