Have you ever wanted to remain single forever?


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So here's the thing, like I said before, I never experienced being in a relationship. But hearing horror stories of possessive boyfriends/girlfriends especially from some people I know terrifies me and that trait is automatically a MAJOR TURN-OFF for me. And it is one of my reasons why I'd rather remain single FOREVER if it's my fate to remain such.
  1. Your partner asks for your social media accounts and passwords, snoops on your accounts (ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND FOR GIVING AWAY YOUR PRIVACY?!)
  2. Your partner doesn't allow you to go out or spend time with your friends (NEVER FORGET YOUR FRIENDS EVEN IF YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP!)
  3. He or she texts or calls you every minute or hour, imposes curfew when out with friends
  4. He doesn't allow you to wear whatever you want (I usually wear shorts when going to the mall, like do I have to wear a freaking long gown wherever I go even to the beach or pool just to satisfy you?!)
  5. Unfriends your friends of the opposite sex in social media (ARE YOU FREAKING INSECURE?!)
  7. Paranoia
  8. You can't like a picture on Facebook without him or her getting jealous
  9. They say they want protective lovers... BUT THEY ARE OVERPROTECTIVE AND IT'S A BIG NO!
I was even told before that I don't understand the situation or I'll also go through it once I'm in a relationship... IF I'LL EVER HAVE ONE IN THIS LIFETIME. My point is that my advantage of someone who's been single since birth is that I already know what are the relationship turn offs or traits that I should NOT do to my future partner and vice versa. I don't want to lose my freedom (being single means freedom). If these kind of traits are always present in every relationship then I'd rather grow old alone.

How about you? Feel free to share or give advice... :)


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Why yes I did lol! I didn't care much about dating or relationship because there are possible breakups, cheating, sadness and all of the other negative things. On the other hand there are possible happiness, security, and all of the other positive things. Somehow all of the traits/relationship turn offs you listed didn't cross my mind lol, I think because I didn't come across them lol.

Not every relationship will have all of these traits/turn offs. If they are some of these traits then they would be at a tolerant level, very trivial. After all we all are humans, jealousy and self of control & ownership are in our DNA.

Now I want to experience those good or bad things (there is a possibility urgh lol) after some long & hard thinking lol. I know I will learn lessons from them. I just want to get "them" (dating, relationship) over with & if I am lucky I will have little mini mes (babies, children) with a great guy :).


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I think it depends on the guy.. if it was the right guy, I would want to be with him and not be single.

Lol your list brought back a memory of how once this one guy basically told me that it wasn't right for me to be mad when someone I didn't know hacked into one of my emails..I was so annoyed by him and said Nope I ain't dating you. I really don't like being controlled, unless the guy is really helping me to be a better person and I see it then okay I'll change. But with the example I gave, I believe I had the right to be angry.

I guess the right guy just hasn't come along..and I refuse to settle if I feel I deserve more. So for now I'll be single


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Hi, just going to put in my two cents in here.:)
I have been with my bf for about two years now. Had there ever been a time I thought I wanted to be on going single for the rest of my life? Sure, I think everyone goes through that. Then I met my bf and dated casually at first before we decided to be together exclusively.
We know each others passwords for certain things not emails but his facebook, and another social media outlet. I don't check up on it I don't care about that, I trust him. If that trust is ever broken then it won't be easy to fix if it does get fixed it won't be the same but I won't be checking up on him.
He does the same.
He has his friends and I have mines, there are friends in common but mostly other couples.
Do I get jealous? (I do, but I'm not possesive to the point of crazy, he did try to be possesive once and I blocked that)
We share a lot together but we also have time to be by ourselves and just hang out with old friends.
My dad and brothers always told me that if a man wants to control you and the people you have around you that's not the man for you, you are your own person and the man worthy of you will love all your quirks and antics.
So far I think I'm doing ok. We are faarrr from perfect but I love him even when he's wrong and annoying. I'm and :angel10:


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LOL For me right now, since I'm still pretty young, but others assume otherwise, I think that I'll be fine being single as of right now. I don't feel rushed into getting a boyfriend yet. I still have dreams and goals to accomplish by myself and I don't want to force it on my partner. And yes as of right now, I want to to remain single and stay young because I have so many things I want to accomplish and do with my love ones. And right now, I feel that my heart isn't ready to open up to someone new to love. But in the future, it may change, I never know. I'm kinda wishy-washy.


Ha ha. Reminded me of this one boy who I dated. He wouldn't even let me wear short shorts. Wth? Lol. Anyways I believe in God's timing. When it's my time He will sent me someone that my heart desires! Until then I don't care for the worldly drama that a relationship comes with! It's not worth the heartaches and headaches! My grandpa always said one is not too old even at 90 years old. Lol. :p


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I don't mind being single, but I would love to get married one day. I'm currently single, and I don't have any plans to get into a relationship. I, too, find it to be too complicated and a lot of work to be in a relationship. The thought of arguing, getting jealous, accompanying someone, heartaches/pain, and all that jazz makes me feel tired just thinking about it. lol I've seen so many relationships from friends and family go downhill and it really scares me, to be honest.
Sure, I want to date but I'll wait. I somewhat know what I want in a man already. I gradually learned a lot about what I want without dating, honestly. I've had so many crushes growing up. I've learned so much about them by conversing with them to know what they're like and hearing what kind of person they are from mutual friends. I learned that the type of guys I like aren't the greatest. I once grew to like a guy who was not exactly my type, and he had the best personality/characteristics out of all the guys I've liked that were my "taste". I've learned to not have too much of a high standard or have a "specific" type. I still have standards but it's not as high and unrealistic like it used to be. lol

I just like being by myself. I guess after 23 years of singleness, I'm kind of numb to the idea of dating and all. I'm really use to being by myself that if I date, I might even forget about him. HAHA. Until then, I'll wait and focus on myself, my career, my interest and my faith. I am not in any rush to date or get married. :)

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Haven't been in a relationship. I had suitors before. It was a choice. Now, I want one, there's no one now. Oh, well. Karma strikes hard. I don't want to grow old alone, TBH. Life is even more fun and beautiful if shared.... :)


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Yeah, I’ve had suitors too but now, no. :( Now I wish I had dated one of them.. but it’s too late cuz he’s married. Man, life would so different if we had ended up getting married.


No I never want to be alone or single forever especially. I always had someone but now I have someone truly dear to me. :)