Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series


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Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese American, just transferred to a boarding school in Japan for one reason: To see her idol, Izumi Sano, jump in the high jump. There’s just a couple problems. 1) It’s an all boy’s school, 2) she’s pretending to be a boy, and 3) several people know her secret.


Mizuki Ashiya

Izumi Sano

Shuichi Nakatsu

Credit to http://www.wild-vanilla.com/tv_drama_1.html


Credit to http://www.wild-vanilla.com/tv_drama_1.html

Here is

Ep 01 Part 1 of 8

Ep 01 Part 2 of 8

Ep 01 Part 3 of 8

Ep 01 Part 4 of 8

Ep 01 Part 5 of 8

Ep 01 Part 6 of 8

Ep 01 Part 7 of 8

Ep 01 Part 8 of 8


sarNie Hatchling
have now a episode 3 fom icefish yesteday ^^
more 17 000 peers are currently download the episode 3 with a monster KISS hehe!

cute Wu Chun ^^
i saw a Wu Chun blog and he said he watch it in a same time and he pretty shy ^^

cute cute


Lakornaddict ;)
ooo I wanna watch this it looks interesting
Do you noe a place where i can download it by direct download with eng subs?


sarNie Egg
this show is the funniest, I don't understand what the characters are saying but i like this show. youtube is the best. Right now i'm a eps 3 and can't wait until the next exp.


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hey anyone knows the guy that play the main charater's name b/c he is very cute so i wanted to check up on him...thankx


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Name: Wu Chun or Wu Zun
profession: Singer from Fahrenheit

Name: 吳尊 / Wu Zun/ Wu Chun/
Real name: 吳吉尊 / Goh Kiat Chun
Date of birth: 1979-Oct-10
Birthplace: Brunei
Height: 182cm
Weight: 73kg
Shoe Size: 10
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: O
Education: Rmit University, Australia

play into a serie
Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (2006) [with Jiro and Ella] kyaaa
Tokyo Juliet (2006) [was into group fansub in english so i know him as well lol]
KO One (GTV, 2005) [LOVE IT!!!]

like Jiro and Wu Chun ^^
want his blog? it's in chinese and english still he write regulary

HE IS SO cute when he said he was blushing when he watch ep 3 with the monster kiss lolllllll

cute Wu Chun ^^


sublime fansub begin to sub it soon so please wait ^^


sarNie Juvenile
i'm also watching this on youtube and so far so good. i'm currently reading the anime manga book too. really good. ^_^


sarNie Egg
ohhh!!! thanks for the links!! this looks good!!!! ^___^
aww the pics are sooo cute too!!!
thanks for sharing!!


sarNie Egg
OmG!! I loved the manga series! Seeing it as a t.v. series would make me even happier :yahoo: Thanks for sharing the links!!


sarNie Egg
this serie is funny...currently on episode 8. how many episodes is there to this serie? can't wait to watch the continuation of this serie.