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Hey guys! I'll be studying abroad in Australia this coming Fall semester (second semester for Australia) and thought I'd start a thread since there's some Aussies in here. So yea, I'll be in Lismore, New South Wales at Southern Cross University. Does anybody live there....or near there? I could really use all the help/advice I can get and I'd really appreciate anything.

So far I've been looking at plane tickets and the most I've been getting are flights into either Sydney or Brisbane because I think Lismore only has a small local airport. So if I fly into Sydney, would you guys suggest buying another plane ticket to Lismore or riding the train? I dunno. As of now, I'm thinking of the flying part cause I'm not too good with trains/buses. Oh, and I'm also be traveling by myself. :( I'm super nervous as heck as I've never ever done that before.

And what would you guys suggest packing? I'll be leaving early July and will be there till probably end of November, so what will the weather be like? I think Australia should be going from winter to summer then? Gosh, I'm really just diving myself into this. I don't know what I'll do when I actually get there. EEkkk.

I just hope I can get some asian food in Lismore. I don't think I can go a semester without at least some rice. Hahah, but I'll live if I dont get any either.

But yep, I'm sure I'm forgetting alot of stuff and more questions will arise as time gets closer. But I'd appreciate any feedback. THANKS!!


Mr. Char
Gratz Princess Bao ;)

Anyway, does your school has an 'international' service center ? I'm also going to study abroad this Summer in Asia and fortunately the university has this ISC, so I just have to fill a form with my arrival date and they'll pick me at the airport.


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chica, get an email listing of other students who are going on the same program as u. get in touch with them and see if u can book stuff together. :lol: don't fret, seems like there's a decent amount of asian communities especially southeast asians in aussie, so u'll prolly find some rice to feed off. either ways, i'd prolly suggest packing light, and take things that well comfort u when u miss home. because all the basic hygiene stuff, i'm sure u can find in aussie, since it's not a developing nation, unless ur particular about the products u use. have fun! and post lots of pictures. wish i could be there too :) n don't forget to eat ur vegemites while ur there ;)


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I live in Sydney! =D Well, Lismore is in the state, New South Wales and Sydney is the capital city. So i'd say fly to Sydney and i'm pretty sure you can catch a train to Lismore from a train station straight from the airport

The weather in July is pretty cold since it's our winter, but it doesn't really snow around here unless you go to the mountains, so pack winter clothes but don't overboard ^_^ So pack winter clothes and some spring clothes, since November's our Spring/Summer.

And the food, i haven't been to Lismore but you can always catch a train the the city, we have a chinatown there and lots of Thai restaraunts and lakorn shops too, i'm pretty sure theres asain places around there since its pretty multicultural ^_^ Or you can always catch a trian to Cabramatta, that's like heaps bigger than chinatown and practically all the shops there are asian ( asian: restaraunts, grocery stores, movie stores, cafes, clothes shops etc)

So yea, feel free to question me! Any other aussies out there, please correct me if i'm wrong with any of the info!


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Agree with lil beckie here and ditto never been to Lismore either... if you want good asian food around here you are better of catching the train to sydney and check out chinatown or even cabramatta... but then again Lismore is a far way away from the Sydney cbd... u could b better off trying Brisbane in the next state cos it is closer lol...


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char --- gratz to you too! And I dont know if there's an ISC thing at SCU but I do know that if I email them beforehand, I can get picked up at the airport. I'm not too worried about that part. But thanks!

D --- yea, im trying not to overpack but it's just so exciting, but dont worry, im too small to lugg around stuff so no need to pack heavy for me. lol. And thanks. I'll be sure to find me some veggies.

Sarath --- thanks love. I'll be sure to bust out some fun there. Did you want a kangaroo, dear? :D

Nai Nai --- aren't you suppose to find that out? You're the engaged one. lol jk. But yeaaa...where is pac?

lil_beckie --- THANKS for replying to me! Yea, alot of aussies on here are probably from Sydney but it's okay, whatever helps. I guess I need to bust out my winter gear again, huh? O well, I just hope your transition goes faster than ours since you guys probably dont have as much snow. And thanks again hun, I'll be sure to ask you if I have any more questions.

ausa --- thanks too. I'm sure I'll visit Sydney while I'm there. Look out for a short asian girl who looks lost. :D

Ray --- Outbush? Is that another one of your lingo? Speaking of lingo, I need to start learning.
Of course Bao I want a kangaroo or even better a koala would be nice too or what is even way better bring me back a hot Aussie that can cook and clean. haha. =]


LOL sorry Bao. All I know is that Packy is in my heart. Other than that, I can't find out where she lives until we actually get married :lol:! She wants to remain secretive I guess. It's funny though I was talking to her a couple of nights ago and she thought I lived in LA or Cali not knowing that LA is a city in Cali lol, but she's way off since I live in Norcal. I love Packy Wacky!


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I got packy info before.

She posted her real name on msn live and I warned her to remove it. Then to prove a point I went on the internet and found Australia white pages.. and doing a search there I found her home address.

Yea freaky huh. Anyway I guess she deleted her info so now she should be decently safe.

And no I didn't keep the info.. so no help you there Nai weak sauce.

Muddie Murda

Wowie Baoie! That's sooo awesome. When are you leaving? I think i missed it? o_O July somewhere?
Well my little trip to cali is nothing compared to yours but I must say, it was my very very first time out of TOWN ALONE somewhere LOLLL so i was hella nervous....but the best time of my trip was when I was alone traveling tee-hee. It's not like Aussie don't speak english so you'll be FIONEEE.


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umms ITS WINTER soon xD lets go snow? ^.^ .... ermms im in sydney and brisbane aint close , dont think my parents will let me catch a plane to brisbane *sighs* brisbanes hotter than sydney i guess


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My fiance lives in Australia. I can't wait the go visit him this summer. I'll be moving there the beginning of next year once i get my prospective marriage visa approve from the Australian immigration government.


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Hey guys! Has anyone ever travelled with STA Travel? It's a student site for traveling. Anywayss...quick but urgent question. So this guy booked my flight for me and I got the confirmation email and stuff but the thing is I have to pay by tomorrow! And I don't know what I was thinking...I think I got too caught up with wanting to travel with the rest of the group. Anywaysss...does this mean that if I don't pay by tomorrow, I'll get penalized with whatever their policies are or would they just not hold my spot as I didn't pay yet? I don't know much about flights, if any at all, especially when situations like this arise.

Someone help?