Help looking for this movie


sarNie Egg
I watch this movie a while ago and can't remember the title. It was about a couple who was very much in love, than one day they befriend a stranger who came to their house.The wife began cheating with this guy behind her husband's back. After a while she wanted to stop cheating on her husband because she know that he loves her a lot and she feel guilty. However her boyfriend wouldn't let go of their relationship and threaten to tell her husband if she break up with him. Later on the husband found out about his wife and his friend cheating behind his back. He got so mad that he went to the guy's house to kill him but when he got there his wife already killed the guy (I think that's what happen). The husband and wife drag the dead body to the wood to bury, but the body wasn't dead yet and the husband got into a fight with the boyfriend. In the end the wife and husband came back together and live happily ever after.

If anyone know this movie please tell me.


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^Murder :