Heeb Lon Sawn Winyaan (Exact)


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First epi aired today ^__" rawr it was pretty ok I guess typical slow beginning love Pin gosh rawr


kool i love these types of lakorns...Im am so going to watch this when i get home later after skool. The lakorn look really good and interesting...Imma fan of Fan too...so glad she's back as well!
when i was watching THE STAR...I wasn't feeling this guy very much...wish p'ek was someone else...

but I do like Fang..she hasn't disappoint me..she's like one of those sweet pretty type..she's not over the top gorgeous..but i still like her


sarNie Adult
I personally think fang's effin GORGEOUS! like over the top gorgeous. LOL
she's quite still new, this is like her third lakorn being Na'ek and I have to
give it to her. so talented. she can cry buckets of tears. LOVE IT. her roles in
SDHJ and NAsoke were quite sad. I'm happy she's back as NA'EK! LOVE LOVE
her and missed her!!!!!

wish someone would upload this on youtube or something. =[