help identifying what movie this is


sarNie Egg
Hello everyone, I've been searching for the title of something I saw when I was younger. I'm not sure if it was a whole series or a movie. Here is the plot (as much as I can recall):

-centers around a little girl who is about six
-she is wealthy and they are going to celebrate her birthday but then her dad was somehow killed
-she has a pet monkey
-her mother was also killed while they were playing a game [mom was blind folded and she's running around, so i guess like the game 'tag'--it involves a bull who charges at the command of the villians]
-i think it was all a consipiracy led by her father's older brother
-orphaned, she must survive but somehow she meets another little girl who looks very much like her (almost like twins)
-at the end she is adopted by a young couple

...that's all i can remember

I'm hoping someone has also seen this too. I appreciate any information you guys can give me.

Thank you in advance.


sarNie OldFart
OMG!!! I remember watching this movie. I saw the Hmong dubbed version. The girls names were Malee and Mala (I think). They were so cute. I remember the scene where one of the girl has to walk on burning charcoal to proof she was the real one.

Sorry...I don't remember the name.


sarNie Juvenile
I remember watching this movie, but I dont remember the name. Now, I'd like to know the name of the movie. Anyone knows?


My family still owns the hmong dubb. kuc me n ma sista's all loved it as lilo grls lol. I wish I knew the indian tittle too.


sarNie Adult
I remember watching this movie when i
was younger too but only the hmong dubbed
one so i'm not sure what the hindi title is.