Have you ever taken revenge on someone before!


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i dunno if there's already a thread for this but here goes nothing...
okay this was a couple months back then - my little sister's friend tried to take revenge on this guy because he's been dating "their whole group of friends n dumping them" :gungirl: except for my sis n her friend. so she told my sister that maybe she should make him fall for her and dump him afterwords because he has been hurting their friends feeling a lot! he even dated another friend of my sis's younger sister. [that darn boy] AWH :girlmad: anyways she flirted with him, made him ask her out.. and while she's gonna dump him, she falls in love with him. :facepalm: i told my sister seriously :eyetwitch: like seriously??? argh...
not to mention any namess-- :shutup:
just wondering have any1 revenge on anybody??? i thought it'll be a fun topic. :secret:


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^ that sounds like a lakorn right there..

anyways .. hmm and i don't think i've ever taken revenge on anyone before besides my siblings lol.. (but that's just fun & games) hehe


That's why your parents told you not to play with fire...because in the end you burn yourself. And especially, don't fool around with people's feelings!!!! I don't take revenge, but I get even. LOL.

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This totally sounds like a lakorn. I always get revenge on people, but i get other people to do it for me and i'm 2-faced around the person i'm getting revenge on. I like cold revenge, the type that the people don't know its me that is hurting them.


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it's not really a revenge but i'm proud of it:
i was engaged at this time with a cambodian man who is 10 years older than me. he says he loves me and i believed him. our parents are friends since a long time and i was happy because i love his mom and dad, they call me "kone" since a long time and we are very close. one day, it was in 2008, i went to lille where they live and have a lunch with his parents, my parents and him but he called saying he can't because he has to work this day. it was a bit strange because he works in an office and don't work saturday but why not? after the lunch, we have decided to do shopping at euralille and we went there. he was here with an other woman and they were very sweet. i was so furious that i run into him and i put my ice cream and my pepsi on his shirt (i'm only 150 cm, so i can't put them on his head).

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Ok i remember my great revenge.
So me and my friends went to go watch a volleyball game and we found an empty spot on the bleachers and not so far away as a girl who was in my class a couple of years ago. I sat down and she pushed me off and told me it was saved for her friend. So the girl beside us scooted down so i could sit. My friend is really tough so she started calling that girl a bitch and stuff. My friend is black so she got a lot of attitude and stood up for me, while i'm just that quiet little asian thats good at school, i honestly did not want to get in a fight so i didn't do anything to the gal that pushed me off. My friend did not want to get kicked out of the building so she just yelled at the girl and she went on to watching the game. this ticked me off the whole day and ruined my day. So a week later i see the girl that pushed me off in the hallway. I'm carrying my backpack full of textbooks and its really heavy so i kept swinging it on my shoulder. So i seized this opportunity to swing my backpack at her and make it look like an accident. i did it with all my energy and i walked away, i heard her scream in pain in the background but unable to do anything about it because i was just putting my backpack on and she just had to be there at the moment. that made my morning that day.


I wonder how many eyes Karma has. It seems she doesn't keeps an equal watch on everyone.
I so agree with you on that! The one that does all the wrongs but yet still living a happy life as if they've never done anything wrong at all!

I've thought of doing a revenge on my ex & his ex (the girl he broke up with me for) but I figure it's not worth it at all. Just let karma do it's job, and 3 years later, it did! :D


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karma did her job too because now he's running after me even if i have another bf. when it's over, it's over.


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Confucius once said, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." :lol:

Sometimes revenge sounds sweet, but as you grow to a certain age and you think about it it makes you wonder was that the type of model you want to be for your children? However, I have gotten my hands dirty in a few vengeful acts :lol:


I was actually worried for your friend until I got to the end. Afterall, she's a girl. He's a guy. I actually haven't taken revenge on anyone before, although I do think about it from time to time.


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i didnt get revenge, i make them go away from me. when i was still with my bf he borrowed my money only two month of dating, i find it strange, but i still gave it to him. He borrowed $500 from me and we broke up he promised to pay me back, but he want to do like a payment wtf? i kept bugging him finally he paid me $300 and still $200 left. so i still bug him for it, but he always had his excuses. one day i got a message from him and he asked me how i was doing. i didnt want to do anything with him so i told him to keep the money and dont bother me again. i called him a beggar and homeless and told him to keep the money because i know he needed the money more than i am. since then he never bother me again. of course i want my money, but sometime its better to leave it.


okay! So back in junior high i fell head over heals for my guyfriend. I changed everything about me the next year to try to win him. But i later found out that he likes my friend. I cried for three whole days straight and thinking back now it was absolutely pathetic :p . I feel so stupid but it was a good experience ill admit. YOu get your heart broken now or later or either you've experienced it. Thinking back now i realized that right after that i started getting close to my friends ex bf who was also the guy i liked friend! I got close to him like SUPER and made him ask me out. But i guess i realized what the heck i was doing and backed out. i told him "i can never date my friends exs." I found it funny how he took it so well! Only to find out that following week he got with a girl at our school. god i hated those jerks. But i guess this is what i get :( lol . but ive grown and ive learned. No way im going back to those folks. In freshmen year when we went our own ways, my crush and my friend got together. But they didnt last long