Hate That I Love You


sarNie Hatchling
Here is my new fanfic, hope you guys like it :)

Anyone interested making a poster for me? :)

Rome as Tavy

Rita as Lin

Weir as Vayu

Pinky as May


Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

Lin - “He is hot, handsome, and rich. Yet, he is vain, conceited, and a player. My mission? I will get him and break him.”

Tavy - “She is sexy, beautiful, and smart. But she is a heart breaker! I’ll show her what a real player do, and when she knows she is already mine.”

“You can slap me as hard as you can, but I‘ll kiss you as hard as I want” Said Vayu.
“I hate you” May said.


“Let’s just be friend”
“We’re not right for each others”
“I‘m not that into you“
“You are too good for me”
“You are jerk, get out of my life!”
These were the last things Lin has said to all of her dates for the past couple years, and the reason why her friend called her a “heart breaker” She had never been in a relationship more than a year, never once in her life got dump by a man. No, she did. It was her first love who broke her heart, she was deeply falling in love with him. Let’s just say it was one big lesson for her, and that would never happen again according to Lin.

“How are you going to meet Mr. Right when you keep breaking all these men hearts. Love takes time Lin, everyone need a second chance.” May said, sitting at a popular café in Bangkok.
May was Lin best friend from high school. They were a total opposite when it came to love. May took love seriously, but always end up broken hearted. Unlike Lin, she knew exactly what she wanted; if she didn’t get it, she wouldn’t waste her time for nothing.
“Because I knew they are not right for me,” said Lin, taking a slow sip of her coffee.
“Please Ms. Lin, tell me what kind of guy are you looking for?”
“I’ll tell you when I see him.” Lin took another long sip as she watched random good looking men walked in and out.

“I’m sorry, how did we meet again?” Tavy ask while on his phone.
“We met at the club, and we were dancing all night. Don‘t tell me you can‘t remember.”
“Sorry Babe, I was just joking around with you. Of course I remember how could I forget about your beautiful brown eyes and the unforgettable time we had.” Tavy reminded.
“I’m still waiting for you to take me to dinner.”
“Soon, blame it on my crazy schedule.”
“Don’t make me wait too long.”
“I wont” Tavy said as he hung off the phone.

“Who is this girl? Jenny? Annie? Pim? Or Ploy?” Vayu teased as he walked into Tayu office.
“Shoot, I can't remember her name”
“Dude, you need to cut down on girls!”
Tavy gave Vayu a teasing smile, “ Look, who is talking? are you telling yourself man?”
“I'm not you, I have no problem remembering girls names.” Vayu raised his eyebrow, then the two burst into laughter.


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hope that helps...and I would love to do a poster for you...I'm in PS-ing mood again, LOL.....

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sweet!! another rteam ff.. ehehe.. ive been missin them 2..
and im likin it so far!!!! cant wait.. XD

>_<.. i didn't see thip's poster.... cute job ..

here's a mini banner & poster..



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that was beautiful! >.< even though is was just the Prologue and introduction! i can't wait to read more!! keep on updating!! >.<