Help! Music Video Problem


sarNie Juvenile
I don't know if this question has been answered yet but I'm trying to make a music video and my Windows Movie Maker is not working. Every time I put in a song it always has a problem, I downloaded AVS Video Editor 4 and it keeps pausing leaving me to lose my work. Does anyone have any other programs to recommend or how to work with the AVS Video Editor 4? Thanks.


sarNie Adult
Do you think the problem is probably because of the format of the song? The program might have a hard time reading it, crashing each time you put it in.


Ky the Star
could it also be that you are using a lot of files?
because my sister had a project, and she wasn't able to make it work, until i split of the clips into shorter amounts and then put them together afterward and it worked.
also, it could just be the formatting of the media you're using.
like i had to download a thing that enable my computer to view files like .avi, .mp4, and etc.