Has Anyone Taken the Swine Flu Vaccine?


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Have you gotten the swine flu shot/mist?? Did you feel any reactions or side effects? I want to take my 3 year old daughter to get vaccinated, but I'm a little scared since the vaccine is still so new to humans. Please share your stories!


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i don't have any personal experiences nor have i had the shot. however, i just recently read a few stories online about side effects already contracting in people who've been injected with the vaccine. the outcome was rather troubling. for example, there was one story where a girl had her nerve endings or something destroyed after she got a shot. as a result, she contracts seizure-like symptoms when she walks, and can not talk like a normal person (anymore) unless her heart rate goes up. they say it's a one in a million chance that something like that will happen, but for me, one person is more than enough for me to be skeptic. don't forget we haven't seen the long term effects yet since this is new stuff.

i don't blame you for being skeptic. i'm trying to be cautious myself even though i work with a bunch of kids who are constantly getting sick. the best thing to do right now is to just sanitize your child naturally. i just don't know if i can trust the doctors these days.


I got the shot, I had to because I work at a clinic for a hospital system and they required that we get it, if we didn't then by oct 30, we would be required to wear a mask.

I was a little bit afraid myself at first. I didn't even want to get the regular flu shot, because I never had it before, but I just did.

I don't feel any side effects yet, but it may be to soon to tell. Ill keep you guys updated. I just got it last week.


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I got that H1N! shot because i have asthma otherwise i wouldnt GET IT AT ALL lol your arm is numb like there's no tomorrow lol it hurt so bad when someone just barely touched it as if someone hit you with a hammer had runny nose that was about it for 4 days lol side effects are different my mom's friend had the symptoms of the swine flu throwing up and all my other friend had temperature and fever and numb arm that is about it those case that you hear are kinda rare

lemme remind you! you can survive that swine flu and more ppl die of normal flu than the swine fly every year -___-" if you have asthama respiratory problems get it though just to be on the safe side -,-"


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...had mine a few weeks ago,,, free because mandatory... no side effects,,, but there was that hangover from that evenings activities,,, but i think it was the beer and not the shot---lol B)


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I got it because a research lab at our school is working with it. No side effects. I also got the regular seasonal flu shot because again due to the lab but the regular one made my arm ache for a couple of hours and then it was fine. Nothing like the tetanus/diphtheria shot though, man that thing made my arm unbelievably sore for days.


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I decided not to take it even-though I come in contact with at least 50 customers each day. My co-worker did make sure she took her 3 children to get the shot, because they travel, and she's going the the disney cruise.


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I got mine couple months ago...but I'm quite a sick person and I know it's not the symptoms of the swine flu that's giving me the headaches all the time.