[GMM25/Netflix] Miss Culinary (Bravo Studios): Gybzy Wanida / Jason Young


sarNie Adult
I'm on Episode 4 now and this has been a fun to watch so far. Pretty light-hearted and fun to see food pretty much incorporated in the series.

The approach is present day guy Shane (Peem) tries to hold off his girlfriend Kelly (Meiko) from breaking up with him by cooking her food and telling her stories about his mom (Gybzy) who started out as a struggling chef back in the 1970s/1980s. It's like HIMYM in the sense that Shane hasn't revealed yet who his dad is (the guy whom his mom end up with) - whether its Jason's role (I forgot the name) or Louis' (member of Bravo Boys).


sarNie Adult
I usually like the roles Gybzy takes on, but man, Jason has played some disgusting characters. Still will probably give this a whirl though because Gybzy and food lol.