Happy New Years! What's up?


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Happy New Years everyone! Have a great 2015! Lets catch up! 
What was your 2014 like? 
What are some of your new years resolution?
Mines: To be continued later lol. 


2014 was terrible along with the Thai entertainment.

My new year resolution is to stop making them since I can.t commit to any of them.


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Happy New Year to you~~~ Tina, Fun, and everyone else~~~

2014 went well for me. I only fell sick a few times... (Like 2 or 3 times.) I was also blessed to see Boy Pisanu & Film :)

Some of my new year resolutions were completed... But of course the rest still failed :p

One major completed one though was transferring from a community college to a state college though :D

Tbcontinued~~~~~ :)


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My 2014 was good until the end lol. Everything after Thanksgiving Day was just terrible. I discovered I have an illness that can't be cured. Not really ready to talk about it yet though. I had to carry that knowledge into the "Holidays." With people attempting to give me all this medical advice they "heard" works lol. I had one good news though....
For 2015 my only resolution is to take care of my health and prove an illness won't keep me down lol. Successfully change my major to the field I have learned to become passionate in. Sure it'll add time to school, but I mean it's worth it to do what you really want to do right? Not just do something because you think its what you should >.>. 

Muddie Murda

Aww Tina, I hope everything turns out fine. We'll be here when you need to rant or express yourself!!
My 2014 was full of up's and down's....but whose isn't, right?? I traveled so much in 2014 and reunited with so many old friends, some I haven't seen in decades and one I've been in love with since forever LOL! Have a job I absolutely love. Got my health in order. I made a life changing decision and will never look back at my life in regret anymore. During all this, I've also lost someone very important to me but I've gotta look at things in a positive light. It was an unbelievable year...and to end it all, I got into a car accident right after Christmas and lost my car. :weep:
2015 is seriously a fresh start...and it was never intended to be that way. I won't need any resolutions because I'm always striving to be a better me. :dance3: