sarNie OldFart
very cute series.. and so funny.. i really like it ella looks like a real boy though.. i only watched this becoz there are wayyyyyyyyyyy too many cute guys in here.. haha!


sarNie Hatchling
I know, I watched it at first because I loved the storyline..and then all the cute guys started popping up, lol.


sarNie Hatchling
anyone know if they going to have part 2 for this drama...I love the drama, but if they have part2 it will be great, too

kaab nis

sarNie Hatchling
i like the japan version more...
I'll have to disagree with you on that one...
in my opinion this one was WAY better than the Japanese onoe because...

the two main leads relationship developed much more in the T-drama than the J-drama
although the japanese girl was cute in the J-drama i felted like Ella did a much better job at portraying the main girl, even though Ella wasn't all that pretty or cute at the beginning, she really grew on me....

the Taiwanese version is the much better one and that was how I feel in love with Wu Zun and Jiro and is now a big fan of Ella too...


Glamorous Diamond
true ella is not cute n here at all...i really thiougnt she was a guy..

i agree....wu chun is more beautiful than ella....I want to make a switch of the japanese version & taiwanese version...I like taiwanese pra'ek but i like japanese na'ek....but anyway i just watch for wu chun only...


sarNie Egg
I don't really like it because out from all the version, ella just exxagerate too much and day dream too much, but she did a good job being a boy though. I love Danson Tang in this one, hehe... womanizer, eh? Cool!


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Gosh, I'm so sad there is no season 2! It just pisses me off to heck that they cancel season 2


Donghae and Siwon
WHAT!! really!! they cancel it? why? too bad. the way they make it end it seems like there is going to be a part 2.


sarNie Hatchling
My first Taiwanese drama.
I loved the drama.
That's where I discovered Wu Chun who has become my favorite actor was Taiwan.
I also discovered the group Fahrenheit & SHE G through this drama.
I preferred this version has the Japanese version.
Compared to Chun who rebuilt Sano better than Oguri Shun in the Japanese version.
And it follows the manga better.