Help With a Hmong movie


sarNie Egg
I was wondering if anyone has this one hmong movie that I'm trying to find, I've google and youtube but cant seem to find it because I do not know what it is called. Ive never seen it, but I heard of it. I believe its about this family and they had a new born child into the family. And the mom told her two daughters to go into the forest and look for the shaman women?? to come and to ua neng or how ever you spell it but you know like rituals @ setra to the baby and she told her kids that if you take the left side of the path you get a poj dab and if you take the right side of the path you will get the shaman women with a mole on her face. But the kids took the wrong path to the monster and soon the monster stalked them and everything because of the powder trail they made and arrived at their house and ate one of the sisters while their mom was going somewhere to look for her husband and tell him that the poj dab came to their house. And about the monster lady i believe she died because she was waiting for her boyfriend to come back for her but he never came which made her suicide by drowning her self. and thats how she became a monster. So if anyone knows the name of the movie let me know or if you could upload it or found it uploaded somewhere else please let me know. I also believe that their are two versions, the original one which was made like I dont know like back in the old school days and the one that i am searching for i believe it was probably released like in 09ish? Anyways please and Thank You


sarNie Hatchling
I heard about that movie, but I didn't watch it though. The preview was on Youtube. Its called Ob Tug Viv Ncaus Thiab Niam Tais Poj Dab.