Greatest Love


sarNie Egg
Here's a question for all you romantic boran lovers. Which two couple in the history boran lakorn has the greatest love you all have ever known. Now I'm talking about the character's who is in the lakorn not the people who are protraying those character's for example. NOT phone & yam but Rahoo & Suwanumphone.

For me I would say Rothasan & Maree.

I was balling at the end.


sarNie Granny
Rothasan & Maree is sad . If only she wait a little bit longer !!! He was goin come back to her but her insecurity got the best of her . If only she wait just a little bit longer....

Prasuton & Manora was good too . Prasuton love her even before he know her . It like he was born just to find her and love her . I like how he goes out and search for her too

Keo na ma & Pinton , yeah he hate and is disguise of her lol but the love Keo have for him is undeniable . She willing to do watever he want her to do if only he love her back . It sad at time when Pinton diss Keo na ma but i really love the ending where they have to goes search for their son soul up on the monutain some where . After the hardship they came across Pinton realize how much Keo love him and den he realize he love keo na ma den anyone cuz the god ask him who he will pick between keo and their son and Pinto answer back dat he want Keo not their son. SOooooo saddddd.

there more ..i can't remember let me go to my resting corner and i'll come back


sarNie Hatchling
Prathinawong and Thipmonta, I think Thipmonta is strong, she love him ever since she is a kid, and Thinawong have a heart attack after he found out that she is dead(referring to the old version).


sarNie Oldmaid
Eum...Maybe not my favorite..But I think there couple is sweet..? I don't know lol..But I just like them..

Pichaimongkut and Uthaitaywee (old version) --- They just loved each other..And I think it was cute and sweet when they first met... :blush:

Euy and ??? (forgot his damn name in the lakorn now lol..bla boo tong) --- It was sweet when they first met also..And they loved each other a lot too..It was sad when she was a bird and she flew to him and he didn't know it was her... :(

Tinawong and Tipmonta (old version) --- Tinawong was mean to her at a point when he was on a spell and she got thrown out of the palace..Basically the lakorn was sad and they both suffered in the lakorn...

Kaew Manee and Pintong (old version) --- Just a funny and off couple but she really liked the guy even though he didn't like her..Basically she was funny 555++

And I think I got more lol..


sarNie Adult
hm i like the ones all of you guys mentioned also so ima add another one..

sangsuree & nakee from manee nopagow.. they really really loved eachother and cared for one another since they were young but in the end they were torn apart =T


You're Average Person :)
these are my choices ....not putting the reasons b/c mines are the same like you guys...lolz



sarNie Adult
tinawong had a heart attack? lol I think its more of a he cry so much his heart stop beating. lol

my is
1. Uthaitayvee (old version) sweet
2. Pra Tinawong (old version) sweet & sad
3. Keo Na Ma (old version) Funny


sarNie Hatchling
i would have to say

Pratina Wong and Thepmonta (pratina wong -new version)
Rahoo and Sawan Ampon (thep sarm rudoo)
Interajak and Janrat (theptin interajak)


sarNie Adult
rahoo & suwanumpawn [ thep sarm radoo ] :loool: i love them lakorn wise & reality wise. They're grrrreat together. haha!


sarNie Adult
wijitjinda and sanonoi
boy's version of sano noi ruen ngam
I'm sorry to say but I think that Wijitjinda didn't love her as much as she love him becuz...1) He didn't trust her and instead believe Kula that SanoNoi and the Giant King had something goin on while knowing how evil Kula is..2) He went and got a second wife becuz be misses SanoNoi and felt that he had to take responsiblity for the Princess..3) He didn't hesitate to go looking for SanoNoi, instead stayed with the Princess in her castle for years...but I still luv this boran thuh...hehehehe..

Anywayz, my list would be:

1) Prasuton/Monora
2) Ratisan/Maree

These two are no doubt has the greastes love for one another..they would search high and low for eachother, they can't live if one is not with him/her..