[GMM25] Sampat Ruttikan: Golf Anuwat/Linn Mashannoad


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Currently airing. I didn't see a thread for it so I decided to make one. If anyone knows the storyline please post, I would really like to know. Update: Never mind, I found a synopsis.

Synopsis: Jan is a 19-year-old girl who was born with a special touch. She can see the death of every person she touches. Every touch and embrace is forbidden for her all her life. Not even her mom could hold her. Her life is under the control of Aunt Chaba, who uses her talents as a way to make a living with the superstition of the villagers. One day Jan is tired of having to endure the horrible sight of death so she tries to commit suicide by jumping towards a speeding car. But the incident made her meet two men who are important to her life, according to predictions. One of them is her soulmate but beware of him being unlucky, referring to the dangers of life. The first man is Dr. Isai, who's running for new prime minister in the upcoming big election. The second man is Non, a police officer and the head of the bodyguard team. The two men in a van suddenly brake and came to her rescue. Dr. Isai touched Jan and she saw he's going to die in the campaign. She's determined to try to prevent such events, so she joins the police force along with Non to help Dr. Isai escape from an unidentified enemy plan. (credit: translated from Siam Zone by mydramalist)
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