sarNie Adult
Happy Valentines Day everybody---hoping love is covering you hearts today and the rain in your life is blooming into spring flowers that makes life seem beautiful today for your good memories tomorrow!!!

Muddie Murda

That is sooooo way adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! And happy valentines day to everyone on sarNworld and their families!


sarNie Adult
Best part of the day so far: 25 cents Ice cream! YaY! Still chowing down mine at the moment. :D


Mr. Char
It is a little bit weird when you enter the train and see lots of people with roses or any bags with clothes or chocolate. I had a bag also... MY SCHOOL BAG :D... But yes, it was a day like any other day :

Well :

I won a free coffee from a friend : "Hey dude, I pay for your birthday"
A girl told me : "You're mean !"
Another girl : "Thanks, you are the first one to wish me 'Happy Birthday' - Yes, we are same date."
A classmate talked bad to me, so I replied bad to him, then he calmed down. In the afternoon he was an angel...
I came back home late, seeing those chocolate boxes in their bags. I was totally hungry !
Mom and Dad gave me money. I also ordered the earphones I want.

What am I going to do now ?

Oh, Happy V-Day also, it's late here but in the US ;)


Tell me about it.
v day could have been better. WHAT THE FEHEZIE. WHO, i SAY WHO makes their gf walk across the snowy street in her heels to get to the car and then later acts all sweet rubbing her feet?! lord.